The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 3:The Incarnates

Shiro went to his house in the human realm to take some rest after a rough day, so he thought “what if these humans knew what we were? Would they be afraid? Would they stick around? Would they run away?” he dozes off after an hour-long of thinking. In his dream, he saw a dragon, blue in color as it speaks to him, “You are my incarnate, I chose you to fulfill my mission, to climb up to the heavens” he wakes up drenched in sweat, as he thought of what that was, he went to the restroom to wash his face, but as he reaches the restroom, he noticed that a part of his hair turned to a blue-black color. It widened his eyes to see that his hair colored changed, he tried cutting it, but to no avail, it grew back in a matter of seconds in the same color, he then gives up on cutting it. He checked the clock on what time it is, he realizes that it was time to go to school, so he did. The same thing happened to Himari, a part of her hair turned red as the color of the dragon that said she was her incarnate was of this color. Another demon with black hair had a similar dream, but the dragon is dark violet in color, and so was a part of his hair turned like that.

“We’re going to have a new transfer student with us today, Ryuu-san, please introduce yourself” a guy with black hair with a bit of dark violet showed up in front of them, “Hello everyone, my name is Kage Ryuu, nice to meet you all” Ryuu noticed that two of his classmates have the same problem as him. Shiro noticed that he is a demon, because of the part of his hair is a different color. But he couldn’t be so sure. “Akumu, show him around the school would you?” Their teacher asked him, he agrees to do so to fulfill his curiosity. While he is showing Ryuu around the school, he stops beside a locker, asking “You’re a demon too huh?” Ryuu’s eyes widened to hear that coming from him. “Yeah, got a problem Lucifer?” Shiro’s eyes widened to hear that from an unknown demon, but he can’t hide the fact that he is the next millennia’s Lucifer.

After classes ended, Shiro went to the Akumu clan's palace’s training field, trying to remember what the dragon wanted. “Seal: 4 dragon blades” he said unconsciously. 4 short swords appeared beside him, the blades have written names on them “Orochi, Tenshi, Tensai, Ryuu” she said without thinking. His mind seems to remember what it was but he has no idea on what they could do. “Say, seal: 4 dragon combination” the voice of the dragon in his dream told him. He obeyed without thinking “Seal: 4 dragon combination, YAMI” he chanted. The short swords on his waist floated around him hitting the ground at one point, once the swords were devoured by the land, a katana flew in the air to his waist, and he unsheathed the blade, showing the name, YAMI.

After a while, he then went to the family library, to find out more about the dragons. He then asks the family alchemist to find the book with dragons and incarnations in it. When he found the book he was looking for, he read the title, “The Dragon Incarnates” this might explain why the dragon in my dreams want to climb the heavens” he thought to himself. Upon reading the book in his hand, he noticed that the dragon in his dreams were banished from the heavens for killing the 2 divine dragons named Shirogane and Tensairyuu and 2 demonic dragons named Orochi and Sakura.

After knowing this information, he then gets curious about this demonic dragon banished from the heavens. He searched for his name, it only led to one name alone, “Ryuujin” while the others had second names and such, like “Kurogane, the conviction dragon, the divine dragon of imprisonment”, “Akibara, the hellfire dragon, the demonic dragon of destruction” and “Albion, the dimension dragon, the divine dragon of peace” also, “Shirogane, the heavenly dragon, the divine dragon keeper of the heavens”, “Tensairyuu, the wisdom dragon, the divine dragon of knowledge”, “Sakura, the wrath dragon, the demonic dragon of pure rage”, “Orochi, the dark dragon, the demonic dragon of deceit”, but for Ryuujin, there is only one name, “Ryuujin, the killing dragon”.

He then returned the book to the family alchemist to think of what he will be, thinking again, he goes back to the library, to take a look at one of the books that tackled Ryuujin himself, what he found, shockingly “The dragons killed by Ryuujin himself are turned into his weapons to fend off himself from the dangers of coming into the human realm, these dragons are Orochi, Sakura, Tensairyuu, and Shirogane. The dragons that were turned into his blades never reincarnated as for their souls are trapped inside the blades” Is this what I will be? Am I going to end up like this?” he thought to himself.

Vexed, he doesn’t know what to do, he thinks of a way to extract the dragon out his body without killing himself, but to no avail. He wants to tell his situation to his fake girlfriend, but he fears that she’d leave upon hearing it, so he kept it to himself. While Shiro is doing research about the dragons, Himari tried to control her dragon’s power, because of the words of her dragon. Ryuu on the other hand, tried controlling his dragon, like Himari.

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