The Assassin Who Made Me

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Chatper 5 Canvas

It was only 5 days later that Nikko woke up. She looked around scared. Her room was nothing more than a bed and a closet. She guessed she was on a boat as the room was gently rocking. The room was warm and her entire body was covered in bandages. She looked to the right and caught her breath, a figure stood there. His arms were crossed and he was leaning against the wall, staring at her.
He was an odd sight to her. She had never seen a Dark elf around these parts. He wore a tightfitted leather armor and had knives and 2 swords on his sides. His eyes were piercing her, there was no emotions in them.
“Where am I?” She asked with a trembling voice. He stared at her, his voice was as cold as his eyes.
“You were found by us in the forest, and I am sorry to say that we won’t let you go anymore. Be prepared to live a harsh live. You are now serving King Ageran.” Nikko felt a heavy weight in her stomach.
“I don’t serve kings.”
“Not an option, your life was saved so you owe a life debt. You are now property” Nikki felt despair rise in her.
“Who are you?”
“Doesn’t matter.”
“My name is...” He lifted his hand so she would not speak.
“I do not want to know... whatever it is you lost it. You will not find mercy here. I suggest you learn to lie fast.” A chill went down her spine. Footsteps were heard and King Ageran joined.
“Dagg’arth why didn’t you said that she woke up?” The purple-eyed elf bowed.
“Sorry my lord, it just happened.” The King smiled at Nikko, but his smile didn’t make her feel at ease at all.
“My newest arrival. Tell me what is your name ?” He was looking at her face intensly. She looked at the dark elf that had spoken before. He didn’t move.
“Euhm... Marianne sir” She lied. The kings smile widened and she whished she could melt into the ship’s wood.
“Aaah....and you are a demon elf” She nodded. “Don’t be so shy. You are quite beautifull” He touched her hair and she stiffened in fear.
“We prefer...demoneaters sir.”
“Aaah... yes a better name indeed. And how many Demon Seeds have you eaten?”
“4” She looked at him, the question was so direct. She wasn’t used to people this direct. She also felt as if he wasn’t asking but just ordering so she just answered.
“How many have you killed?” The king asked with a grin.
“A few more, the essence goes to the closest demoneater normally.”
“Ah you weren’t alone?”
“My brother ... died.”
“Such a shame.” A silence fell. The man’s lips curled. “Well sorry Marianne but I lay claim on your life and I am going to change you.”
“What?” Nikko asked, her heart started to beat faster in fear.
“I need strong and fast killers to do my bidding and to protect me. You seem perfect for the job, after some rigorous training of course. Forget what you were and remember only what I want you to. Ooh feel free to run away, but if they catch you, you are dead. Do me a favor and don’t run, I would like to keep you alive.”

Nikko wanted to scream to yell but she was just scared.
“You owe me a life debt as I saved your life, I am your king and my word is law. I therefor claim your name as mine and give you a new one... Mmm a pure and unsoiled canvas. Canvas shall be your new name.”
Nikko gripped the sheets of the bed, she couldn’t escape. She couldn’t swim and she had no where to go. That dreadful day had taken everything from her.
King Ageran left the room, the dark elf left along with him.
“Dagg’arth, Canvas is mine she is to remain pure and untouched. I don’t want another man to touch my property. I’ll have her trained and broken at Lanou village.”
Meanwhile Nikko cried, she had lost everything...including her name.

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