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A betrayed royal couple must overcome the hurdles of their life and realise their true powers, hidden deep within. *** Egypt. The Gift of River Nile. The most prosperous empire in the entire world. But something dark lurks within the empire. Perfectly hidden behind the shining palace. *** Ankhesenpaaten is the princess of Lower Egypt. A reserved and intelligent girl, she is sent to marry the jolly and brave prince of Upper Egypt, Tutankhamun. But tragedy strikes on the wedding feast. Tutankhamun's father dies mysteriously. Soon, crowned as the king and the queen, the young couple is celebrated among the people. But they have strange abilities they hide from the outside world. Ankhesenpaaten can feel the memories of the living whilst Tutankhamun can feel the dead and see spirits. It was a part of them, that was greater than anything. A part of them they never knew. A part of them, they themselves were scared of. The darkness so long hidden beneath rises. It was supposed to rise. And a brutal conspiracy is hatched. A conspiracy which will destroy the lives of the living and the existence of the dead. The stake of saving the living and the dead is up to them, Ankhesenpaaten and Tutankhamun. Betray

Fantasy / Drama
Heba Rashid
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Priestess Meritheka stood at the altar, waiting for the King and Queen. In the past week, the queen had given birth. Her third child, another princess of Lower Egypt. The child was to be first blessed by the High Priest of Aten ( Chief deity of Lower Egypt ), then by the priests and priestesses of Heka. A system which had been followed for ages Meritheka, felt deep pride in being a Priestess of Heka, for only the best of the best enchanters and enchantresses were produced in the temple of Heka.

But today Meritheka wore a serious expression on her face, reserved only for those times when she had a problem to solve. The reason for her thoughts was the infant princess.

The Queen had previously given birth to two other daughters. But none was born, when the stars wherein such a position. The princess was born during such an alignment of stars, that it had become a tussle for Meritheka to understand the young princess's destiny.

What she had inferred so far, was that the princess was supposed to be a precious asset of Egypt. She would become a woman of great knowledge. And at the same time, she was supposedly destined to face great pains in her life. Meritheka was befuddled to find such a complicated destiny.

π“Ž€π“‰” π“ƒ­π“Ž«π“²π“Šƒ 𓏲𓆑 π“Ž¦π“­π“‡―

The sound of footsteps echoed the down the empty halls of the polished obsidian temple of Heka. The priestess, Meritheka, straightened herself to greet the king. Within moments the king and the queen were in the inner sanctum, signalling the guards who had accompanied them to stay outside.

" Greetings, my lord and lady! " Meritheka bows to the king of Lower Egypt, Akhenaten and his chief wife, Queen Nefertiti.

Pharaoh Akhenaten, have had ruled Lower Egypt for quite a few years. He was a deeply spiritual man with a lean figure and a well-tempered mind.

Nefertiti, on the other, was as wise as she was beautiful. Her beauty was unlike any other in the entire world and her wisdom was compared to that of Goddess Isis.

" Did the High Priest named the princess, my lord ? " questioned Meritheka.

" Yes, Priestess. They have named my daughter, Ankhesenpaaten " said Akhenaten.

" ' Dedicated to Aten '! How befitting! Indeed. Indeed " smirked Meritheka

At that very moment, the little princess opened eyes crying, for she had for the first time in her week-old life had come to a place that was not the Memphis palace.

Meritheka took a step back as she saw the eyes of the little princess. Violet. Deep violet eyes. As deep as amethyst.

The prophecy! It was the first thought which crossed the priestess's mind.

But how could it be?

How could that be even possible?

" Priestess are you fine ?" asked the queen.

Meritheka regains her composure and smiles in the direction of the queen.

" So, what did you discover from the alignment of stars, priestess? What is my Senpa's destiny ?" the queen said, as she cradled the little girl.

" She was born to make her own destiny. Not even the stars could decide her fate ” Meritheka said before retreating further into the temple. The royal couple was bewildered.

What was Ankhesenpaaten's fate?

π“Ž±π“‚ π“Όπ“‚ž π“‚Ÿπ“‚π“†΅π“Œ™ 𓂝𓂋 π“Šƒπ“†°π“†³π“Šƒ

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