The Assassin Who Made Me

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Chapter 4 Life debt

Dagg entered the cave when he saw the girl lying on the ground. From the blood on the ground she was dying or already gone. Yet he knew better than to go to her without caution. He was sure this could still be a trap. As he approached he saw her face more, she had barely a breath left. He kicked her on her back, he looked at her face something didn’t add up.
Her ears were pointed but they had 2 points, which he had never seen on an elf. Her lusherous black hair made her fair skin look as white as the snow. He looked at her wounds. Burn wounds, some kind of impact damage and some shrapnel in her, which made her bleed.
“Scout put on the fire then go to the king.”
“Yes Master Dagg’arth.. It’s Vincent by the way” Dagg didn’t listen to the boy at all. He waited till she left before he kneeled down to her. Holding his dagger at her throat he checked her heartbeat it was faint but still there. As he looked at her fair skin he noticed a blue mark on her shoulder, a tattoo of some sort.
He ripped her shirt open and noticed the big blue tattoo and a smaller one between her generous breasts that were tied up to not bother her during her archery. His mouth fell open in the most emotion he had showed in years.
“Demon elf... A real one.” He opened her mouth and saw the sharpened teeth. Then opened her eye and saw her pink pupil. He put binds on her wounds to make it stop bleeding but he knew that the real problem were her broken bones. He started the fire with the few scraps of woods he found. She stirred and he put his dagger at her throat again. His dagger made a small cut. He looked at her, she was better off dead.

“What’s going on here?” Ageran yelled out. Dagg’arth looked over his shoulders.
“An elf my lord, heavily wounded. I assume she survived the Demon Seed attack.”
“Doesn’t seem much to have life in her left though. Probably already frozen.” A higher ranked soldier noted.
“She’s barely hanging on....she might information on the attack if you want” Dagger put his knife on her throat again. “If not I’ll end her meaningless life.” King Ageran looked at the elf then his eyes went wide.
“Is that?...No! That’s impossible!” He walked to Dagg’arth and looked at the elves marks. “A fucking Demon elf! Open her mouth I want to see!” His eyes were glistening. Dagg did as told. “I can’t believe it! A real one!” He was genuinely excited.
“Lord I don’t understand.” One of his underlings said. Ageran turned to him.
“This is a demon elf! They were hunted down in extinction by the cults of the Demon Seeds! They are masters at fighting them and... according to legends they absorb the Demon Seed’s essence and create tattoo’s on their skin as they digest them. Demon Seeds are permantly destroyed liked that instead of using precious soulstones. Aren’t I right Dagg?” Dagg’arth nodded at his liege.
“However their prowess is nothing but legends lord.”
“Healer! Heal her up! Get her on the cart we are taking her home. She owns a life’s debt to her king now. As I mercifully saved her life personally.”
“Yes King Ageran” the healer said as he approached the woman. He quickly put some ointment on her and started the process of setting her bones back in place. Ageran looked at Dagg’arth.
“Fine find you did, you once again prove yourself to me Dagg’arth.” Dagg bowed. “A skin as fair as a empty canvas... one only meant to be soiled by the Demon Seeds... The ultimate weapon, chosen by the gods….And I have one now.” He smiled, Ageran liked to collect people of various talents. He loved to own the prettiest girls in his harem, the rarest races as warriors. “Dagg’arth. I want her to be trained to be my knife, my word is her command. She could be another knife in my arsenal.”
“My lord, sorry to interrupt. But aren’t these creature also known for attracting Demon Seeds and other misery?” Dagg noted.
“Shush now, don’t spoil my fun. When she wakes, I shall send her to Lonau village to be trained.” Ageran looked at Dagg’arth. “What happened to your student again?”
“I killed him.” Dagg answered without a second to breathe. Ageran shivered at the cold eyes of his assassin. The man had no remorse.
“Dagg, make sure she doesn’t escape. Guard her while she recovers in the cart.” Ageran looked at him once more. “Do you understand?” Dagg nodded.
“Yes my lord.”

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