The Girl Made From Stars

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When young casey finds out about her past millions of questions find their way into her head. These questions take her on a quest to find her biological parents.

Fantasy / Mystery
Lillie Chappell
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The Secret

"casey, come to me. Casey."

"Nooo, Casey come to us."

I sat up straight my whole body trembling. Sweat was running down my face, I stood up still shaking and tiptoed down the old creaky stairs I was silent until...


Oh no I thought. I could hear my mums heavy footsteps and a squeek as the door opened. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT OF BED THIS EARLY!!! " she bellowed at me with a stern look on her face.

"I.... I was..... getting a...... glass of..... Water" I said unconvincingly.

"very well," she said this raising one eyebrow and going back to her room. I knew it would be no hope going tonight I would go in the morning. I got a glass of water and headed to my room I couldn't sleep now my head was full of thought like who were the people in my dream and why did they want me to come with them, how did they even know my name.

It was early the next morning when I woke up to a creak outside my bedroom. This happened every morning, but when she was downstairs I heard the unmistakable sound of the front door. I got out of my bedroom and tiptoed the stairs careful not to step on the creaky floorboards this proved quite a challenge as our house was very old.

I crept slowly towards the closed living room door I pressed my ear against the door and listened to the whispering voices.

"Where's Casey?" said a male voice.

"Upstairs asleep." said mum

"Good" said a female voice like mums.

"I'll go check on her" said mum.

I held my breath who knows what mum will do if she finds me eavesdropping.

"no no leave her be."

"what are we going to about it she will be of age soon we need to tell he about he celestial history"

That was all Casey needed to hear she opened the front door quietly and went to her secret hideout as she ran tears rolled down she didn't know what to do, or even think.

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