The favored one

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Xandrilia Whitcomb was the girl who had it all. From being the most loved daughter in her family to being the best beta ever existed. Her father was the beta of the Giant Crest Banes pack. Along with her 2 well sculpted, charming, and not to mention over protective brothers namely Heath and Kaden. In her pack she is always showered with praises and applauses. No one actually hates her there. Her closest friend was the Alpha's and luna's son Kyle Salvatorri. She was actually in no hurry in finding her mate. She was fully contented of what she has and decided she was better off without one. But all that changed when she was taking a vacation far from her pack and accidentally found herself in a pack where no one dare goes. Werewolves who dare speak the very place always and I mean always cower in fear. The stories that lurks within that unholy ground are the demons themselves. They call themselves. The Dark Hounds. Luke Raymond Assassini is the leader of the dark hounds. He is well known to werewolf pups in their nightmares. He held no pity but viciousness, ruthlessness, and no mercy on life itself. His demeanor alone brings even the strongest pack burn to the ground. He is invincible along with his blood thirsty group of werewolves. What will be the choice of xandrilia once she knew she was destined to such monstrosity? Was it mere coincidence? Or not?

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Sneak peek.

"NO! I WILL NEVER BE YOURS" I screamed at the top of my lungs even though my throat still hurts from when he strangled me.

"You will be mine whether you fucking like it or not. I don't give even a fucking cent of understanding in your little petty feelings because for whatever bullshit you pull on I will do everything my way!" He yelled at me and gripped my arms so hard I doubt there will be no marks next was he threw me on the floor and I could swear I heard my back cracked. Like it's my first time to have one from this demon I hate.

"Well then if you so treat me like those sluts and whores you are fondly to possessed I for sure know there will be nothing left for me here" I said with a new sense of defiance as I stood up. I'm done! I hate this place! I hate him!

"There is nothing that I like in this place! All my life I have dreamt in having a mate to be kind and gentle towards me. Even though there are billions of problems in his life I would still be there nonetheless for one fucking reason Luke. IT'S BECAUSE HE IS MY GODDAMN MATE! I would stay by his side even if he turns into a monster for as long as he will not strangle me, or punch me, or kick me on the ribs, or throw me on the floor like a piece of fucking shit. I will still be there for him because I know deep in that dark, broken, and lonely heart he still needs comfort, love, and a fistful of realization that nothing and I mean nothing will ever let me leave for as long as he will give me his most priced possession. His heart" I told him with tears already brimming out on my face. He stood there shocked of what I said.

I know I should not be crying but I didn't care anymore. I have to let this out so that there'll be no regret for me. My wolf was angry, sad, and in pain and honestly? I don't fucking know what to do with her.

I turned my back and walked out of the room before he snapped back to reality and begs me to come back. Ha! As if that's gonna happen.

"Oh and one more thing my dear Luke assassini" I said before I stepped out of the room. I put my right hand on my chest and said "I, Xandrilia Whitcomb, beta of Giant Crest Banes pack. reject you Luke Raymond Assassini to be my mate. I, therefore remove my rights as being the rightful luna to the dark hounds pack and give the position to whoever Alpha Luke thinks is worthy of such task. To this day I pledge to thee moon goddess".

And from those words I have felt something was ripped out of my heart and left a gaping hole that have seemed to have missing something. My wolf as well was howling in pain from the rejection.

I walked out of the room. Some tried to stop me but I just gave them the finger and just like they knew everything they backed away. I went outside, dropped my duffel bag and shifted to my wolf and sped away from that god forsaken place.

At last I was free.

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