Dark Shadows

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Luna has lived her whole life hiding in one town. Hiding from everyone and from herself. When 3 guys show up at her school able to see her life gets even crazier. Ozul, Caden, Cassius and Mika have been running for years from those hunting them. When they finally think they found a safe place for Caden, Cassius and Mika to finish school they stumble upon something strange. No one can see or remember Luna except the Chem teacher, them and one boy in Cassius class. Secrets start to be revealed that no one wanted in the open, lifes are changed and Luna has a choice to make that could end the pain for good.

Fantasy / Drama
Age Rating:

Day 1


Today is just one more day, if you can make it through one more day it will get better. Everyday I tell myself this. If I can just make it through one more day some avenging angel will rescue me from this fucked up existence I have been forced into. If I can make it through one more day he won’t touch me again, if I can make it through one more day the beatings will stop, one more day and I won’t be here anymore, one more day is all I need. I know it’s delusional but if I lose hope I lose everything. Eyes down but head straight, headphones to drown out the sound of my internal screaming, glazed expression but not slack, hair down but not styled, clothes simple but not trashy. I am forgettable. Every school has someone like me. Always there but no one knows your name, occupying a seat in class but only participating when there isn’t another way. I am the most bland person you will ever have the pleasure of never remembering. It has been this way since I was little and it will stay this way until I can escape, if I can escape.


First day at a new school is always fun, made doubly so by the fact that everyone seems to be into me. Ah yes, fresh meat. No one can stop staring at me but really, who can blame them? As much as I hate it I’m aware of how I look to them all. Perfect skin with an olive tint and completely blemish free. They don’t see the scars or marks of magic. Humans can’t see them unless I want them too and I don’t. Everything about me screams sensuality from my voice to my walk, hell even my smell is alluring. While I can’t stand the way they look at me I revel in the smells they are unknowingly throwing my way, some are more obvious. Someone in this room will soon have another piece of me I don’t want to give, decisions decisions. We have the busty bitches who are wearing barely enough to cover their asses and chests, I really fucking hope I don’t have to go there. The stylish sophisticated group, they can be a little too crazy for me. Shy mousy girls are very hard to get as they never believe me. The guys will be fun to toy with but usually take too long to convince. I can start now and will then have something ready for a few months from now. Hmmm that's interesting. The color of hair alone is strange. Purple is not something you see everyday, she does look a bit bored though. Oh and look at that, an empty seat near her. Goodie!

As I approach I unconsciously allow some of my features to sharpen. I haven’t eaten anything but rodents in months and it’s starting to show. Shit she smells amazing! A mix of lavender and something darker. Mmmm I want to know what that tastes like. “Hello there madam, may I have this seat?” I say with a flourish because it’s always more fun when I can be myself at a school. Her hair is cascading down her back in waves the color of dark purple with lighter strands standing out vividly, her skin is pale with adorable freckles coating most of her nose and cheeks but what is the most captivating are her eyes. A glittering brown stares back at me with a look that can see straight through my soul and into the very essence of who I am. It’s only for a couple seconds but I swear she steals all of my secrets with those eyes before trying, and failing, to hide them behind her hair. Those same eyes seem alert and alarmed for an instant before going back to the bored expression she had on earlier. “Sure.” The lithe of a soprano slips out and glides through the air. Shit, she is captivating. This one would probably be divine but she would have me wrapped too quickly. I learned the hard way not to get attached to one person for well, anything really. All through class I watch her and the others around us. Everytime she shifts that alluring smell gets headier and by the end of the hour my mouth is watering. Shit!


Who is this? I know everyone here and I don’t know him. No one sits next to me. I put off enough coldness and disinterest that no one wants to. That’s the way it has to be. Except, he is sitting by me. Olive skin with a smattering of small pale marks, ashy black hair, smooth perfected grace that’s what he is. I wonder where the scars came from but they show that he’s got a past. Well, that’s all he is if you don’t look in his emerald colored eyes. The tragedy hidden within is only outshone by the fire inside them. What that fire is for or where the sorrow is from I have no idea but it creates a captivating look. They are made more magnificent by the black rimmed square glasses that sit high on his nose. This man is pure beauty. All through history I study him. Mrs. Gelm says his name is Mika. It’s a name that seems to fit his large presence. Mika doesn’t seem to pay attention most of class. I don’t know why I’m noticing things about him that don’t matter. Size and appearance matter because I can categorize him and avoid him easier. This man has been through Hell and I want to know if it’s similar to my own.

