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Part 1

After marriage:

In Harshavardhan's House:

Anika : Uncle I have married according to your wish. Please come with me to oberoi mansion uncle. I can't leave you alone in this condition. Pls uncle...

Harshavardhan : No beta, when I have adopted you after my sister's death, I promised her that I will safeguard and secure you. I was worried about you when I came to know about my disease. Now you r in safer hands, I'm at peace now. Don't worry about me beta. I will take care of myself now. All the best for ur married life beta. You are very lucky to get a good hearted person like shivay as ur husband beta. Take care of him beta.

Anika (cries) : Uncle, pls come with us. Pls uncle....

Shivay enters her room to check whether she is ready.

Shivay : Anika, are you ready??

Turning to Harshavardhan,

Shivay : Uncle, you can also come with us to oberoi mansion. We cannot leave you alone here uncle.

Harshavardhan : No shivay. I will come and meet you whenever I feel beta. Don't worry. Take care of yourself and Anika beta.

Shivay : Uncle, don't worry about anika, I will surely take care that she remains happily smiling always. You pls join us uncle.

Harshavardhan : No beta. I wanna spend the remaining few days of my life by going pilgrimage. I have decided to go kedarnath after a week beta.

Shivay : Ok uncle. Pls think about living in oberoi mansion with us uncle. You are our only family uncle.

Harshavardhan : after coming from pilgrimage, I'll come beta.

Anika : (bends and take blessing) Uncle, take care of yourself. Just let me know if u need anything uncle. Eat properly and Take your medicines correctly uncle. Thennnnn

Harshavardhan : Arey Anika beta, stop stop!!! I will eat well, take medicine and sleep at correct time. Will go to doctor and take care... Now you take care of urself beta... Be Happy with shivay beta. My ashirwaad is always with you beta.

Shivay and Anika bids bye to Harshavardhan and leaves with Anika 's bag to oberoi mansion.

Harshavardhan wipes his tears and prays for their happy life.

At oberoi Mansion:

After rituals, Anika is made to go to shivay's room now anika's room too. She is made to sit in bed wearing a veil for suhaagraat.

Anika is feeling nervous thinking about suhaagraat.

Shivay enters their room after sometime.

He came locking the door. And sits beside Anika in bed.

Shivay : Anika, are you comfortable? I know Uncle has forced you into this relationship keeping his health as bait. I understand if you r not comfort.

Anika : Shi.. Shivayji... it's nothing like forcing. However someday I would have married someone of Uncle's choice. It's just that it was done earlier.

Shivay : Change ur dress Anika. We can take our relation to the next level when you are ready.

Anika : shi.... Shivayji... I'm sorry if i told something wrong... Shivayji...

Shivay : No no Anika... Nothing like that Anika... I just had softcorner for you hence I agreed for this wedding immediately. But you were clueless about me and wedding and u may not be comfortable...

Anika : ji...

And goes to washroom taking her night wears.

Shivay changes his clothes and come and lay in the bed in one side.

Anika come changing her clothes and lie in the bed other side.

Shivay : Good Night Anika!!

Anika : ( thinks when shivay said he has softcorner for her and blushes and hugs shivay's hands) Good night shivayji...

Shivay : (smiles looking at her hands) call me shivay Anika....

Anika : but..... Shivayji...

Shivay : only shivay... No ji... Come on...

Anika : shi... Shivay.... Ji

Shivay : No only shivay

Anika : shivay

Shivay : See it's so simple. Ok Anika!! Good night!!

Anika : Good night Shivay.

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