The Assassin Who Made Me

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Chapter 7 Harbor

It had taken a few more days before the boat finally anchored to the harbor. Many were happy to finally be allowed to leave and enjoy reuniting with family, lovers or just get a decent drink.
While all the passengers were ready to leave 1 however wasn’t so enthusiastically packing.
Canvas was putting on her leather armor back which since it hadn’t been washed yet wasn’t pleasant. Blood smears and damage were still showing onto the leather, due to her broken ribs she couldn’t fix it. Even putting it on was quite a painful experience.
She would go to the Lanau village now, a village situated a bit north into the forest from the harbor town. It was a town mainly in name alone as it was actually more like a giant barrack. She was not looking forward to it, even thinking about escaping as soon as she was healthy. She hadn’t even let the thought sink in totally before the door smashed open. Jumping up from the fright, she saw cold lavender eyes looking at her.
“What do you want?” she asked. In a split second she was pushed against the wall. His hand around her throat.

“Listen here little elf, you better learn manners. I have the rank of Master so you better talk to me with respect.”

“S...sorry” She whispered terrified. Never had she known to be this scared of someone. She had fought demons and monsters but he was scarier. She had not idea why he scared her so. She couldn’t stop staring at his eyes, his gaze was piercing and intense.

“You also better think twice about running off. You run we kill. Understood?” She nodded. He let her go. She didn’t dare to move.

“I have nowhere to go anyway. So I don’t have reasons to run”

“Humph I heard that nonsense enough to know that there are plenty of reasons to run. Survival is one of them. When in Lanau survival will be difficult and painful.” He stared into her eyes. “Be sure however to get selected.”

Canvas didn’t understand this at all. What was he on about? Why would he even say this?
Her nose was getting overpowered by his male scent, wood, lavender and salt.
The combination was so odd, she was sure that he was trying to mask his own scent. The silence between them was prolonged and she started to feel strange. Her cheeks started to burn under his scorching gaze. He finally let her go and threw something in her arms.
She looked down to see her own backpack. She rummaged through it but only 1 pouch was in it.
“I left your medicinal herbs in it.. The rest I tossed out” Canvas was overwhelmed with panic. This couldn’t be true! It had to be a joke.

“What? No!” She kept going over and over into the bag hoping that by some miracle that her possessions would magically appear. But each time her hope was crushed, her mother’s memento, the book with her words was gone.

She wanted to cry, to scream at him to throw the pack at him but all she could do was let it fall and cry a silent tear.

One more punch in the gut, one more stab in the heart. When would this pain end?

Dagg looked at her, the silent pain of this elf was somehow bewitching him. However he had to prepare before leaving the boat. He turned and without speaking another word went towards his cabin. His pack was already prepared. He couldn’t stop thinking about that elf. A demoneater, a real one. He was already finding it a shame that she would go to Lanau village. Her chances of survival weren’t very good. She was athletic and healthy, despite her broken and bruised bones. The protection of King Ageran will prove her only security. He owned her therefor any man who touches her would be rightfully punished. Rape was severely punished in the village as more and more women joined the ranks of the king but that didn’t mean that it didn’t happen. Every year there were those that thought they could get away with it.

While he left his quarters King Ageran ran into him.
“Ah Dagg! I need you to report to the other masters tonight.”
“Yes my lord” Dagg responded.

“I’m sending Healer Reese with her to the village as I have to go to court. Seems some ambassadors came to see me a few days to early.” Dagg was a bit annoyed but didn’t show his emotions. He had hoped to get a good bath, good food and maybe even sleep with a woman tonight. However it was clear those plans had just evaporated in front of him. Instead he was stuck talking with the other Masters. Most couldn’t stand his face, only Master Unia the Master of the Healers liked him. Though he wasn’t sure why. Not just that but he knew that soon he would be training the apprentices again.
He went off the ship and the smell of town was invading his nostrils. Canvas was less enthusiastic to leave the ship. The town of Lanau was a few hours of walk away deep in the forest, it was hidden by the natural elements as good as a small village full of warriors could be hidden.

Canvas and Healer Reese followed by Master Dagg’arth and some scout walked into the forest. After passing through the town they set out to valley.
“So what is this Lanau village?” Canvas asked. Healer Reese smiled at her.

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