The rest of the morning goes by fairly normal. We had sectionals in band today so I had the chance to just metally escape and play. No one notices me. It’s a testament to my invisibility skills that they don’t. I mean, my hair is purple and I don’t mean the box dyed ‘I think this would look cool’ kind. No, my hair is naturally purple. Trust me I say ‘What the FUCK’ on a daily about it. My hair has been a constant source of daily torture for years but no matter what it always grows back purple. Finally time for lunch. Head down, small smile as I grab food, quiet thank you. Okay now seat… seat… WHO THE FUCK IS IN MY SEAT?!?! Shit, shit, shit not good. That was the only table with a seat that no one could come behind. WHO willingly sits in the corner away from everyone? Fuck now he’s looking at me!


Amazing. The people here are simply amazing. They are easily captivated by Mika which is great. He won’t have to struggle for food. Ozul shouldn’t even have problems. Maybe Cassius and I can rest finally. That would be nice. I couldn’t take much more of the last place. Lunch time. Back table hidden away where I can survey the room. This place is filling up fast but no one comes back here. I’ve been lucky so far today and haven’t had too many people try to talk to me but this is a cafeteria. I’m sitting here watching everyone to see if anyone usually sits here when I see her. Well not really her but her aura. It’s brilliant. Swirling purple, gold and silver with clouds of black smothering parts. For a few seconds, I just follow her with my eyes until she starts to walk towards me. Let me rephrase, starts to walk towards the table, that is, until she sees me. The anger and sheer panic that plays across her face stills my heart for a beat. She stopped just close enough that I could see the rich dark chocolate color of her eyes. Crap, is this her table? Did I already scare her?

After what feels like eons she breaks the painful stare she is sending my way and walks away. When I go to stand Mika grabs my shoulder. “Hey man! How’s the first day going?” There’s an edge to his voice. Did he notice the stare down? Is there something I should know? “Fine, yours?” I ask while trying to cover the shaking now present in my voice. What is wrong with me? I never get this affected by someone. I haven’t even talked to this girl, fuck I don’t even know what color her hair is I was too entranced by her aura and eyes.

“Oh, well I have 99% of the female population drooling already and 70% of the guys questioning their sexuality so I would say good. There is this one maiden I am confused by though. She appears to not notice me which makes no sense. I mean it’s a nice change but damn it she smells insanely good.” The exasperation is evident in his hands as they curl into themselves. “Well,” I start “have tried talking to her? I don’t mean like flirting I mean saying hi?” I quickly finish as he looks at me dumbfounded. “Of course I tried to say hi! All she did was turn away and fiddle with her headphones that she appears to never fucking take out. I can’t even get her damn name because no one seems to know who the fuck I’m talking about. She has purple hair! How fucking hard is it to notice purple fucking hair?!” He finishes with a grumble.

Shit Mika has it bad. “I need to stay away from her. The eyes, fuck, her eyes can see through your soul and peel away everything in you. She’s dangerous.” Mika seems to be extremely reluctant about this fact. He starts rambling on about this girl that’s already throwing herself at him so I don’t see a need to reply further. That’s one of the great things about Mika, if you let him go long enough you never even have to respond. I can wonder about my mind as I please.


His eyes. They were like mine but not. Ice blue with something else I couldn’t tell from so far away but I did see the agony. The agony that mirrored my own, how can someone else know that pain. Why? Why must there be someone else? Isn’t my own suffering enough for this awful world? These questions swirl through my head while I eat in the cut out corner by the library. One after the other, more than I can take before I want to scream. Don’t scream. Screaming brings attention, breathe. As I focus on forcing oxygen slowly into my lungs footsteps round the corner. Shit! More people, I am so fucking done with people today!

