The Assassin Who Made Me

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Chapter 2 The beginning of the end part 2

Nikko tried to follow the tracks but the snow had made that impossible.
The only thing she could follow were the drops of blood and the smell. Cursing and cold, it took 2 hours for her to find the ogre encampment.
The massive 3 meter high oger looked like a mass of fat, wards and sweat. Yet beneath that blubber was power that could destroy houses with ease. Next to him at almost half a meter taller was a creature that looked wrong, the normally stonelike skin of the ogres looked more like magma and above his head was a single horn. The absurdity and uglyness was as if he had torn the horn of a unicorn and glued it to his face. But Nikko made no mistake, that was a Demon Seed. She could feel it, her skin crawled with the sensations of hatred and recognition.
She tried to look for the children but couldn’t. Untill she saw a sight that made her puke.
She had to put her hand on her mouth as she tried to swallow the sour regurgitation. The Demon Seed was munching on a small corpse. The bone crushing sound was horrific and would haunt her forever.
It took a long few seconds for her to get her composure back.
She was to late. She needed to take revenge, the sight of the Demon Seed was making her bein quiver.
Stealthily she climbed into a tree. She took aim at the ogre, knowing full well she couldn’t handle the Demon Seed if he had back up. She took aim, relaxing her breath, feeling her knuckle at her cheekbone. She pulled back and then released the arrow. It flew straight at the eye of the ogre.
His scream resonating, the Demon Seed took the tree trunk that he used as a club. She took another arrow and aimed again. This arrow lodged itself in the neck of the ogre but the thick skin resisted the arrow. It only sunk but a few centimeters.
She didn’t have the time to take another arrow as the large club flew at her. She jumped and it missed her by the tip of a knife. The wind of the trunk knocking her hard on the ground. The tree she was in was now on the ground next to her. The Demon Seed pointed at her. The other ogre rushed at her, his every step making the ground shake. She grabbed her bow and set another arrow and shot it but it flew past his head. Nikko feared for her life. With full force she got slammed by the massive creature, feeling like she was hit by a mountain the air went out of her lungs. She lost conciousness for a few seconds, her eyes were hurting from her own blood, she could barely breathe. Had she not been a demon elf, she would have been a pile of ground meat. But it was to late, as her sight returned she could see that the one eyed monstrosity was about to smash his palm on her. Squasshing her like a bug. A tear passed on her cheek.
She tried to move but couldn’t, as she felt the air moving from the hand coming down suddenly she heard the sounds of blades and the screetching of the ogre. She looked up
Kiba, her brother was here. He was in the neck of the ogre, his sword halfway deep. He was using his weight to counteract the hardness of the skin. But the ogre was not winning this. Nikko could move a bit, she moved out of the way, trying to get on her feet by using the uprooted tree. As Kiba finally pierce the artery, the ogre started to falter. He jumped off with his elven grace. He tried to help her.
“Don’t ever do that to me again” he screamed. He was still wobbly on his feet, barely able to keep his eyes open.
“Kiba look out!” She screamed as the Demon Seed threw a rock. Thankfully the corps of the ogre had blocked the view of the Demon Seed. The rock landed an armlenght from them. The Demon Seed started to rush to them. Kiba grabbed Nikko by her shirt and looked at her.
“Nikko, Run!” He ordered.
“You run, and you live! And you’ll listen to me” The ground started to shake again.
“No not again! I will not let anyone die again!” She panicked.
“Nikko run now! Live on! YOU ARE A DEMON ELF OF THE TWIN DRAGON CLAN!…” He stood before her and ran towards the Demon Seed. He dove under the legs slashing the tendon but the Demon seed kicked his leg back and slammed Kiba against a rock. Kiba ignored the pain and attacked the goliath again.
“LIVE NIKKO LIVE!” The speed of Kiba was impressive but his body wasn’t as fast as before. The drugs in his body were making him weaker and slower. Each hit he could get in he got back in tenfold. It was a losing battle. He just needed time to save his little sister.
“I am Nikko, a demon elf for the Twin dragon clan…”
“Now run sis! Run untill you can’t anymore!” Nikko tried to run, feeling lost and scared she had her back to the beast. The Demon Seed had no intentions of letting them go. He tried to reach for her but Kiba jumped in front of her trying to block his hand with the sword. He was to weak and couldn’t even manage to get it inside the hard palm of the corrupted being. Kiba threw his sword at the neck of the beast but it was easily dodged. It left nothing but a superficial cut. Kiba was grabbed into the large hand, lifted of the grond and squeezed. His bones were breaking under the pressure. Kiba screamed in agony. He was lost he knew it, but that beast would go down with him. Rage and hatred took over, his teeth became sharper and his pink eyes became blood red, red lighst came from underneath his clothes. Kiba not letting his prey go, he was stronger now but he was still stuck in the iron grip. His fingers moved to a small pouch on his hip and touched the stone inside.
He looked at Nikko, a faint smile on his lips. She looked in desperation at her brother that was about to be crushed. He held the stone in his hand.
“Gaer maroa denira!” Kiba screamed. The stone lit up and a explosion portruded from it. Nikko could feel the despair and horror overpowering her, her scream wasn’t as loud as the explosion. Her open mouth was suddenly invaded by the essence of the Demon Seed. It floated inside her and she could feel the exhiliration and satisfaction. As she swallowed her skin started to burn, she could feel line by line a tattoo appear on her shoulder. As if tattooed from the inside. Her eyes looked at the smoke and she faltered into the darkness. Her body no longer able to withstand all this pain and sorrow.

Nikko woke up in the middle of the night, frozen and cold. She looked around and cried, her tears barely liquid. She had nothing left, all she had left was a now broken bow and a backpack. But nothing of this mattered. She felt so empty, she just wanted revenge, darkness, a way to forget. She looked at her shoulder, a Demon Seed tattoo, proof that she had ingested it and liquidated forever of this world. Her beautiful skin now tainted with a blue intricate marking. She took the tipe to bury her brother. It was all she could do, but in this cold it was a sorry excuse for a grave. She wanted to plant his sword as a honor, but she had no weapon, she needed something to defende herself. She walked away, in tears, without aim and cold. Survive, she had made that promise. She would survive. She walked to the cave, but as she arrived she fell on the ground with only a small smolder to keep her warm.

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