The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 16: Corrupt

The other soldiers that were still searching for the grand king still have no report that they have seen or retrieved him. Shiro on the other hand is still paralyzed in shock. Although the troops are still looking within the woods behind the 5 kings’ arena, the Yami king orders all the troops to move even further in search of the grand king. The Akumu king, on the other hand, told his guards to hold Shiro’s door “Protect the room inside-out, that child seems not to move an inch from his bed” the king says. The guards abided their king’s regulation, while the guards are on their duty, Shiro told one of them to tell him what has happened and if the grand king has been found. At this moment, Shiro knows that the grand king has not yet been found, and more soldiers are losing their lives battling wild hell hounds, but for him to keep his secret, he plays dumb and asks one of the soldiers. “Sorry you highness, but the grand king has not yet been found” says one of the guards “I see” he then lays back down to his bed and slept. After a few more days, the grand king is nowhere to be found, Shiro is still slumbering and soldiers are losing their lives looking for the grand king. Shiro has awakened from his slumber to ask the guard if the grand king has been found yet, the guard brought bad news to him, and it made him want to slumber more telling the guards to not disturb his nap.

The 4 kings held a meeting to know if the grand king is found or not, each king has presented their reports but the Yami king and Akumu king had a misunderstanding because based on Yami’s report, Shiro was seen roaming around his domain, lurking in the shadows suspiciously. While Akumu’s report stated that Shiro has been sleeping in his room for more than 3 days. At that time, one of the guards at the Kage domain saw Shiro going into the shadows, the Kage king asked Shiro’s dad to check on him, but when he checked the guard said that Shiro was still sleeping. All sorts of rumors that Shiro abducted the grand king rose from one domain to the other, but the 4 kings took it lightly as they don’t have proof that Shiro did abduct the grand king. Shiro on the other hand was grinning while he was asleep, the guard noticed this and tried to ask Shiro. When he did, he already forgot what it was that he wanted to ask. Confused, the guard didn’t mind thinking about it because of his duties to protect the slumbering prince. A few hours later, Himari decided to visit Shiro at the Akumu manor, when she got there, the maid told her that Shiro was asleep and asked her if she wants to proceed, Himari insisted on proceeding, so the maid let her in and guided her to Shiro’s guarded room. Shocked, Himari asked one of the guards why Shiro’s room is guarded, the man told her that it was the king’s bidding. After getting in, Himari took a glance at Shiro’s room and saw him lying down in his bed with 4 guards guarding the insides of the room so she thought that it was an order from the king. She sat down on his bed, and began talking to him, “Are you all right? Is anything wrong?” she asked him “I’m fine, but the grand king isn’t” Shiro answered her via the tunnel. Himari holds his hand and told him “Don’t worry, my dad’s tougher than you think” she said through the tunnel. To think that the grand king was abducted, and the next grand king is paralyzed in his bed, the queens now have one option left. Himari’s mother teleported her to her side, telling her plan on retrieving the grand king. Himari hesitated on the plan as it wasn’t sure if it would work in the first place as it failed many times in the past. The queen ordered the coach to lead her to where her husband got abducted, the coach insisted but the queen told him something that changed his mind when they got there, the queen inhaled then shouted “AKUMA EIKEN, I INVOKE THY NAME, AND COME BEFORE ME” as she called out, the grand king was teleported next to the queen, as for the queen, she almost fainted after calling out. The grand king caught her in his arms as she fainted, Himari then followed her mother to the 5 kings’ arena, seeing her father, she rushed to him and hugged him tight “Where have you been? Are you all right? Who took you?” she asked. The king then explained how he went missing and how he went missing. Shocked, Himari thought of a person who could do that to the grand king, then realizing that she felt a fast breeze of air going towards her before her dad went missing. Thinking of a person who could’ve done this, she thought of Shiro’s speed being as fast as the breeze she felt. And the Yami king remembered that Shiro stood against a wild hell hound on his own, yet he is afraid that a pack of it has slain the men he was with. The 3 kings have suspected Shiro for abducting the grand king because of this. Yet the Akumu king still doesn’t believe that his son could abduct the grand king on his own. Himari went back to Shiro’s room to check on him, but to her surprise, Shiro was gone and the guards that were on watch were dead having dog bites around their bodies. Himari dashes out of the Akumu manor to the 4 king’s council to report that Shiro may be the suspect, gaining one more vote, the Akumu king had no choice but to oblige. The council searched for Shiro, as much as they could, and as far as they can. After an hour, they found Shiro in the woods where the council thought where he hid the grand king, Shiro was found with the sigil of Lucifer, on his arm. Although no grand king possesses it, the grand king knew that it would be bad news, as it corrupts anyone who has it. The search party tried tying Shiro down, but he escaped every time they tried. The grand king wanted to go there himself but was stopped by the other members of the council, insisting, the grand king managed to go to where the search party and Shiro is. Upon getting there, the grand king firstly noticed the sigil on his arm, burning his skin, and arm as a whole. The grand king tried to stop the burning by invoking the sigil’s chant itself “Demonic sigil, I heed you, release of this boy and free him, free this boy at once” the grand king chanted but to no avail. The grand king tried again but the sigil turned into one thing that burned him deeper, the ‘leviathan’s cross’ the grand king told the guards to send alchemists to the area. When the alchemists were there, the 5 were shocked to see that the Leviathan’s cross is seen in his skin, “There is no counter to the Leviathan’s cross, although there is one way to tame it, if we could teach him to control the rage of the cross, he should be able to rule the realm peacefully” the Akumu family alchemist said to the grand king. The grand king accepted the conditions of the alchemists, after a while, the alchemists tames the cross for a while before they took him to the ACO, the “Alchemist’s council organization” where they took Shiro to a facility that would at least help tame the Leviathan’s cross.

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