“I'm scared of what is in my head. What's inside my soul. I feel like I'm running, but getting nowhere. Fear is suffocating me I can't breath I feel like I'm drowning, I'm sinking deeper White light fades to red. As I enter the City of the Dead” The lyrics to City of the Dead by Eurielle flow from the sweetest, smoothest voice I have heard in these halls. Not only is it a shock to hear someone down this hall but also that this voice belongs to a person. As the voice draws closer I don’t think about how I don’t want to be seen or talk to anyone. I’m too captivated by the song.

For a moment I think it’s the man from the lunch room. Same jet black floppy hair. Same paper pale skin. Same blue eyes, but not the same. The agony isn’t there. There is no pain present in this man. No no, only warmth. He exudes sunshine as if he’s made of a fucking rainbow. For some reason I can’t stop staring at him as he sings and passes.

“HI!” SHIT! He saw me! Fuck I can’t be rude. “Hi” I say back quickly and quietly. “My name is Cassius. I happen to be new and lost as hell. Funny since it’s called Hellemont. Anyway, can you by chance show me where the lunch room is?” He says with a dimpled smile. This guy is adorable. I think he could make the most unhappy person ever smile. “Um” Wait why am I even considering this? What. Am. I. Doing?! “I guess I can show you…” I trail off to make it sound like I really don’t want to. I don't, right? No I don’t. Nope. Nada. Bad idea Luna very bad run away. Fuck it, oh well I’ll just show him then dip. “Soooo what’s your name Lovely or should I just call you that?” He asks with a laugh as my internal panic grows louder in my head. “Um,” tell him or not, tell him or not, fuck it. “I’m Luna” His smile widens so far I think his face will split in half. “Well, Luna, it is wonderful to meet you!” I think he actually means that.

As we approach the lunch room doors I go to turn back to my spot “Wait! Do you want to sit with my friends and I? Please?” he pleads. Fuck. “I don’t really do the whole... people thing. Thank you for the invite but, I just don’t think that’s a good idea…” I stammer out while trying not to look like I’m on the verge of a panic attack even though I am. Deep breath. In. Out. Okay look him in the eyes and say no then walk away. I pull my head up and come face to face with puppy dog eyes. This man is fucking pouting! What the fuck? I can feel my resolve softening but can’t seem to look away from the ice blue pools. Gold. They have gold flecks in them. “Are you pouting? Seriously? Damn it I… Fuck….. Fine!” I groan because we both know he won with that move. The smile that breaks his pout has me seething because it’s obvious he wasn’t upset at all just a moment ago. I’m just glad those fucking puppy eyes are gone.

When I open the lunch room doors I remember the reason I was in the hall. The man in my seat. Who looks almost exactly like Cassius. Coincidence? I think not. “So um” I start quietly “you wouldn’t happen to have a brother would you?” the ending may have squeaked a bit but I got it all out. “Ya his name is Caden, the two of us and our… cousin started today. Why?” Well fuck, this day is just getting better and better. “Oh no reason I just thought I saw someone who looked like you here before I met you in the hall.” I let my voice float off quietly. Shit.


Her aura. Hot damn! There are no words for the beauty that swirls around her so beautifully. So in all honesty, I totally knew where the lunch room was. I just couldn’t figure out why this lovely girl was hiding in a corner instead of around people so I lied. Sue me. No shits are given by me. She’s amazing up close. Purple hair with lighter streaks, deep pools of brown for eyes seem to be able to trap your soul, the cutest freckles dance across her nose on top of skin almost as pale as mine. Why is she so scared? What has caused this person to fear people so much. Luna is a name that seems to fit her. Mysterious and entrancing like the moon itself.

As we approach the table my brother and Mika are at she hides further within herself. I can’t even hear her footsteps. “Hey guys!” I say with a big wave taking my seat across from Caden. “This is my new friend Luna, play nice.” I add the last part with a hard look at my brother. He’s a grumpy shit that can be a bit much to get used to at first not as bad as Ozul but close. I don’t think my warning was necessary though because he can’t seem to tear his eyes away from hers. He doesn’t even seem to be looking at her arua, have they already met? That would explain her question earlier. I’ll have to ask him later. Mika pipes up “Hey I know you! You’re in my history class, we sat next to each other.” The smile on his face is almost comical. “Now that I know your name, Luna, we can have a proper conversation.” Gross, I do not want to be present when that occurs. I don’t think the tone of his voice is intentional, he hasn’t had a real meal in a while.

