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This is a story about Freya. This story is also about Sirus. Both the same. Some parts of this story might be triggering so please read with the knowledge that their will be death, suffering, sexual harassment, abuse, foul language, etc. Now, without further ado... “don’t leave me. come find me instead.”

Fantasy / Mystery
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Smell The Rain Today

“Can you hold me tight enough?”

In all of the darkness she laid there. Waiting patiently for her wolf. Her expectations were for him to come back, but it had been a while. Yesterday was the new moon, a day she was always there for. The hardest day of the month for him. He never showed.

Where is he? Did he get lost? A part of her wanted to go to sleep and dream he was back, the other part thinking she was already asleep. A coldness washed across her skin as if to warn her. Silence still filled the room. As she laid their on the bed a million questions flooded her mind, but only one stayed and lingered above all the rest. 𝑰𝒔 𝒉𝒆 𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒅?

Tears started to form in her eyes as she balled her hands into fists and closed her eyes in terror.

“no. Luna please no. “, her hands had started to shake and hysteria took over.

A loud gasp for air overpowered the silence as well as a symphony of shortened breaths that followed. She could feel an empty pit growing in her heart. It spread across her entire body and swallowed her entire being.

“LUNA PLEASE!”, she shouted in the tone of a beggar. “I will give up myself. I will give up anything. Everything. I need my wolf. Give him back to me. Return him home!”

Silence was all that came after her words of desperation. Tears fell one after another. Every emotion slowly started to fade away. Only the sound of one drop after another hit the windows. On either side of the bed was the growing and continual sound of raindrops on a window.

The door to the room creaked open and a whisper of a voice had escaped.

“Freya? Mom?”

Thank you to everyone who read this first chapter of my very first story!! I promise the chapters get a whole hell of a lot longer, but this was more of an introduction to the mysteries ahead!! Stay tuned for the upcoming chapters!
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