The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 4: The Invocations

Shiro gave up on looking for a way to sever his ties made by the killer dragon, and went on trying to control his dragon, upon trying, his dragon whispered to his ear, “To control your given strength, you must learn how to invoke your arsenal”. He tries to focus on making the invocations work, but to no avail. After a few moments, “Invocation: Ryuujin!” those words popped in his head like a memory, and so he invocated the words, and a magic circle appeared below his feet, his body begins to transform, his disguise, his aura, his memories, it all appeared in his head.

Shiro now finds Ryuujin as his weapon to victory, his mind, wanting to climb into the heavens. His voice no longer sounds like Shiro. His aura has more killing intent that the other incarnates, but his mental state is still Shiro. Now, he has the power he needs to learn how to control Ryuujin on his own. Ryuujin guides Shiro to become the ruthless, merciless dragon that he was before he was banished to the human realm. “Now, call out to your blades forged in darkness” Ryuujin told Shiro, he then obeys his orders and called out. 4 magic circles appeared on the ground, and the 4 short swords flew out of it, circling him. “Invocation: 4 blade dragons!” the Short swords unsheathed themselves and their names showed up, “Tenshi, Tensai, Orochi, Ryuu” he called out as the each sheathed themselves back to him.

Meanwhile, Himari already knew of her power and tried using it. “Invocation: Akibara!” she invoked, a magic circle appeared on the ground below her and she began transforming as well, “Invocation: Lunar blades!” she invoked her weapons, two short swords rose from the ground having different names, “Phobos, Deimos!” she invoked again, this time, the blades sheathed themselves on her waist.

As for Ryuu, he hasn’t figured out how to invoke his Dragon. Determined, he continues to train himself so that he can have the strength to invoke his dragon.

After the day ended, Shiro went to his house in the human world to rest himself, while resting, he dozed off while thinking of possible outcomes he were to say this to his fake girlfriend. Another day at school, another boring day for Shiro too. As he walk his way to school, he finds Himari walking to the same direction, seeing this, he thinks that her house is near to his, LIES, Himari knows where Shiro lives, and yet every morning she goes there to check on him, and today was no different, she checked, then walked away to find that he isn’t in his bedroom sleeping.

When Shiro reached school, he went to his classroom and noticed that no one was there, not a single student, nor a single bag “Was I always this early?” the thought to himself. A few moments later, Himari entered the classroom without her bag, Shiro noticed this and asked, “I left my bag in my locker, why do you ask?” she then asks him, he answers “It’s just that it’s unlikely for you to put your books in your locker, has something happened?” he then follows, she answers with the “it’s nothing serious” reply, but Shiro has a way out of it, “Seal: night hunt” he whispers in the air, his hunt led to him finding out that she is a dragon, one that is watching him, for him to fail climbing the heavens, but he laid a trap so that she can fall into it like a fly trapped in the web of a hungry spider. He then smiles saying “In that case, meet me at the park later at 5 pm”, she then agrees to him. In class, Shiro notices that Ryuu is missing, he hasn’t showed up in class. But after that thought, Ryuu showed up at the door in the middle of class, he apologizes for his tardiness and sat down. Shiro noticed that Ryuu has a scar in his neck, it looks like a slash, he suspects him to be a dragon, so he chanted night hunt again to find out, as he suspected, Ryuu is a dragon. Although, there are only three dragons he found, it is himself, Himari and Ryuu, the fourth one is nowhere to be found. After class, he hears Himari declining her friends’ invitation to hang out with the excuse of her having to meet her boyfriend at the park today.

That said, Shiro leaves school grounds to go to the park, he find Himari there along with 3 other girls spying on her. He then went to where Himari is and asks her if she noticed anything strange around them, “yeah, my friends followed me here, I don’t plan to confront them, they’re just here because they want to know what it’s like when I’m with you, so keep your act right” she replies.

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