Luna doesn’t seem to be falling all over herself for Mika though, which in itself is odd. “Um, no that-that’s okay. I don’t really talk much…” Luna trails off and looks away. She seems almost terrified of what she will say. I want to help this girl. No one deserves to be scared in the way she is.


She’s back. My brother seems to have found the mystery girl from Mika’s class and the one who is scarred like me. Mika’s charm doesn’t seem to cut it for her though. Luna may come off as scared and shy but this girl, she looks you in the eyes. Her voice and body language scream terrified animal but there’s something, almost defiant in her shadowed and broken eyes. That small bit of defiance is what spurs something in me.

I blame those eyes for my actions because obviously rational thought took a backseat for the rest of lunch. “I saw you. You were here before. Why did you leave?”. Luna shrinks into herself “I um, I sit there normally. No one really sits back here so I was just a little uh shocked?” Here? She sits here? Fuck. I stand and offer her the seat. “No no! It’s okay, I’m okay here…” I have seen her glance over her shoulder 7 times in the 6 minutes she has been here. I call bullshit. I pick up her chair and move it over to the space I was in. The squeak she lets out is almost alarming with how high pitched it is but doesn’t stop me from sitting next to her. “Caden!” Cassius says in exaperation, I don’t give a fuck. This is better. She can see everyone and they can’t get behind her. “Thanks but I was fine.” Luna grumbles at me. I smirk, happy I could get her to show something besides that fucking fear.

Through the rest of lunch Mika and Cassius jaber about nothing important. Cassius tries to pull Luna into the conversation a few times to no avail. Mika continues to try and flirt with her but only succeeds in making Luna withdraw further into herself. I know they have both caught me looking at Luna far too many times and I will probably be answering questions later. Fucking great, I hate talking and shit. In one of my almost creepy level glances I notice that her long sleeves have spots of dark on them that weren’t there earlier. Is she bleeding? I’ll have to ask Mika after lunch. Why would her arms have small blood spots on them?

Luna looks terrified when she sees her arms. Has she been scratching them? I start to lean closer to get a better look when she stands up so fast the chair hits the wall and she throws her arms behind her back. “I’m a- I’m going to go. Class and all…” Luna’s voice is shaking and her face has lost what little color it has. Cassius looks like he wants to bolt her to the chair so she doesn’t leave. “What class do you have next?” Mika pipes up. “Um oh just AP chemistry.” She murmurs as she runs off. Good, I’ll see her there.


Fuck! I scratched my arms too much sitting with them now the spots are bleeding again fuck fuck fuck. I duck into the bathroom stall and start pressing toilet paper to the worst bleeding marks. I hate this. I hate him for doing this to me. Cigarette burns, the most recent ones from just last night. Those are the bleeders, any from the last week are spotting my arms up and down. I can’t go to class like this. The whole reason I can go unnoticed is because I don’t do anything noteworthy. SHIT! I sit down on the toilet to breathe. I can’t deal with a panic attack now. Breathe, breathe, in, out. FUCKING BREATHE ALREADY!!! Okay. Okay no big deal I have a jacket in my bag. Okay I can just leave that on for the rest of the day. See calming down allows you to think Luna. There, jacket on. Headphones on and music blaring. Currently it’s I’m Not An Angel by Halestorm. Nice. Off to class now and no one will know.


I find it ironic that I have to go to fucking history just when the present is getting good. Caden seems to take a liking to our dear Luna. Yep, she’s ours we need more friends and I think she does too. I walk into the classroom replaying what happened after she ran off.

Mika was about to get up and follow her when Caden grabbed his arm. “No.” That’s it. Huh? Mika looked bewildered “What the hell do you mean ‘No.’ I’m not letting her run from me again damn it!”. I almost can’t keep up with these two. She ran from Mika? “Wait, wait what do you mean again?” I asked him. “No one knows who she is! I can’t find anyone who knew who I was talking about after describing her! I haven’t met ANYONE who knows her!” Mika looks a little scared and I might be too. How does no one know her?

