The Assassin Who Made Me

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Chapter 6 Memento

Nikko now renamed Canvas looked around the room, it was cold and damp. The healer came by every hour though it was mostly to check if she was still just behaving. He kept asking her questions but she didn’t answer, what good could come of it? She had nothing left.
“Therefore it is important you…”
“Where is my backpack?” She interrupted the ranting of the healer. He looked surprised at her.
“It wasn’t brought in.”
“You left it in the snow?” The healer looked around not knowing how to answer.
“No, there was close to nothing of value and all there was was claimed”
“By who?”
“The one that found you, master Dagg’arth”
“Get me my stuff then!” She screamed.
“I’m sorry it’s his property by right”
“No it’s not! It’s mine! He has no right!” The healer held her arm.
“Canvas... That man is the most vile thing around, he has no moral compass what so ever. I’m sorry but your items are gone….This fate isn’t that bad, you’ll learn to work for the king in a direct way and many become prosperous”
“It’s not about that, my mother….nevermind.” She gave up, there was no use to it anymore.
“I’ll inquire about it.” The healer left. He walked to the room of the elf. About to knock he stopped in mid-air. Frankly he was terrified. He thought that maybe he should talk to the king about it. He however had asked not to be disturbed for anything since those 2 girls joined him in his cabin. Though the healer was sure that an angry king was easier than the irked elf. He turned and went to the kings room. The giggling of the girls and the kings happy laughter was loud.
The healer knocked on the door and entered. As he did the sight was one odd one. The dark elf stood in the corner reading a book while he was ignoring the scene. King Ageran was hugging a blond girl who’s hair was flowing down her naked back as her dress was already at her waist. Her small but perky breasts were at the level of the king’s lips. His hand was holding her ass and his other hand was holding one of those young and ripe breasts while playing with it’s pinkish nipple. The other girl a more sturdy brunette was massaging his shoulders though her movements were not very experienced and a weak attempt at seduction.
“What is the purposed of this most unwelcome disturbance Healer Reese?” Ageran said barely looking away from the blond.
“Canvas has asked if her backpack has been retrieved.”
“And you disturb me for that?” Ageran lifted his voice. Healer Reese was feeling like he stepped into a trap.
“My king you said that anything she asked for had to be said to you.”
“I wanted to know about her not her stuff! She’s a very rare commodity. Have you done the research I asked for?” Healer Reese nodded. The blond was starting to pout as her seduction was being interrupted.
“She’s not a mature elf yet, she’ll heal without scars, I have tried to get her to talk more about herself but she refuses.”
“Yes yes I already know. Dagg’arth do you know where her backpack is?”
“Yes sir, it’s in my possession as I found her I took it as a reward. Wasn’t anything of worth in it. I threw it most of it overboard.” Dagg said as he flipped another page.
“There now you can tell her. And leave.” Ageran pressed.
“Yes king.” Healer Reese was about to leave when Ageran stopped him.
“Did you check what I asked?”
“She’s a virgin sir. Healer Olina said so.” Ageran smiled widely.
“Interesting…leave now.” The healer left. Ageran looked at Dagg.
“I assume nothing worth mentioning was in her backpack?”
“Only some baubles and a few arrowheads from around the world. A nice yet select collection” Dagg answered not looking up.
“It’s yours… now why don’t you leave?”
“King your life was almost taken 2 years ago during your night with that maid. As you do not have adequate people to guard you on this vessel… I’m forced to do it.” Ageran laughed.
“Forced? My man you are looking at 2 young sweet girls here. Look at her” He slapped the blond’s ass. The girl giggled and licked his neck. “Just above 18 and already so loyal to their king.” The king smiled and kissed the girl’s nipple. “It’s so good to be me, all so eager to please me, to serve me.” The girl opened his trousers and stood up, the dress fell of her waist and she let herself slid onto the royal king’s erected cock. He breathed in of pleasure and smiled.
“Why don’t you at least join? It would be less awkward. You can go behind that paravent if you are to coy” King Ageran said between breaths. The girl was moving up and down on her own trying to get in King Ageran’s good graces.
“I’m working sire” Dagg said coldly. “It’s my job” Ageran’s executioner was always like this. He never broke character during work. He gave a look to the brunette.
“Please my guard, he’s overworking always and making me uncomfortable.” The brunette didn’t looked to pleased but her face retained her smile. She walked sensually to the elf who didn’t react at all. She tried to ignore the insult to her beauty and pressed against this arm. He looked at her and slammed his book shut. She lowered her eyes then looked up at him, batting her eyelashes and biting her underlip. She was more generously proportioned on her chest and pushed to touch his chest.
“I’ll make your desires come true.” She said while a single finger went down his chest. He grabbed her arm and in a simple turn pushed her against the wall, his hand enclosed around her neck. She first moaned in pleasure until he started to squeeze her throat. He whispered in her ear with a cold voice.
“I like to play with little girls like you. To carve with my knife a nice memento to my time with you and make sure you can never forget it.” He lifted her slightly of the ground, her eyes were filled with tears of fear and her hands tried to free her to no avail. He whispered again. “Now…open your legs to our king and fucking put that ring back you tried to steal. And stay the fuck away from me.” He let her go, she fell on the ground looking scared at him.
“Ignore him my lovelies, I need my balls to be emptied. Dagg leave and get others to guard me. It’s an order” Ageran said knowing full well the elf was ruining the mood.
Without any word Dagg’arth left the room and slammed the door shut behind him.

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