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Plot The change of destiny between a king and a witch.

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Chapter 1

In the '800 period, there was a little village in the United Kingdom with some houses built with wood and hay where dwelled a population of simple people that were happy for that way of living with animals and surrounded by the green grass too. There was a little girl with long brown hair and eyes and a light skin, her name was Mary, she didn't know how great will be her destiny.

"Come on, Mary, come here! I wanna see you!"

Mary's mother was calling her, her name was Susan, she had short, black hair and green eyes, she was working mostly of the time at home as she usually did.

"I'm coming!"

Mary was in her room, she barely woke up when she saw suddenly her dress moving in the air, she thought that she imagined that and soon she went to her mother.

"Finally! Let me see." Susan took Mary's arms and started to study all she had in front of her with her eyes. "I can't believe how much you grew up, almost close to be a woman."

Susan smiled to her.

"Wish that dad would be here."

"I wish that too, honey."

Mary's father died during a fight against robbers.

"I have to go, Leslie is waiting for me."

"Sure. Have fun. And Mary?"

"What?" Mary was close to the door.

"Please, be prudent."

"Yes, 'mom." Mary smiled to her and finally she got out.

"Soon your life will change and I hope that you won't forget me." Susan whispered watching the door that was closed.

"Which game could we try now?"

"I don't know. We tried everything."


Leslie and Mary were sitting down on a little space, always with grass, not too much far from Mary's house. Leslie had very long, blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Maybe we could try to search for more inspiration by taking a walk to that forest over there."

" doesn't look like a safe place to have fun."

Mary's mother voice came to her mind: 'Please, be prudent.'

"Oh, come on. What could happen?"

"That some weird animals could attack us?"

"Oh, please. Here?? The most boring little village??"

"Should I remind you about my dad?"

"Mary, that was an accident. It was very rare. Come on, try something new."

"I will only if you let me outside of the forest and you only will get inside and keep me updated of how is going on."

"Fine." Leslie watched up for a second feeling annoyed and disappointed of her best friend. The 2 friends soon got up and walked directly to the forest, then, arrived there, they both did as Mary established to do.

"Please, be careful."

"Yes, Mary. Gosh" Leslie finally got inside of the forest starting to complaining too of her friend.

Then, after a few minutes, Mary started to feel worried of her friend that soon appeared:

"Mary, you have to come with me and see by yourself!"

"What? Les...."

But her friend already grabbed her hand and pulled her with her inside the forest.

"No, Leslie! I don't wanna go! It's dagerous!"

"Don't scream, Mary! They would hear us!" Leslie whispered to her very loudly and scolding her.

"Who??" Mary copied her friend's tone of voice.

"You'll see!"

Mary felt very confused, they walked till they both arrived to the place.

"Here! To don't be seen!"

"I don't understand you!"

"Just do it!"


Leslie guided her friend to be back of a tree to don't be seen.

"How long will take this potion?"

"It is almost ready. Soon this little village will disappear."

Mary heard 2 voices that seemed of the first one of a young man and the second one of an old woman that then both started to laugh very loud.

"What else do we need to complete it?"

"The tail of a dragon don't be spied by those girls!"

The old woman watched soon of the direction where Mary and Leslie were hided, the girls where shocked and scared.

"You will be both cursed now for what you did!!!"

The girls started to shake, the old woman indicated with her finger the girl.

'No, not Leslie!' Mary thought.

"Male execratione maledicta congessit!"

"No!" Mary moved in front of her friend to protect her.

Mary felt like hitted by something invisible that made her then falling on the floor. She watched herself but it seemed that nothing happened to her till she realized that her friend was watching her like shocked, the young man started to laugh very loudly and the old woman felt annoyed.

"Stupid girl! I will..."

"Soon! There! There is someone!"

They all heard a very loud sound of many horses becoming more and more loud feeling it then very close to them. An arrow hitted the chest of the old woman that fell on the floor, the same happened to the young man.

"Leslie, Mary, what the heck are you doing here??"

A very adult man came close to them, he was very fat, with blond hair and green eyes.


Leslie ran to him and hugged him, she then started to cry.

"What happened? What did she do to you?"

"Nothing." Mary said.

"Who are you?"


"No, you aren't." Then he watched his daughter confused. "Where is Mary? Wasn't she with you?"

"Yes, she is there." Leslie indicated Emma.

Leslie's father started to think that her daughter was crazy but it wasn't a problem for him, she was a little girl to his eyes.

"Ehy, you shouldn't be here, little boy! Come back to your parents!"

Mary felt confused, how did he call her??

"Come on, now!"

Mary obeyed still feeling confused; she got up and started to walk to the direction to go outside of the forest, when she finally was close to her house, she suddenly stopped to walk. 'I am a little boy? How is it possible? Gosh. The magic! Then she did that to me! But how is it possible? I can see nothing of change in my body...only...the people around me. My mom will not recognize me, she'll be scared. I don't want that.' Mary thought and soon she ran away from that place, walking alone, she started to feel scared, sad, abandoned, she cried. She was in the middle of nothing, only green grass, she fell down on her knees with crying and shaking a lot too. Suddenly she felt something that was touching her right shoulder, she soon moved away from that.

"Calm down. Don't be scared."

"Who are you?" Mary was watching him.

"Lancelot. And you?"

Mary didn't know how to answer, he was seeing her like a little boy.

"Don't worry, you don't need to tell me now if you don't want."

Lancelot was a man with brown hair and eyes, he was bringing a sword, Mary noticed that.

"Where do you come from? Where are your parents?"

Mary nodded watching then the grass, then she saw 2 arms surrounding her.

"It's ok. I'll take care of you."

"You are doing great. I think that you are ready?"

"For what?"

Mary and Lancelot were fighting with swords, 10 years passed since she met him.

"To be defended from bad people and to fight for the right things."

Mary smiled to him, he was like a father for her.

"Can I ask you a thing?"


"Do you know a wizard that is still alive?"

"Yes. Why?"

" help a friend." Mary preferred to hold what happened to her like personal, secret, she didn't want to involve him, he would think that she is crazy and she prefers to protect him.

"Over that forest" Lancelot indicated back of her. He kept going. "There is a kingdom. There, a wizard is working for the king but no one knows of his true identity and if you tell them he'll die because magic there is forbidden and you'll the lose the opportunity to help your friend. So you should ask to the guardians about doctor Merlin because it is his job now."

"Thank you."

"So it's time that you'll leave this place?"

"You said that I'm ready or I am not?"

"Yes, you are. Well, I'll miss a man with a noble heart as you."

"Me too. Thanks for what you did for me. I hope to be able one day to pay you back soon."

"You already did."

Mary watched him confused.

"To grow a child. I always wished to become a father."

"And I always wanted to have one. You did a great job."

"Thank you. Good luck for your future. Hope to be able to meet you again one day."

"I hope that too."

Lancelot soon hugged her, Mary hided her tears and started to walk to the direction of the kingdom.

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