The Tale Of Demon Boy Volume 1

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Chapter 9: The Search

Shiro joined the guards in search of the impostor after bidding the king goodbye. The impostor is quicker than any other guard at the search party, so Shiro was asked to follow it since Shiro is known to be one of the fastest demons there is. The king realized this and searched for the record book containing the fastest demons around, upon looking, the king noticed that there was no one faster than how Shiro would run, and still, the impostor was faster at some point.

When Shiro finally caught up, he wanted to take a glance of his face, but he couldn’t. When Shiro realized something, the impostor already fled away from him. The king scolded Shiro for not outrunning the impostor and for spacing out while searching for it. “Next time, if you ever space out, call out to us, we’re here to lend you a hand” the king said to him. He nods, before he left the palace, “I need skill hounds at my personal training field” Shiro told the king.

He left after getting the confirmation he wanted. He was about to go to his training field, but before he got there, Himari was waiting for him outside its doors. Shiro asks her about why she was there, she didn’t answer him but asked him a question instead “You know who the impostor was, didn’t you? Now tell me, who was the impostor?” Shiro didn’t want to answer and Himari understood his act. He asked her to join him while he’s training, she accepts.

The hounds he asked for were already there when he entered. Shocked, Himari didn’t know how Shiro would train himself when he is on a mission for the king. That changed when he saw a whole pack of Skill hounds around him. Shiro, with his current speed, the hounds couldn’t even take one bite out of them before they were killed by him. “Impressive, boy” Ryuujin whispers in his ear. On the other hand, “That is why you must train harder than him, his speed will kill you if you don’t” Akibara whispers in Himari’s ear. The king was watching Shiro while he trained, and realized that his speed was a little faster than the last few years and came in to ask, “Son, how were you able to surpass your speed? From what I recall, you said that you couldn’t possibly surpass your speed” Shiro, surprised that his dad would ask him that, he simply answered “I don’t know myself, it seems like every day I get stronger every time I do something”.

Shiro told the king and Himari to leave the room so that he could focus more, they both obeyed as they don’t want to distract him from training. The king then invites Himari to come with him and watch Shiro training himself when no one is around him, she then came with. After they left, Shiro trained himself for real this time, saying “Invocation: Ryuujin, partial” his armor changed into what it seems like Ryuujin’s parts are taking control. Himari gets shocked after seeing it, as she realized that Shiro is already at his peak. Akibara sensed it too, and so did Kurogane. “Come, Orochi!” Shiro invoked one of his dragon blades and cut through another pack of hounds. Drenched in blood, he then wants more hounds to take in, the king has no other choice but to abide. The king didn’t want his son to leave the search party, because if he did, the whole clan will fall into ruins.

To Shiro, this is nothing but training, but for Himari and Akibara, this is a sign that their enemy will be more powerful than the rest. The impostor then shows up in town again on another killing spree, so one of the guards told this to the king and ordered Shiro to head towards the town and once again, clash with the impostor.

While they are chasing the impostor, he stopped, asking for Shiro to face him. Shiro, still in armor, went to him to accept his challenge. As the two of them fight, the impostor asked him “Are you having fun while fighting others?” “There is no such thing more fun than seeing the demise of their enemy” he answered. The impostor laughs at his reply, while at it, Shiro took advantage of this and hit the impostor. The impostor then falls down to the ground while Shiro ordered the guards to leave the area because he has got it covered. The guards obeyed his order and left.

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