Caden lets out a throaty groan. “Mika, no. You can’t follow her right now. Man, YOU should know that right now. She left here terrified and I think she was bleeding. If no one knows her I’m willing to bet that’s by her design. Honestly I’m surprised she sat here at all based on what you’ve said. She didn’t relax for even one second sitting here. Leave. Her. Be.” Holy shit! Bleeding? Where was she bleeding? Caden rarely spoke when it was just us let alone in public, this must be extremely important to him.

I got to history with a few minutes to spare, which meant I had time to find a seat that wasn’t taken. I see a lanky guy with unruly hair sitting by himself and go over. “Hey man, anyone sitting here?” I ask pointing to the chair near him. He looks at me curiously from aqua pits that sparkle. Damn the man is pretty, I love them that way. “Um nooooo?” He draws out the no beautifully. The look on his face is so confused I have to laugh. “New” I say pointing to myself with a smirk. Something seems to click in his eyes. “That explains why you sat with Luna.” He says almost to himself. My head whips up at her name. I thought Mika said no one knew her!

A deep chuckle rumbles through his chest. “Let me guess, no one knows who the fuck she is and you can’t figure out why?” he looks at me with a knowing glint. “Yeah, actually, why is that?” I ask, if he knows of her he might KNOW her. “I was new last year. We were lab partners for the first part of the year until she freaked on me. She’s pretty cool as long as she’s not around people and you don’t touch her. I had grabbed her arm one day to ask her if she could help me study, the girl is crazy smart, and she started wailing on me. I walked around with two black eyes and a split lip but when I told people what she did no one knew who I was talking about except the chem teacher who helped get her away from me. I tried apologizing to her but when she sees me she runs, like actually runs away. Be careful with that one.” The dude looks super upset by the end but I have to ask. “If she was your lab partner why couldn’t you tell her then?” as I finish his face almost crumbles. I love the way he shows his emotions, I know, not the point right now but still. “She switched classes by the next day. I don’t know how she did but she did.”

Damn she really is good at avoiding. “Yep she is” he says grimly. Did I say that out loud? “What is your name man?” I ask him. If I’m going to crush on the guy's eyes I should at least know his name. “Phoenix Osiris, you can call me Nix though.” He says with a small grin. “I’m Cassius Anglo and I can’t wait to get to know you better.” I say with a wink. Yes, I’m being obvious but damn this guy is awesome so far. The shock on Nix’s face is adorable. “Oh, oh um ya me t-too...” he trails off as the teacher walks in.


She walked in with less than a minute to spare. I can’t see if it was blood because now she’s wearing a fucking jacket. Damn it! I did guess right though. She doesn’t have a lab partner. Mr. List put me with Luna but told me I could change after a week if I wanted. What the absolute fuck? This teacher seems to be the only one to acknowledge Luna as more than a name on the list. She hasn’t spoken all class, then again, neither have I. I fiddle with my lip ring while listening to him talk about the lab we are doing. Extracting caffeine from energy drinks. Neat.

As we get started I lean over to grab something I accidentally on purpose brush her arm and Luna flips. Her eyes are wild and skin flushed, her hands are also already in fists. Shit! What did I do? Say something Jackass! “I-” I start but am distracted by her aura. The black is moving and is so thick I can almost taste it. I think she finally realized where she was because her face drains of all color. “I’m- I’m so-o sor-rry um I uh, let’s just finish this” Luna stutters out between heaving breaths. Fuck! “Okay, sorry” I manage to say with my mind working a thousand miles a minute. She didn’t say anything the rest of class and made a point to stay far enough away so that we wouldn’t touch. Fuck.


After chemistry the rest of the day was closer to normal. The only difference was if I had a class with one of the new guys they sat near me. We never talked which I was happy about but their presence did garner quite a bit of attention. Lucky for me they are extremely attractive so most people didn’t seem to notice me. After school got out I hurried home to make sure I was there before Lila and Hector got back. If I was there first I could make dinner before He started in on me. They needed to eat so I had to be there.

