The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 2: Fake Girlfriend

Both of them went to school together while talking. “Anyways, what’s your name?” Shiro asks, “I am Akuma Himari” she replies. Shiro noticed something with her upon knowing her name, “She’s a demon” he thought to himself. “Well, I am-“he says, but before he could finish, she said “I know who you are, everyone in the realm knows who you are Akumu Shiro-kun” To his surprise, his thoughts were correct, she is a demon.

When they reached school, they parted ways as she went to the principal’s office to know where her class would be. And Shiro went to his class. His homeroom teacher announced that in one of the classes allotted to the freshmen, there would be a transfer student. After a while, in class 1-C , Shiro’s class, walked in a fair lady, with green hair, and eyes. Shiro’s eyes widened as he sees that the transfer student his homeroom teacher was talking about is also the girl he accidentally bumped into just a few minutes ago.

“My name is Akuma Himari, pleased to meet you all” she greeted everyone. The boys in the class were excited to have another girl classmate, this time, someone beautiful as her. But her eyes glanced over to Shiro, and jumped, “Darling!!!!! I’m here!!!” she exclaimed. Shiro, read the lines of the situation and played along. “Good to see you dear” he replied. “Have you been good? You didn’t cheat on me while I’m not here didn’t you?” she asks him. His girl classmates squealed when they found out that Shiro has a girlfriend, while his guy classmates said “A battle already lost to the new kid”

“Meet me at the rooftop after school today” Himari whispered to his ear, he nodded to confirm. The day went by just like any ordinary day for him until class ended. He thought of not going but it would ruin her by not going, besides she told her friends that she would meet her boyfriend at the rooftop after class. “It won’t hurt if I went right?” he thought to himself. At the rooftop, the first person he found was Akuma-san. So he asked “Why’d you call me here?” her reply shocked him for the only people who knew of it were the Akumu clan and Yami clan. “I am here to help you sever your ties with the Yami clan” his eyes widened, heart skipped a beat, and he sighed. Their talk went on for 30 minutes and still counting. They talked about how she found out, and why she’s willing to help him sever his ties, but she avoided those questions by bringing up the things she wants to do.

“That is what you want right? Besides, you can’t find a girlfriend within a month to show to the king right?” she exclaimed. Her answer brought him to laughter “I could easily find a girlfriend by asking one of my classmates, you see, I’m famous among the girls around the school” he replied to her. Without thinking, the words that came out of her were “Do you think they would accept you when they see your real form? I think not” She bragged. Carelessly, he hasn’t thought of that yet, so he agrees to her conditions.

That night, Himari went to the Akuma palace to tell the news to her parents that he has captured the heart of the next Lucifer. Her plan is coming together, as she giggles in her room, she thought “what if he found out that my plan is to continue the Lucifer blood in the family?” she brushed it off the thought as she could hide it from him.

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