The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 7: The Past

In his middle school, Shiro had a group of friends that he usually goes with after class ends, some of them have high grades and some don’t. But after some time of them hanging out, one of his friends, Miyanagi Tomoe, confessed to him. The two of them then started dating, Shiro thought “A demon and a human going out on a date, is this right? Is the thing I’m about to do is right?” but he brushed it off and continued on his business.

After 2 months of them dating, Shiro’s sister, Shizuku came by to his house to take a visit, they talked for a while. After talking, Shizuku then asked him “Do you have a girlfriend?” he answered straightforwardly. His sister left after his reply, he tried to catch up but she was gone once he got out of his door. In the middle of the night, Shiro got a message from an unknown number, he opened it and his eyes widened as it was a photo and video of Tomoe. He played the video and was shocked to hear her sister shouting “My brother is mine and mine alone, you got that? Now stay away from him else, it will be the end of you and your family!”

The next day, Tomoe didn’t speak to him nor answered to his texts or calls. After a week, he sent a message to Tomoe, saying “Let’s meet up, after class, at the rooftop”. He waited for her arrival, after half an hour, she showed up. Shiro apologized for his sister’s attitude towards her, he hugged her tight and said goodbye. He left having tears going down his cheeks and Tomoe dropped on the floor, crying. The next day, Shiro didn’t attend school, he only attended the periodical examinations, but left right after. Surprisingly, he managed to keep his number 1 spot in the academy. Surely enough, he didn’t attend classes for the whole year. His friends went to his house to check on how he’s doing, to their surprise, Shiro said he doesn’t have friends. Every day, his friends come and go by his house hoping to get him out, but to no avail. Their last straw was his ex-girlfriend, Miyanagi Tomoe. They managed to persuade her to go with them in their attempt to make Shiro leave his house. But to no avail, Shiro upgraded the security in his home so that it’d be harder for his friends to even come near it.

One by one, his friends then gave up on trying. Shiro then realizes that he should go back to school, but this time, he will not tolerate having friends. The next school year, he started going back to school, his friends came up to him asking him about how he’s doing, he negates those questions by pretending he doesn’t know who they are, and he didn’t have friends. One of his friends noticed that he’s only faking it, so he told the others “Let’s just give up, he’s hopeless”, and then one by one, they left his side and focused on other things. This went on until his first year of high school where he was pestered by a girl named Yami Hikaru.

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