By the time I had the veggies grilling and tortillas warmed for the fajitas Hector had come bounding into the kitchen from school. “Luna!” the tiny eight year old squealed when he saw me. His blond hair flopped shamelessly against his tan, olive toned skin. “Lulu!!! Ms. Higs gave me an A in science! Thank you so so so much sissy!” Hector finished while clutching my side. “Can I have a cookie please!!!!” Those blue gray eyes widened and he knew he had me. I won’t lie this little boy has me wrapped around his finger and he knows it. I scrunch my face at him as I hand him one of the mint cookies from the jar.

As Hector happily munches on his cookie I double check the veggies. I don’t want them to burn. “You better eat dinner Hec, I made fajitas for you guys.” I say with a smirk, anytime I make anything with grilled peppers he eats as much as possible. I watch his head jerk up from my peripheral vision as he starts to do a little happy dance that consists of him bouncing up and down while shaking his butt. “By the way Hec, where’s Lila?” I ask him. They usually walk home together.

“Ohhhh ya, Lila got in trouble at school. Some boy ripped her shirt and she hit him.” Hector says as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I freeze. She got in trouble, that means He had to go down there, which means He’ll be home early. Shit! I had homework tonight! Wait, did Hector say someone ripped her shirt? I can only think of a couple of reasons that would happen and neither of them are good. I might have to go beat some middle schoolers.

I have already started plating everything by the time Lila and He get back. It may only be 4:30 but if the slamming of the door is any sign tonight is going to be long and it’s a good thing they have food already. Lila makes a beeline for her room, her white hair flowing behind her. “Luna! Go get your fucking sister for her dinner then meet me in my office!” He snarls at me, his dim blue eyes filled with rage and his tan skin flushed bright red. Unfortunately, this is his normal appearance around me. “Yes, sir” I say quickly and rush down the hall to Lila’s room. I don’t think he deserves the respect of ‘sir’ but I learned a long time ago how to address him to receive minimal punishment.

The door is cracked open slightly so I just push it open and go sit on her bed near where a Lila shaped lump is. “Sweetie, I know it’s hard and I’m sure that what happened today was awful but you need to come eat.” I say gently. Her grey stormy eyes stare back at me from the top of her blanket. “Why don’t you come out and tell me what happened, Li?” my voice is soft and calm as I brush the hair off of her beautiful, clear sepia skin. “What did the boy do to you?” my mind is spinning with all of the worst things imaginable. Lila just stares at me with tears running down her face.

“James tried to grab me like Mr. Liam grabs you, I remembered you telling me to not let anyone do that to me so I punched him. Mr. Bright said I was lying and Mr. Liam thinks I asked him to. I’m not lying and I don’t like James. Why would I want him to grab me? Lulu, I don’t want him to touch me again.” The tears keep flowing as I pull her into my arms. “Lila, no matter what they say you know the truth and now I do too. You did the right thing baby, no one gets to touch you that you don’t want to. I promise that as long as I’m around you will never be put through the touching in this house, I promise you Lila.” I’m crying by the end. “I love you Li, always to infinity, now why don’t you go eat before Hector takes all the peppers.” I give one more squeeze as I finish, I hate that someone tried to hurt my sister and this boy better hope I never meet him.

Lila starts to get up and straighten her clothes, she’s wearing her gym shirt, when she turns to me, “Luna, are you eating with us tonight?” Her face is so hopeful even with her eyes still full of unshed tears, I hate being the one to hurt her. I look at her calmly and state the truth “No Li, Mr. Liam wants me in his office once you get into the kitchen. So you know the drill, Eat, homework, shower, music. And-” ''-don’t let Hector hear it. I know Luna. I’m sorry sissy.” She gives me a big hug. “It’s alright sweetie, I just wish you didn’t have to hear it either. I love you Li, give Hec a hug for me.” I smooth her hair one more time and head off to deal with the beast that claims guardianship of us.


Ever since Caden told us about how jumpy Luna was my brain has been spinning. Cassius had to rush off right after school but told everyone that we needed a meeting when he and Ozul got back. I think it has to do with Luna. I want to know what makes her so different. “Mika, Caden meeting downstairs!” Ozul yelled up the stairs when they got home. Honestly, I don’t understand why he yells. It’s not like we couldn’t hear his loud ass coming in!

