The Assassin Who Made Me

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Chapter 8 Lanau village

Healer Reese breathed in as he walked around a few thick tree roots. He was tired of the walk and the blazing sun wasn’t helping his climb at all. It also looked Dagg’arth had decided to be sure to be back at Lanau before the night had completely fell.
Talking was maybe the best way for him to pass his time.

“Lanau has quite an extensive history I won’t go into as you’ll have enough history lessons in the next few months. A few centuries ago, the harbor town was barely a few houses large and served to feed the then secret town of Lanakan. Which was renamed Lanau. It was a town that was owned by a guild of assassins and thieves. It was ransacked and taken over a century or 2 ago and the then King decided that it could be used as a trainings encampment.
“So all the soldiers go there?” Canvas asked.

“No, Lanau is a village that is self-sustainable and has a good reputation. It is mostly used to train a few different types of warriors. Those that are well-versed in the martial arts are able to rise to the rank of personal guard. Separate of the military force.
Then of course we have the scouts and the informants. The woods provide excellent training due to their large amounts of creatures. Mages are usually send to the academy in the capital. As are those gifted with healing magic. Then we have of course the assassins. Although it’s more a general term for those that use stealth as their main weapon these days. But the king isn’t above using such tactics, a good assassin can prevent a war as he can cause one. But we have other crafts too, blacksmiths, potion makers, healers and a surprisingly good brewer.”
“So if one fails there they get send back to regular soldier training?” Canvas asked interested. Healer Reese looked at his hand staring at a white scar he had gotten during his training.

“Rarely... Most die. Be it by exhaustion, wounds or just because they did something bad.”
“Oh” Canvas could feel the courage go down her shoes. This was going to be a battle of survival. She looked at the dark elf. He had warned her. What had sounded as a threat was actually... A warning? She could still feel his hand on her throat.
“Some girls are send to become concubines if they are to pretty to be lost, doesn’t happen a lot. Most perish. But don’t worry to much, the strong and the survivors are treated with respect. Many females have gone far. The princess has a squad of female guards even, they are on par with any squad of the personal guard.”
“What’s a Master?”
“A Master is the highest ranked and trained individual in a field. We have a master of healing, a master swordsman, archery etc. Each year they handpick 1 or 2 students to train individually. Those are those that have great chances to become Masters themselves. It is a very wanted position as it. It comes with great benefits but it’s hard work.”
“Does he have student? ” she pointed to Dagg’arth. Healer Reese put his finger on his lips to make her shush. He continued with a whisper, slowing down to be sure Master Dagg’arth couldn’t hear him.
“He always ends up killing them. He has had 9 over the years. If you value your life you do not get his attention. Last one didn’t last over 2 weeks.”
"Little late for the that" She thought.

In the late evening they finally arrived in town. It was quite a big town for one located in a valley. It was bustling with life. The lamps around showed a town that hadn’t started to sleep yet. It had a few stores, a tavern but most of all it had training fields. The sheer amount was staggering to Canvas. She saw archery ranges, straw dummies, ropes and climbing ladders between some houses even. It also seemed as if the people here didn’t stop.

As they walked, she heard the clattering of blades and yelling of people. A group was looking at 2 youngsters fighting against each other with blunt metal rods. By the look of the blood on the ground they weren’t pulling their punches. She got a few glances her way and couldn’t help but hid her face in her shawl.

“I’m going to report. I’ll send Angelica to give the elf a place to sleep.” Master Dagg’arth said without waiting for them to give an answer. He just walked towards a central building.
It was quite clear that people feared him, they kept their heads low or ran towards an alley way as he walked past them.
“I don’t really have more clothes than this, and my bow is broke.”
Healer Reese looked tired, he leaned onto the stick he had taken during the walk.
“You can use the weapons here, same with the armor. For the clothes you’ll need to earn some cash if you want new stuff. Or loot whatever another trainee leaves behind after dying.”
“That’s terrible” Healer Reese showed his shoes.
“They are dead, they can’t use it. Guard your things well, some trainees are not above stealing. Thought don’t ever try to steal from anyone that has a rank or you’ll get in trouble.”

After what seemed like an eternity a woman of a certain age. Her brownish hair was adorned with a few silver ones that was appearing due to her age.

“I heard that we have a new recruit?” Healer Reese stepped towards her.
“She was personally picked by his majesty, she is his now and to be trained as a warrior” the woman looked at Canvas. Her stare went over every centimeter of her body. “She is a demon elf” Healer Reese said and the woman had a ‘aha’ moment.

“Well we still have a room left within the building of the female novices. It’s named the ‘Peacock’ building. It’s up that road, can’t miss it as it has a peacock statue in front of it. She can take a room there. She will get 3 days to adjust and then the training starts. Food is provided you will get paid once you are no longer a novice. Should take about 6 months to a year. Feel free to run and you will be used as target practice for our archers. Good luck and don’t die to soon... Healer Reese you need to report... Now! ”

" Yes Angelica ” healer Reese muttered.

Angelica turned and left. Canvas sighed and started walking towards the building.

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