Element 9 : Prodigy

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A fiction fantasy sports story based on events taking place in an alternate dimension where humans have mastered the ability of using life energy / Aura

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1


Legendary – Rainbow – 1st element/level

Violet – 2nd element/level

Red – 3rd element/level

Ultra blue - 4th element/level

Saphron - 5th element/level

Blue – 6th element/ level

Yellow – 7th element/level

Green – 8th element/level

Common – White – 9th element/level

Chapter -1


‘Jake Roz – 2nd element’ I heard him register his name. ‘Oh! A violet…that’s a promising one’ I heard the man registering our names for the tournament say to his friends. They seemed to be happy having him in our academy . A violet.. does it even matter.

The line got shorter as each candidate registered for the tournament. And then came my turn. ‘Max Parzival – 9th element ‘ I said . The volunteers paused their procedure and started staring at me..examining me . ‘You are a common…and you want to register for the tournament??’ One of them said . They looked serious for a moment and the next…they started laughing at me . ‘You are one crazy kid you know that . I thought our students knew better…that humans born with common element don’t engage in battle events. You see…you people are just weak.’ He laughed . ‘That’s enough you guys.’ One of them gestured . How dare he…I could bet he looked down on me like I was nothing …just some pest. ‘Register me in you morons…am gonna win this. Unlike other commons…I’ve trained very hard to get stronger . This tournament is gonna be a piece of cake for me!’ I yelled at them.

Without giving a reply to my words…they made an innocent face and registered my name. I could bet on my life that they were trying to piss me off! I acted as if I don’t give a damn and continued to the waiting area. The tournament was about to start. I felt nervous . I had never engaged in a real battle . Only a few with bully’s and of course they beat me. Like hell..no wonder . Everyone knows your elemental strength increases with your age and also reaches its peek at our early 30’s . So I knew I would get stronger each day.. no doubt about it. I just had to train hard. A lot of thoughts gushed through my mind as I waited for the tournament to begin . This was a small tournament of kids my age..13 that is to Refine the kids who has the talent to give our academy a promising future and make them stronger . If I manage score good at this…they’ll definitely train me and make me stronger.

‘Trojan Styles – 9th element.’ I heard a boy say . ‘Are all these newbies crazy…hope you come to peace with the reality once you’r beat down to pulp.’ The volunteers said. ‘Yeah whatever.’ He replied as if he didn’t give a damn about what they said . He came up and sat next to me . I’ve never met this guy before..probably in another class . ‘Trojan..huh…nice meeting you.’ I said. ‘Hey! You look strong..maybe we’ll get a chance to fight in the tournament.’He replied . ‘Strong huh…You are common too aren’t you?’ I asked . ‘Yeah…oh you’r a common..cool.’ He said.

The look in his eyes changed. ‘So..we’r both the same I suppose. Bullied around cuz we’r the 9th element.’He said. ‘Yea’’it pissess me off like hell..am gonna show em how strong I am!’I got pumped up. Its really good when you know that someone truly understands how you feel . Though in this case…he probably feels the same. ‘I don’t know I think am weak …I just want to experience what all other kids feel like when they fight. Am not obsessed with winning and all.’He giggled…breaking my dreams of us getting stronger together in a second . ‘Hey what the hell…and I thought we were the same . If I face you in the tournament..I’ll beat the crap out of you …you moron!’I yelled at him as I stood up and walked away . I saw the referee preparing the first duel . It was about my begin . The event that will choose my future…my destiny.

A few minutes later..it was my turn . I stepped into the ring . ‘On the left..we have Max Parzival..And on the right..WE HAVE JAKE ROZ!! ‘ The referee screamed . I hate it when people treat higher elements as gods . The crowd started cheering for Jake . Am gonna kick his ass…I decided . ‘The first candidate to get their opponents power level below 50 …WINS THE MATCH!!’ He continued. ‘Current power level of the left candidate : 182 and that of right candidate : 567 .’ The referee announced . I could hear the crowd laughing and talking . Like they didn’t even care . Like they don’t give a damn who wins . To be precise..they looked sure of who will be the winner of this battle . They think I wont put up a fight . It pissess me off . ‘Am winning this You moron! I don’t care about you being a violet..I’ll kick your ass!!’ I yelled as soon as the referee announced the battle to begin.

I charged a full power punch . I aimed it right for his face . He stood there …not even trying to move . I saw him holding his index fingers in front of him. He was planning to do some advanced move . I’ve seen a lot of adults do that . I waved my hand for the punch . But all I did was punch into thin air . I searched for him . He had dodged to my right…he’s fast. I looked down…I could see his right leg on fire. I blinked my eyes to focus harder . THUDDD!!!he hit a roundhouse right on my abs. I was blinded . I couldn’t see anything . I couldn’t sense anything but fear . ‘AAaaaarghh!!’ I cried as I landed on the ground . I could hear faint voices of people speaking …But could understand none. And before I realized ..i had passed out.

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