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Part 2

Next morning,

Shivay wakes up first feeling light weight on him.

He opens his eyes and looking at Anika sleeping hugging him tightly, he feels contented.

He gets up to freshen up without waking her up.

Anika wakes after some time, seeing the other side empty, she gets up confused. At the same time, shivay enters the room after freshening up.

Shivay : Good morning Anika.

Anika : Good morning Shivayji. Sorry I think I overslept...

Shivay : it's Shivay Anika... And nothing like that Anika, I was habituated of waking up early... That's it. You can sleep some more time if u want... No problem at all. It's our home... Only we r there.

I will go for jogging and come.

Anika : ok shivay.

After shivay leaves for jogging, Anika gets freshen up.

She goes to kitchen, prepares breakfast.

Shivay comes after jogging... Freshen up, got ready for office and came down.

Seeing Anika in kitchen preparing breakfast, shivay goes near her.

Shivay : Anika, why r u doing all this? There are maids to do all this.

Anika : No shivay. I wanna do all this by myself.

Shivay : come let's have breakfast. I have to go to office... You have my number right? U can call me at anytime if u need anything...

Anika : ok shivay. Take care. Have ur lunch without fail.

Shivay : ok ani. I guess I can call you as Ani.

Anika : sure Shiv😋.

Shivay : Ani, food is delicious. Feel like kissing the hands of the cook and gifts her a set of bangles.

Anika blushes and takes it thanking him.

After breakfast, shivay bids bye to Anika and leaves to office.

In car, shivay was in thoughts

Shivay (in mind) : I'm so happy today... Since the day I saw Anika, I wanna marry her. I just fell in love with her. Now she became my better half. I cannot say her that I love u since she is not completely comfortable around me. I just hope she falls in love with me soon.

In oberoi mansion, Anika was in thoughts

Anika (in mind) : shivay is very good. He wants me to be comfortable. He takes care of my consent in each and every thing. He told that he have softcorner for me. Do he like me? Is he my Prince Charming??

Somewhere :

A lady breaks all the things around her : Shivay got married... That Shivay is not sparing a glance on me but married that employees daughter....I will not leave that Harshavardhan and his daughter... My dreams, my love... Everything was snatched by those idiots... Ahhhhhhh

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