The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 6: Family Ties

Another day at school came to an end, the sum would set soon, and Shiro is on his way home, he felt that someone is watching him, he brushed it off thinking that it was only Himari. When he reached his house, he felt the eyes of the person following him again, so he checked “Would you want me to drag you out, or you’d come out here without violence?” he asked. A girl with dark blue hair and white eyes came out from the shadows, Shiro’s eyes widened as he realizes who was following him, “Shizuku, what on earth?” he asks. Her expression remained calm and said, “I am here to watch you closely, dad seems suspicious of you, and he thinks that you are hiding something from him”. Unconvinced, he then tried to know the reason but Shizuku always had an answer to cover. “Or are you just here to visit me?” he mindlessly said. She got flustered upon hearing those words and it seems that she has no answer to cover that up.

“That’s all the answer I needed” he smugly answered. She looks away to hide her face, but it wasn’t enough to hide it to her brother. “So you really haven’t changed, dad already told me about you coming here to visit” he said. Shocked, Shizuku never knew that their dad could contact him without using a circle, or so she thought. The talk Shiro had with his parents were about him being the next Lucifer and Shizuku going back to the castle to know the place where her brother is. Shiro laughs, Shizuku on the other hand, is blushing.

After some time of them talking, Shizuku’s stomach growled, her face red and Shiro laughed a bit. “It wasn’t me!” Shizuku denies the fact she is hungry. Shiro told her to stay there and he went to the kitchen, coming back with a plate full of food. “Here, eat this, I know you’re hungry” he says. At first, Shizuku didn’t want to take the plate, but her stomach growled again, so she did. After eating, Shiro asked her of her intention why she wanted to visit him, “You weren’t at the palace when I came back, so I asked dad for your address” she said. As Shiro washes the dishes, his sister asks him a lot of questions that she thought he couldn’t answer until she asked “What’s the name of your girlfriend?”, he was shocked that she knew of him having one. He remembered that the last time he had a girlfriend while she was around, she abducted her and tried to force her to break up with me saying “My brother is mine, and mine alone” or so did he know. “What? Can’t answer? Got your tongue tied?” she asks, irritated. He couldn’t answer, but he thought “Himari is demon, so she might be able to withstand Shizuku, but she isn’t my real girlfriend, she’ll just get hurt for nothing”. But he didn’t mind it, he still answered “Akuma Himari”. Shizuku smiles, Shiro asks why she’d smile like that. “That’s because you picked a fine lady” she answered. Shocked, Shiro then asks her why she said that, she didn’t answer.

Shiro didn’t really understand why she said it, but he thought that she won’t track her down. Shizuku thought of tracking down her brother’s girlfriend, but after knowing her name, she stopped herself from doing it. Her reason is that Himari is very close to Shizuku since she was little, she looked up to her like an elder sister. In which she thought “She might actually be my elder sister after all”. The night passed by, Shizuku left, and Shiro is lying down on his bed. He thinks of what could’ve happened if he didn’t turn into a shut-in.

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