The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 8: Trouble

The next day, Shiro immediately texted Himari to check on how she’s doing. After a few minutes, Himari texted back, saying “I’m fine, nothing happened wrong. BTW, Shizuku paid me a visit last night congratulating me” Shiro sighed out of relief. He was worried that the same thing would happen again, but he remembered there wasn’t another message from an unknown number in the middle of the night. He Texted back telling her to meet him at the train station within the next hour. Being excited, Himari then took a bath before going to the station. After about 30 minutes, or so she thought, she was done taking her bath and was about to get dressed, but a text message was sent to her phone, she took a quick look, it was from Shiro. She was shocked after seeing 13 text messages and 4 missed calls. She hurried to the train station once she was dressed, halfway there, Shiro called her again, this time, she answered. “Where on earth are you??” Shiro angrily says “I’m on my way, so calm down” Shiro’s voice seemed to calm down after hearing her voice talking to him. Their call ended after a while before Himari reached the station.

After reaching the station, Himari asks Shiro of why he wanted both of them to meet there. To her surprise, he hugged her tight, then sighed for relief. He lets go about to speak but was stopped when he saw her face, red. “What on earth?!” she then speaks first. Shiro answered firmly “I thought you were lying so I thought we could meet so that I could confirm that she didn’t hurt you” she was shocked because she never thought that Shizuku could hurt another person. She then asks why he was worried, Shiro showed her the video of his ex-girlfriend being tortured by his sister. Himari’s eyes widened upon witnessing Shiro’s sister wanting to kill her on purpose. Shiro then makes up for it by taking her out on a date. “You have got to be kidding me” she says “This only to make up for not trusting you, so don’t mix it up with your thoughts” he then replies.

When the day came to an end, Shiro escorted Himari to her home, saying their goodbyes, Shiro then left for home. When he got there, the Akumu housemaid went there to fetch him saying “Your father wants to see you immediately”. Not knowing the reason, he obeyed and went to the palace. His father was angry at what he saw, so he asked Shiro if it was him who killed 17 middle-class demons, Shiro replies with a no. His father then shows him a video of him on the crime scene killing the demons around him. He was shocked, he didn’t know who did it, but he knows he didn’t do it, and he has proof. He told his dad about everything that happened to him on that day, he even called Himari to come to him so that she could tell the truth to his father. “Why’d you call me dear?” Himari asks Shiro, he told her to tell his dad what happened on that day. She told the king that Shiro was with her, because Shiro took her out for lunch, she even told his dad that he could never do that to the others. Convinced, his dad let him go, on one condition, he has to find out who is behind it. After Himari leaves, the king ordered to bring Shiro back there, when he returned the king and him talked about Himari, of how they got together, Shiro made up some excuses of how they met, went, and how he told her to be his queen. The king is convinced that the next queen would be from the Akuma clan.

While Shiro and the king are talking, a guard came in and told them of a demon that looked like Shiro going out on another killing spree in town. “Shiro, find out who that was” the king said, Shiro obeyed the order and is now looking for the culprit.

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