The Assassin Who Made Me

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Nikko is from an extinct breed of elf called 'demon elf', she is found by a king and his retenue. Amongst the king's men is the worst man alive, the king's nr1 assassin and his executioner, Dagg'arth the dark elf. A ruthless man, known for having no remorse and no boundaries or restra. Nikko is forced to train to become an tool in the kings game. Concubine, spy or assassin? If only she hadn't captured the attention of Dagg'arth, now her chance of survival is even lower than before.

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Chapter 1 The beginning of the end part 1

Nikko paced around, this was the worst winter ever. Her brother was shivering from fever. Kiba’s normal pearl white skin was flushed red, his black hair was messy and crusted with mud and snow. Like all demon elves he had pointed ears, pink eyes and sharp front teeth. His younger sister Nikko was almost the exact same though her hair was long and her eyes were a more vivid ruby pink. She tried to keep him warm and gave up her cloak but she was cold, the winter was incredibly harsh this year.
“Sis, we need to continue” He said weakly. “The ogres will attack the villages again”
“Brother no! You are to weak. It would be suicide” He gave a weak smile.
“I can feel it, don’t you? This is the only thing we are good for. Fighting.” Nikko scoffed and took her bow
“Yeah? Then why is all I can use a bow?” Kiba’s white lips released a chuckle.
“Sis just are just to young.”
“I’m 45!” She said in indignation
“And in human terms that would be but barely 17” He retorted. She grabbed her quiver and bow and set off to leave. “Nikko no!”
“Stop trying to protect me! I am a demon elf like you and I don’t need your pity. So sleep!” Kiba stumbled to his feet, the heat of his fever making Nikko her skin sweat. He held her in his arms.
“You are all I have left sis, I want to protect you. You have the same fighting spirit dad had and the same smile mom had. Please you are the only thing I have left from them. I can’t bear to think of you in danger.” He said with a painful look in his eyes. Nikko looked at him and nodded.
“I’m sorry brother. Now go back to sleep.” He almost fell on his bedroll. Nikko started preparing some herbs hoping it would help. They didn’t have much supplies left, let alone medicine. They barely made enough money to get good meals without having to hunt it themselves.
She rummaged through her backpack hoping for something she had missed. Her gaze fell on a book. A romance novel. Before their parents died, she loved those. She used to read them in the candlelight each night. This book was from her mother for her first hunting trip with her father and brother. She knew the story by heart but it brought her comfort. She opened it and looked at the inscription, a smile on her lips.
Her mother had passed years ago leaving them alone with their father.
Kiba restored a bit after 2 days of sleep. Nikko barely left his side, only leaving to try to find some small game that had as much hunger as they had. 1 fox hunting for rabbits was all she had gotten, cursing her luck for not finding the fat rabbit she had prayed for.
She walked back towards the cave when she saw smoke, a lot of smoke. Looking at the cave she pressed her lips, people were in need. She let the dead fox be and rushed to the smoke.

A small village, barely worthy of the name was in flames. The few houses were all gone and she saw large rocks planted in 1.
“Ogres” She cursed. She ran to the nearest villager that wasn’t looking like he would break down at any moment. “Where are the ogres?” She yelled over the screams and panic of the people. The man smelling of fear and piss looked at her, eyes wide in terror.
“I...I...don’t know. My child is gone. 12 winters old boy... I can’t find him!” The man fell on the ground. Nikko feared the worst and ran to someone else, an armed mercenary probably here to enjoy the local moonshine and farmers daughter with lose values. He looked beaten up.
“Where are they?” The man huffed, his eye was covered in his own blood as it was dripping from his cheeks. His arm looked crushed. His accent was heavy and hard to hear with his broken lip.
“Aye, 3 of ’em. 1 got bashed by my party. 2 escaped, saw ’em carrying kids and horses. They won’t survive the morning.” Nikko paled, Orgres were known for their lack of fear, the destruction they caused and the fact they ate everything they could, even human flesh.
If she didn’t help, they were dead.
“Can you help sir?” She asked, the man shook his head.
“We’re to banged up. 1 maybe but not 2. They weren’t normal I tell, I think they came straight from hell”
Nikko was confused.
“Wait, weren’t they just ogres?”
The man shook his head. “Neh we could handle that... one of them is Demon Seed.” Nikko breathed in. Demon Seeds were creatures that got possessed by the essence of a demon. They were smarter, more visious and stronger. And also more ugly.
Nikko tried to leave but the man held her arm. “I suggest you turn around...You’ll end up dead and maybe even infected.” Nikko pushed him away.

She ran back to the cave, not even bothering to see if her luck had turned and the meal of the fox was still available.
“Brother! Demon Seeds! A Demon Seed is inside an ogre and...”
“Sis... calm down” Kiba sat up, still weak but no longer trashed by the fever he tried to calm his sister. “We are to weak now. We can regain our strenght and wait a day or 2 more and...”
“No! They have a kid! They’ll kill him and kill him.”
“AND YOU WILL DIE!” Kiba yelled. “I’m sorry, it’s very bad and we will take it on, but sis your bow isn’t ready for an ogre. The biggest thing you killed was an elk! This is utter suicide”
“But... if we just let them escape”
“I’m your elder. I will not let you do this.” Nikko bit her lip in frustration. She couldn’t stand this. She knew Kiba was right.
Their last rations disappeared into the broth that was supposed to be soup. Nikko handed the bowl to Kiba.
Feeling the tension Kiba drank the soap munching on the few pieces of mushroom. He looked at Nikko in anger.
“What...did you do?” Nikko stood up. Kiba let his bowl fall, his hands were shaking, his eyes were closing. “No..don’t...go” He uttered before falling asleep.
“I’m sorry.. but I can’t claim to have any honor if I let you do my dirty work and sacrifice a child.”

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