The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 5: The Trap Sets

They talk for a while as Himari’s friends watch them from afar, Shiro and Himari however, are acting clingy to keep the act straight, Shiro opened a Telepathic connection with Himari so that he can say what he wants to say. “Why’d you open a tunnel?” she said, “there is something you need to know, about me” he replies, their outside actions were still clingy and lovey-dovey but the talk they are having on their mind are different, they are talking about what is happening to Shiro, Himari on the other hand also tells a story of her own. Yet, they still haven’t talked about their dragons yet, Shiro wanted to keep it hidden for now, and so did Himari. After a few moments, Shiro disconnected her from the tunnel and said, “We shouldn’t use our family names to call each other, and we should also drop the honorifics, to make it more convincing for the others”, her eyes widened after hearing those words coming out of Shiro, so she lays a trap, “What? You want to call me by name so that the others won’t notice, or is there something else?” she smugly says. Shiro read the situation and planted a trap for her, Shiro blushed to convince her that there is something else, Himari’s expression changed from smug to bashful upon seeing his reaction, “All right, she fell for it” he thought to himself. As their talk went on about dropping honorifics and calling each other by name, Himari’s friends left as they realized what it was like, just like Himari suspected. Once Himari’s friends left, and there was no one at the park beside the both of them, Himari asks Shiro for his real agenda, he replies “I am Ryuujin, the killer dragon, and I want your help to take the dragon out of my body without killing me” he said, the trap was laid, and all Shiro needs is Himari’s approval. “Sure, it’s not like I am busy for the next month or so, although I am preparing myself to meet your father” she accepts to help “you should kill him, now we know who is Ryuujin around us” Akibara whispers to Himari’s ear, “I know, that’s why I accepted his plea for help”. And so, Himari proposed some ways to take the dragon out of him without killing the host, but to no avail, Shiro already tried all of it.

She then tried to propose ways that might kill the host when done, Shiro accepts them and said “The next time we will discuss this is at my training room in my clan’s house” she approves of this and left for home, Shiro walks her to her house but he noticed that her house is way further to his than what he had thought. “Say, why were you around my house this morning? Your house is further than I thought.” He said, “Well…” She couldn’t make an excuse to convince him that she wasn’t checking on him like a stalker. “Well?” he added, “Well you see, I visited a shop near your house this morning and so yeah, I left there a few minutes later”. Not convinced, Shiro made an expression that he isn’t convinced since there is no shop near his house for a few kilometers, “Were you checking up on me?” he asks, Shiro notices that Himari always walk in front of him before reaching school for more than a week.

“No, I wasn’t” she said. LIES, he knows that Himari was watching him from the past week, but wants to hear it from Himari herself. “I don’t think so” Shiro said with disagreement. Shiro then explains how he knew Himari was watching him for a week. She was flustered after hearing it, she tried to avoid his answers but to no avail. “You know, my senses are still awake when I’m asleep right? And with that, I used night hunt to know who was watching me for the week, found out that it was you all along” he confronted her since she didn’t want to confess her action. That said, she blushes.

Ryuu was watching them outside if Shiro’s perimeter, he then finds out that Himari and Shiro are dating, after knowing, he left for home. As for Shiro and Himari, they parted ways heading towards their home, while leaving, Shiro noticed a presence near him, “Seal: black sight” he chanted, Ryuu was temporarily blinded by Shiro’s chant, he then comes out of the bushes to reveal himself. Shiro asks him for his intentions why he followed them, Ryuu answered that he wanted to know if the rumor was true. “What rumor?” Shiro asks, “The rumor goes that you and Akuma-san are dating, the broadcasting club, I’d like to know if the rumor was true” he explained. Convinced, Shiro explains how they met, why he likes her, “This way, the school will really think we’re dating” he thought, foolishly, Ryuu believed what Shiro was saying, after a few minutes of them talking, the parted ways.

“Sire, she’s ready” the Akumu family butler says to the king, a girl with dark blue hair and white eyes stood next to the king, she grinned. Shiro’s dad, the king, has his eyes widened by seeing her after 3 years, and welcomed her with open arms.

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