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Chapter 1

In a small town in Kansans, there was a small town called Smallville, where a 17-year-old boy named Charlie lived, quite tall and strong for his age, short black hair, blue eyes; he was a special boy, but he himself didn't know he was, he could do things that no one would be able to do.One day he asked his father, whose name was Jonathan Kent and worked as a farmer on his farm (right, I forgot to tell you that his parents lived on a farm that was very rich in livestock and was quite robust and had some wrinkles for his age, short, curly and blond hair and green eyes) as he was never different from the other boys, and he replied calmly (as usual) that he is not of this planet but that he arrived in a spaceship during the meteorite rain.Then we ask ourselves: "where does this Charlie Kent come from?" Then we think he is an alien, but the absurd thing was that this boy looked like any normal boy, he didn't have any sign or symbol that came from another planet, he didn't seem at all like an alien like we imagine: little ones and all green.Then the son replied with sarcasm:<< and what are they? A kind of alien? If I'm an alien I should have a spaceship! >><< really that is in the cellar, son! >> the smiling father answered him.So they both went to the cellar and found a spaceship, poor Charlie didn't know what to think, but he was certainly very upset and fortunately his parents explained that he was special and that they loved him and Charlie was happy.

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