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I closed my eyes. waiting 1 second.. 2 seconds,,,,, then finally 3 seconds. bracing myself for what i was about to see. When i opened my eyes, i saw Rachel Mcguire yelling at me, accusing me of being the reason of her death, Then, i saw Sean. Drinking from me, i shuddered. "Where am i?" I thought to myself. Then, darkness. --- 16 year old Calypso Callow, Also known as "The girl who hides" Is a small, ordinary teenage girl from a small town. But what will happen when the life she knew so well, is gone?

Fantasy / Romance
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Frick Sean.

“Hey...Callo?” One of my hilariously unlucky friends Anthony said.

“What,” I replied, turning around from my peaceful seat to face him so he could see the annoyance on my face.

“Mind stealing the answer sheet? Janet could use it, plus, it would totally help me out. Please, Callie?” I glared at him. I already knew I was going to steal the answer sheet. Not for Janet, obviously. But I, unfortunately, had stooped to both Janet, and Anthony’s level of cheat.

I wasn’t stealing for me, but earlier today, someone I used to like told his friend that he needed the answer sheet and the feelings i tried to destroy bubbled up again. So, here I am. Stealing the sheet. I repeatedly told Anthony that it was a bad idea. but he kept reminding me that I was “apparently” practically a ninja. My name is Calypso. Also known as Callie, Cal, Callo, Lypsie, Lypso, Soe and Lippie. my name meaning the “girl who hides”. Not really sure what that means yet, but I know that I can hide from anyone, or..well, everyone if I wanted to.

low and behold. I got the answer sheet. Janet made a point of telling Sean that I was the one who got the sheet. He always looked overjoyed, until he realized i was the one who got it. As usual. He didn’t look mad or anything, he just went kinda cold. I sighed. I should be used to it by now. Sean was just a boy. He didn’t like me. End of story, ill get over it. Even tho it felt as if my heart broke in 2 as it has every time.

“SHUT UP. CAl, YOUR JOKING.” My very loud bestie Martha yelled. Making many heads turn in our direction. She said a quick sorry before going back to being loud.

I thought working she wouldn’t be as loud today since we were at an ice cream shop where I was working. but I was CLEARLY wrong.


″MARTHA. I CAN HEAR YOU I’M NOT DEATH BUT I WILL BE SOON” I yelled back. Martha didn’t stop talking but lowered her voice a little down. ish.

“SORRY LIPSO! BUT what is his problem! He is SUCH a jerk. I sighed, forcing myself to nod. Even tho I knew I would make the same mistake again and again.

Marth and I talked for a while longer until her dad came to pick her up. She promised to call me at 8 pm sharp. I looked at the time. 5;30 6, 6;30 7, 7;30... I watched the clock. My shift ended at 7;45. which gave me just enough time to get home and call Martha. I was so focused that I didn’t even hear the bell.

“umm, Callie? I thought you’re shift ended at 5” I shook out of my daze. only to look up and see sean right in front of me.

I looked back and I saw 2 people behind him. One, a girl with long icy blonde hair, then a boy with sharp brown hair and blue eyes.

“Callie,” Sean said again. I snapped out of my daze before looking back at him

“Right... sorry, what were you saying?” I said. he smiled but quickly it fell.

“Is there anyone else who can serve us?” He said. If my heart wasn’t broken before, it definitely was now.

“Y-Yeah, s-sure. I can get Rachel McGuire if you guys want.”

“That would be great.” Sean said, eyeing the boy with brown hair. "Thanks". I nodded then I went to the back to find Rachel McGuire. She smiled, flipped her hair, adjusted her makeup, then asked if she looked good. I nodded. then she left. I sighed. Because deep down inside the little part of my heart that was still intact, I knew. Sean could never fall for a girl like me.

I walked home, jumped in my bed, lied there and just cried. missing the call from Martha. Who called 19 times before coming over and knocking at my door. My mom told her I was sleeping. then, she left.

I was woken up early Saturday morning by a loud gasp, followed by a coffee cup dropping and breaking. I rushed downstairs, only to find that my 2 brothers, Jeremy and Kean and my mom and dad were both staring at the tv. I walked closer to the tv, to see what everyone was so worried about. But, when I saw the caption, my heart stopped.

Rachel McGuire was dead.

Heyy! This is my first story on here. It’s super cringy and has MANY writing mistakes. Hope you enjoyed it! (If you even made it this far)

*WARNING* If you dislike cringy stories, many writing mistakes and to top that off probably a never ever updated story, then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU

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