The Assassin Who Made Me

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Chapter 3 The executioner

The sun was trying to remove some of the earlier cold of the night but the winter temperatures were still hard to bear.
King Ageran, a man in his early 40′s was cursing the weather. His brown hair fitted his brown eyes, he had a regal air around him normally but the winter cold was making that dissapear fast.
Not one for a carraige he was riding on his horse with his biggest coat adorend with wolf furs to keep himself warm.
They were almost at their destination, 4 more days of travel and they could make it to the small harbor to go back to the city. He looked at his retinue. They were all quite on edge as they had seen the smoke and heard the rumbling of an explosion the night before.
They had moved to be sure to not be ambushed and to be ready for a possible attack. The lack of sleep was however playing on the mood of all of them.
A scout arrived back from the forest. Excited he yelled out. “Lord! I have found the explosion site.. And it’s not pretty” Ageran grumbled at the obviousness of the scout’s words. .
“Of course it’s not, had you expected flowers and naked maidens? It’s a bloody explosion you incompetent twat.” The scout winced at his lord yelling at him. Ageran was as tired as the rest of his troops.
“Lord it’s a very weird explosion site I meant. The 2 corpses I found one of them is an ogre but the other one...he looks different.” Ageran turned to the cart holding his belongings.
“Dagg’arth! You go check, death is more your thing. Take some decent scouts with you” Dagg’arth jumped in a swift and elegant jump of the cart. He was tall and lean yet unlike normal elves was muscled and had a more threatening aura. His dark greyish skin was making him melt into the remaining darkness of the early morning. His white platinum hair had a small messy bun atop his head. His eyes were lavender colored and his movements were fluid. He was walking as if no one could do anything to him. Many women secretly fell for his looks, the only thing stopping them was his terrible reputation.
Dagg’arth looked at his lord. The king still looked quite dashing for his age but the human had clearly enjoyed a good life as a pronounced gut was showing.
“Had a nice sleep Dagg’arth? Why aren’t you walking again?” Ageran said with irritation dripping from his voice.
“Lord you told me to keep eyes on the back of our party, I can only do so by sitting in the cart and look behind us.”
Ageran grumbled but having his top assassin being tired was a bad idea. He was not only to valuable to miss but half his guards would be dead before arriving from his horrid temper.Both deadly and deadly loyal, Dagg was the ultimate soldier he had in his arsenal. He was an elf and had many more decades to serve, so the king allowed him some leeway.
The assassin bowed and started following the scout. 2 more followed, an older scout and a younger one barely 18.

The silence was heavy but they knew better than to speak around him. Dagg could smell it even before seeing the massive corpse of the Demon Seed. He barely glanced at the other ogre. The corpse had burns from the explosion but beside that was uninteresting to him.
“This ogre has a horn...” the young scout said.
“It’s a Demon Seed Vince... Bloody creepy thing.” the older scout said with a disgusted look.
“The explosion originated from his hand..” Dagg muttered the scouts looked at him. There were questions on their faces but none dared to ask. “Magical explosion probably from an explosion stone. Not cheap to come by.” Dagg looked around. He seemed to be searching for something.
“What you looking for Master Dagg’arth?” Vince dared to ask. Dagg glared at him.
“The person that actived the rune. Must be a corpse now.” The 3 scouts started looking around and it wasn’t before long that they found the make-shift grave.
“I found something. Looks like a grave.”
Dagg looked at it.
“Mmm. So there were at least 2, if not more. I see arrows but not a bow. And this ogre was stabbed. They weren’t from around here.”
“How can you possibly know that!” the young scout exclaimed. The older scout hit him on the head to make him hut his mouth. He turned to Dagg’arth and bowed.
“Pardon him Master Dagg’arth.. He is only just a trainee.”
“For how many years?” Dagg’arth asked with acid in his voice. The older scout was unsure why the assassin cared.
“3 Master.” Dagg’arth walked and looked treatening at the older scout. “Is he your pupil?” The scout swallowed and nodded.
“Forgive him Master Dagg’arth.”
“Oh I don’t care if he doesn’t say master after every sentence but I do care that you haven’t thought him how to recognize arrow feathers!” Dagg’arth turned the young scout. “Those white speckled feathers are from a southern speckled falcon a quite uncommon choice of feathers for arrows in general. However here you can’t find that specific falcon so therefor they are from the south and not from here.” The young scout nodded. Dagg’arth looked at the older scout “And...” the older scout was shaking in fear. Dagg’arth threw one of his black daggers in the shoulder of the scout. The scout yelled out in pain. The other scout answered.
“It’s probably a woman... They favor the feathers because they are prettier than the ones they more commonly use which are black.” Dagg’arth nodded ignoring the scout in pain.
“We should find the girl, she might have some information about what happened here. King Ageran is a stickler for details and if there are more Demon Seeds around. This might cause trouble.” Dagg’arth said.
“You can’t leave me here like that!” the old scout yelled Dagg’arth moved to him and grabbed his dagger back.
“You are absolutely right” He stabbed the dagger in the man’s throat. Even before he went limp Dagg turned and cleaned his dagger. “It’s Master Dagg’arth...” The other 2 looked at him. “Hurry up! Find me tracks!” They quickly started to franticly look for tracks.
The young scout excitingly yelled out “Found some blood!” Dagg walked to where he pointed. It was a hand print of coagulated blood on a tree.
“Indeed a woman Master Dagg’arth!” Vince noted impressed. “Would be a miracle if she survived.” the other scout said.
“Eric stay here.” Dagg started following the general direction. They found a bigger pool of blood that even the newly fallen snow hadn’t been able to cover up. The tracks stopped after a while but Dagg saw a small glittering of a fire in a nearby cave. He took out his daggers. The young scout armed his crossbow.
Slowly they entered the cave.

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