The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 19: The Reunion

Shocked, Shiro wanted to ask her why she was there, but at the same time, he was confused because if she’s a demon, why didn’t he sense her being one? “Surprise” Tomoe says to him “Since when were you here?” Shiro asked her, her answer was very simple, she said that she was there from the day she was born. “I didn’t tell you that I came from the branch family of Miss Hikaru” She added. While the two are talking, Himari went up to Shiro to know what he’s doing, at the same time, Hikaru saw someone familiar talking to Shiro, so she went to him. At the time Himari and Hikaru got to Shiro, Himari questioned Shiro if he knew who the girl was, while Hikaru asked Tomoe if she knew who Shiro is. “She’s my ex” Shiro answered to Himari’s question. “You still hadn’t broken up with me you know” Tomoe then said while being questioned by Hikaru. Shocked, Shiro realized that he hasn’t dumped her, he just didn’t talk to her after what happened with her and Shizuku. The commotion didn’t widen but the four are still talking about how the two of them met. “Not like a few months ago, I was quite friendly myself” Shiro said. “I made some friends back at my old school, and she was one of them. After a while that we hung out, I started liking her, and I was kind of surprised that she felt the same way, so I accepted her confession. But after two months of us dating my sister came by to visit and asked me if I had a girlfriend, of course, I said I had one. But that night I got a message from an unknown number, most likely, it’s Shizuku, the message contained a video of Tomoe being beat up. After that, I locked myself up at my room and did nothing but sleep, a few days later, my friends came by at my house wanting me to come out. The thing is, I didn’t, and I even told them that I don’t have friends. After so many of their attempts, they brought Tomoe by my house hoping that I’d come out, but I felt guilty so I didn’t go out. They eventually gave up on trying and I went to a different school” he added. Tomoe, on the other hand, knew the reason why Shiro never came to school and why their friends brought her to his house, but at first, she thought that they were going to check on him because she thought that he hasn’t been feeling well.

Tears fell down Tomoe’s cheeks after realizing why Shiro would be lonely after the incident with Shizuku. But after a while, the three noticed this and asked her, she couldn’t answer because she can’t help but cry. They comforted her and told her that it wasn’t her fault but she kept crying, while she was crying, Shizuku came by to congratulate her brother for winning the “Grand Tournament” but when she got there, she first noticed that Hikaru and Hinami were already there comforting the crying demon. She went to the crying demon and asked her why she was crying but she was stopped by Shiro from speaking “You’re the last person that she would want to talk to while she’s crying” Shiro scolded her. Shizuku then asks why it would seem like it, but upon asking, she found out that the girl she beat up a few years ago, was the crying demon in front of her. The daughter of the Yami clan advisor, Miyanagi Tomoe. Shizuku then leaves after congratulating Shiro. After a while, Tomoe stopped crying, so Shiro asked her why she cried, “I now know why you left us, I now know why you don’t attend school, I now know why you only appear at the exams when I’m not there” she said to him. Realizing this, Shiro dragged Shizuku to her and told her to apologize, Shizuku didn’t want to abide but Shiro told her the punishment she would get two years later if she didn’t so she went and apologized, on the other hand, Tomoe accepted her apology on one condition, “Give it back to me” she said wanting something from her. Shiro and Himari as well as Hikaru were confused about what Tomoe wanted from her. Silence filled their atmosphere as only Shizuku and Tomoe know of what it is that they were talking about.

In the end, Shiro, Himari, and Hikaru never found what it was that Tomoe wanted from Shizuku because she gave it to her in private. After Shizuku gave it to her, she leaves the four and went somewhere unseen by the four. On the other hand, Tomoe went to Shiro, hugging him when she got there, Himari and Hikaru were jealous of what they had seen. Shiro tries to loosen her grasp at him but she won’t budge one bit. After a while, Himari went in to help Shiro out of it, but again, to no avail. Tomoe then releases Shiro, but after she let go, Himari scolded her for hugging Shiro when he didn’t want one and for hugging him in front of his bride. “Bride? That doesn’t change the fact that we didn’t break up yet” Tomoe then said. Hikaru then orders her to break up with Shiro, but she refused. Himari then realized why Shizuku would want to give her a good beating. Shiro would want to break up with her but was too scared of the results, because when they were both on the surface, Tomoe would order him around when no one was looking at them, but he also realized that she’d get punished if she would try and hurt the next grand king. “look, it’s best if we're apart” Shiro said to Himari “I can’t just ditch her like this, besides we weren’t over yet when you came around as she said, we didn’t break up yet” he added. In tears, Himari left the feast without saying a word. On the other hand, Hikaru slapped Shiro’s face then followed Himari to talk to her.

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