First Love

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A story of a young girl who fell in Love for the first time with her crush from high school

Fantasy / Mystery
Hope M.M
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How we Met

It was on winter, we were attending our winter classes when I saw this guy, he was cute, tall and on top of that he was a genius that's all i knew about him and i liked him but ofcourse he didn't notice me. Days passed by and all I wanted was for him to notice me so I would attend classes with him but he didn't see me, few days later we were done attending our winter classes, I guess I will never see him again my life went back to normal until I received a friend request on Fb from guess who my crush, I couldn't believe it but it was real I accepted his friend request and we started chatting and sometimes we would even cross the night while chatting, he will always say he wants to tell me something important but not on the phone but face to face I will get nervous when he say that because I just wanted to know the big secret. We would plan to meet but never meet because we were to bust preparing for our final grade 12 examination, so we agreed to meet on the day we write our final paper when we will be doing our pens down celebration. That day came I was excited and nervous at the same time first because I was going to write my final paper and last because I was going to met up with my crush. Just after writing my final paper I want to town with my friends I remember it was raining but that didn't stop us from going we brought everything we wanted and i only brought two large boxes of pizza for my family, as we were on our way back I was chatting with him, he was telling me his location and where we would met luckly my friends were going to the same place he was so I wasn't that nervous anymore because my friends will be there. We got off the taxi and we stood out side the club I was waiting for him and i don't know what they were waiting for and after a few minutes there he was coming straight to me and my heart started racing, as he come closer I couldn't feel my legs hahaa. We left the club we walked to my place because I had to take the pizza home we reached my house I went inside for 30 seconds and we walked back to the club he went inside to give his friend something,funny thing we walked back to my house, we were two blocks from my house when he stopped and said "I have to tell you something" and heart started racing again then

I said "to ahead"

And he was like "here is the big secret I always wanted to tell you but couldn't do it over the phone I like you and and the reason I started chatting with you and been friendly was because I wanted to know you better, and since the day i saw at school i've been thinking about you "

Oh so he noticed me during our winter classes

I didn't know what to say because I liked him too. I started playing hard to get, I know childish right?. He started getting close to me as if he wanted to kiss me but he didn't. He said he going back to his friends so we walked back and as we were three blocks from the club he said i must go back home then we hugged but i didn't want to hug him because it was the first time hugging a guy but we hugged and he left, as I was going home I couldn't stop thinking about him.

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