The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 20: False

The feast stopped as the grand king halted it, asking Shiro if he went out of his mind wanting to marry a commoner instead of a royal. “What I’m about to do, is what I think is right” Shiro said to the grand king. After a while, Shiro talked to the grand king after the slaves finished cleaning up the mess from the feast, “What do you want?” the grand king asks him “I’m going to be frank, if possible, I would want someone to fight me in the position of grand king” He then answers. Shocked, the grand king wanted his reasons, but after hearing the reason the grand king told him that there is no demon, human, or angel that can replace him for his place as grand king. When he asked why, the grand king said “You admitted that you are not fit because of the past, but I thought that no one would be able to pull that off but you. You told me what you wanted but not mine” Shiro was then asked by the grand king to join one of his meetings as the next grand king, Shiro refuses as he said that he has school work to attend to. The grand king understood his reason and let him return to the surface.

Then the next day, Shiro went to school without seeing Himari coming from his house but coming from the other side, he tried to talk to her but she ignores him. When they got to school, Himari didn’t even talk to him after getting to the campus, Shiro, on the other hand, thought that it was his punishment for leaving her in the air. In class, Shiro tries to talk to Himari but again, she ignores him. Weeks passed by like this, Himari meets Shiro half-way to school but doesn’t talk to him. But when she gets home, she lets go of the tears that she was holding in when Shiro tried to talk to her. “You stupid piece of shit, why didn’t you talk to him?” she said to herself while weeping. She cries while lying in her bed blushing thinking about what if Shiro dumped Tomoe instead.

After a month of Himari ignoring Shiro, their homeroom teacher, Kenji Hiki, announced something to the class, “Everyone, meet our new member” he said. A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes entered the room, Shiro’s classmates were fascinated by her even the girls, except Himari and Hikaru. “Hello, everyone, I am Miyanagi Tomoe, nice to meet you all” she said to the class. Himari’s seatmates were bothered on hoe Himari’s acting since Tomoe showed up in front of the class, while Tomoe rushed to Shiro saying “We’re in the same class again babe” Shiro acted happy to avoid suspicion from the class, while the girls in class confirmed that the rumor Shiro and Himari’s relationship already ended out of a third party.

After class, Tomoe invited Shiro to drop by at her place, but Shiro invited her to the rooftop before they go. Once they were at the rooftop, “What were you thinking?” Shiro asked her “Well, I can’t have you cheating on me now, can we?” She then responded. Pissed off, Shiro took Tomoe by the hand and asked Tomoe for the direction to her new house, surprisingly, her house is just beside Mai’s. On the other hand, Mai was looking at her window waiting for Shiro’s return, but she saw Shiro dragging her neighbor inside of her house, so she went to her house. After she knocked, Tomoe opened the door, asking what it is she wanted, “Is Shiro there?” Mai asked, “He’s here inside my house all right, what of it?” she then asks. After she got the answer, she let her in the house. Shiro was sitting in the living room thinking deeply until Mai started scolding him “What were you thinking?” she angrily asks “Himari and I are done, all right? So leave me alone with my punishment” he then says like he was depressed.

After a while, Mai went home before Shiro could leave. After Mai leaves, Tomoe asks him why he hasn’t said anything besides answering questions, “You only invited me to your house, right? That doesn’t mean that I would talk or do anything” he then says. After a while, of silence, Tomoe was forced to take Shiro to his house, after getting there, Shiro told her to leave at once. After she left, Shiro went to his bedroom and sat down in a chair ′Why won’t you talk to me?′ he thought to himself while holding a picture of Himari.

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