My brother's best friend

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Every time she smiled he couldn't help but stare, she was beautiful, she had pink plump full lips ' I would mind kissing them all day everyday' he thought. Every girl that met him threw herself at him but this one was different, she didn't even look at him, it's like he wasn't there. She was getting under his skin, he needed to have her and she was now a challenge he wanted. Jus to taste her once and this itch for her would go away little did he know fate had something in-store for him

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Chapter 1

After a long day at work, Edith decided to call Clara over

"I brought pizza" Clara held the box of pizza

"I have white wine" Edith offered , pouring in two wine glass . Having girls night was something they looked forward to and enjoyed. During the week, they had so much to do and rarely talked

"So, what are your plans for the weekend?"

"Am going to Vegas, Cody's birthday is around the corner and he wants me to visit". Edith hated traveling, especially leaving her work and friend

"Sweetie, you need to lose up. Don't let your work keep you from having fun and falling in love" Clara looked at her friend, she was always working her ass off and never let herself have fun " if its the company you're worried about, am here I'll take care of everything I'll keep you posted "

"Am not sure about this"

"I got you"

Cody had called to tell her that Lukas was would pick her up

"See, nothing to worry about" Clara smiled at her friend "let's get packing am helping you you because I love you" Clara helped Edith pack. Once they were done with packing, they watched movies, talked and fell asleep


I was done with my morning meeting, now I had to pick up Cody's best friend. He sent me the address last night and kept pestering me not to forget, I kept wondering what was special about this same girl. My phone ringing got me out of my thoughts, I looked at the screen and turned it off. I hd to get home first then I'd call her

I arrived at the house, parked my call and went to knock on the door. As I was about to knock the door flew open

" Hello are you Edith?"

"Hello, um she's upstairs. Come in am Clara" she held out her hand

"Lukas" she held my hand far too long "could you please tell her that Lukas is here and that we need to hit the road?" I didn't wanna be rude, I loved the effect I had on women. She was literally drooling

"Sweetie, your ride is here!" she shouted

I was checking my emails making sure everything was in good shape.

"Am ready to go, am Edith by the way"

I looked up from my phone just to look into her eyes, blue like the sky " Lukas" I held her hand. It was soft and I wondered if her entire body felt like

"Okay, Clara make sure you call me if something's up. I love you take care" Edith hugged her friend and whispered in in her ear 'stop drooling, you're embarrassing me' they both looked at each other and haughed

" Have fun" Clara told her friend....

"Anything else you need to do before we go" his voice was rough

"No... Am good"


I took a bottle of water, we had been on the road for three hours now. Cody texted every now and then, I got tired and fell asleep. I felt someone calling me and tapping my shoulder telling me I had to wake up

"Give me a few more minutes, I'll get up"

"I swear if you don't wake up am pouring water on you"

My eyes snapped open, and there he was

"Hai sleeping beauty" Cody smiled at me

"Hi Cody" he helped me out of the car and lead me to inside the house

" Jus so you know, mom's here"

"Why did you specifically leave out this detail when you texted me" not that I didn't like Mrs Santino, she's a very loving beautiful woman but the fact that she talked about getting married irritated me

"Don't worry, she's not going to play match maker" Cody led to to the room opposite his " freshen up and com down for dinner" he pecked her

After the shower, I decided to put on a little makeup, gloss my lips and tie my hair in a messy bun. I wanted to be comfortable so I went for a tank top and sweatpants.
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