As we amble downstairs I keep trying to figure out what makes this girl so special. The stairs are a rich mahogany, that I would bet is the original, and nearly silent when you use them. Boxes clutter the floors showing the evidence of our recent move. We’re all a little hesitant to unpack, seeing as we have moved so much recently. Avoiding Ozul’s dad while also dodging Caden and Cassius’s has made everything slightly more difficult than it needs to be. Ozul says this place is safe but still, old habits die hard.

I hit the kitchen first assuming that’s where we’re meeting. Everyone in this house loves to fill their stomachs so it makes sense. The black granite counter tops gleam in the afternoon sun from the window by the sink. The slamming of the refrigerator door pulls me out of my head, “Hey Cass, how was the mission?” I ask, snatching the orange out of his hand. The tangy sweetness assaults the air as I peel the fruit. “Eh, it was a mission.” He says grabbing another orange from the fridge as Ozul comes stomping in.

His black eyes shining from the high of a mission. “Meeting time! First and foremost, the deal is solidly in place so we are safe for at least a year as long as we keep our noses clean.” Ozul states just before taking a big bite of an apple from the counter. Caden looks over at him before snarkily asking “Yeah and when exactly will we know anything about this deal? Before or after it blows up?” “Why haven’t you learned yet Cade? Our fearless leader here will tell us his grand plan right AS it explodes in our face!” I reply cheekily because damn it! It’s true. I love the man like a brother but he is absolutley fucking awful at communicating! “No you shit head! You’ll find out when you need to!” Ozul growls back at us with glittering eyes. “Testy testy oh Dark One” Cass snickers behind a glass of water.

The scowl on Ozul’s face could easily make anyone else drop to the ground, dumbass should know that doesn’t touch us. “Look, back on the fucking topic. We are secure, the mission for today was a success, lastly school. Caden go.” He barks at all of us as we try to control our laughter. “Well-” Caden starts only to stop and have to begin again. “Well, it was highschool I don’t know what you expect man.” My mind immediately jumps to Luna. She had a smell that was unlike anything and no one knew who she fucking was. “Okay,” I start, “it may have just been highschool but can we please talk about that Luna girl?” I ask, eating the last slice of my orange.

My mind is spinning with possibilities. “This girl, fuck, her smell it’s, mmmm, intoxicating.” I groan out, fucking Hell, if I have to be around that sweet darkness shit maybe even being away from the smell, I might lose my mind. “Ok so Mika has a crush, next?” Ozul’s face looks slightly disappointed in me which, honestly, he usually is. “Nah, I’m with Mika here. No one can see her, she has purple hair and what is up with her aura? Like, I’m talking swirling purple and darkness a little like yours’ man, it’s very angry.” Cassius jumps in pointing to Ozul .“I actually learned something interesting about her from a guy who moved here last year. Side note: This guy is Mmm-Mmmm good!” Cass’s face starts to flush until he clears his throat and continues. “Anyway, turns out Nix moved here last year and knows, kind of, Luna. He was her lab partner until she freaked on him one day. The next day she's out of that class and won't stop to talk to him. No one knows who he's talking about or seems to see her except him and now us." Cass says taking a drink from his glass. "And the AP chem teacher." Caden mutters.

The look on Caden’s face as he said that spoke much louder than his words. He thought there was something very wrong here and it most likely had to do directly with Luna. Ozul snapped his head up suddenly, “What was the girl's last name and the Chem teachers’ name? Also that kid you talked to, I need names!”, he progressively got louder as he spoke. Cassius looked shocked, we haven’t seen Ozul get this worked up in a while.

It may seem like he doesn’t really care to most but any emotion is a sign he is losing his mind. Oz has the worst ice wall around his heart. “Um, his-his name was Phoenix Osiris.” Cass stutters out with a cautious glance at Oz. “He didn’t seem like anything to do with this world…. I-I’m hoping he’s normal. I need normal!” The way Casss’ voice broke made my heart hurt. This is the same person who has the ability to make even Caden smile sometimes’ Ozul as well. If anyone deserves normal it’s him. Caden jumps in before anyone can comment on Cassiuss’ loss of composer, “She never gave her last name and I couldn’t find anyone who knew. The teacher might but wait until you hear this bullshit. Chem teacher is Garver List, I looked him up right after class since he was the only one I knew of at the time to see her. He moved here five years ago, single, 29 and has no connections anywhere.” Caden paused “I don’t just mean in the AHD, I can’t find any normal connections either. It’s as if this guy doesn’t really exist.” Cade’s face grew stormier as he spoke until a single look could have paralyzed anyone in his path. “This fucking guy had the nerve to look at me and say that after this week I could move if I wanted to! Does this ass want her alone?!” Caden. Was. Pissed! I haven’t seen him this mad in a while. I wonder what happened to make him this involved. Usually if it doesn’t involve one of us he doesn’t give a single fuck.

Ozul looks worried about all of the information we are learning. I would be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t. Caden is pissed, Cassius is confused, Ozul is worried. We are so fucked! I don’t know what is up with this girl but the four of us will find out. There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. Luna I hope you’re ready because your secrets are about to come out.


Mother swore this place was safe what the fuck? It’s day 2 here and I’m dealing with disappearing girls, no connection teachers and one kid who knows more than anyone else! How the FUCK is that safe? After the meeting I’m pacing my room trying to decide if we need to leave again. I was hoping we had found somewhere for at least a few months, the guys need to finish school at least.

I yank my phone off the charger and call my mother. She better have some fucking answers. After about three rings she picks up, “Hello sweetie, you really shouldn’t be calling me so soon I don’t want anyone to find a pattern.” she starts in on the usual rant. I know she loves me and wants what’s best but after almost a decade of this she should know that if I’m calling it’s for a damn reason. “Well Mother, I wouldn’t be except it seems we have a problem,” I can tell that if I’m not careful I might lose it on her and I don’t know if she’s at fault yet. “I’m told that in this town, that you assured me was safe and free of any of our usual problems, is not quite so safe. I have a girl whom no one but my family and two others can seem to remember, a teacher who has no record from before five years ago on any database and then another student who transferred here last year and is mysteriously the only one besides this teacher and us who can see this girl. Would you care to explain how exactly fucked we are and how you failed to mention any of these things to me when choosing a place? From where I’m standing it looks like you set us up and I’m going to have to move again very quickly to avoid being caught by either Micheal or Abaddon. Would you care to explain to me how this happened Mother?” I’m heaving each breath by the end of my rant and I know if I was to look in a mirror eyes would be red. I know I might seem a little harsh but I am so fucking tired of running from these two assholes. I won’t let anything happen to my family, no matter what.

The line is silent for what feels like hours but is probably only a couple minutes as Mother processes everything I’ve just told her. “Ozul” she starts with a slight tremble in her voice “What exactly were the names of these people?” my mother is never scared but the sound of her voice is extremely unsettling. “The kid is Phoenix Osiris and the teacher goes by Garver List. I don’t believe this is his real name but it’s the one we have right now. The girl is only known as Luna right now. I was going to look into her more after I found out exactly what you know about this mess.” I know I sound bitter as Hell but so what. It’s at least fitting. Mother starts to speak very slowly, almost as if she’s trying to control herself “Ozul, I need you to tell me everything you know about this girl. I can not stress how important this could be. If this girl is using this type of magic she could be a threat and if someone is using it on her then it may be worse.”

I’m starting to get worried now. When I called I was pissed and tired but wasn’t really thinking of the level of magic that must be being used if most people can’t see her or remember her. “The guys said her name was Luna. She apparently has purple hair and smells incredible to Mika. Caden also said that her aura was purple, black and angry. He compared it to mine. The only other thing I know is that she doesn’t take being touched well and has a teacher covering for her. He offered to let Caden switch lab partners before anything happened and I’m willing to bet he helped move her out of a class last year after an incident with the other student I named.” My mind is racing trying to connect anything about what I know of her to anything in the Abnormal Human Directory. I have all of the creature descriptions from there memorized. I wish I saw her for myself. If I had I might know what kind of danger we were in here.

“Ozul, I need you to listen to me very closely. Do not let anyone get involved with this girl. You should probably have them avoid the teacher as well. I don’t know about the other kid so just be careful. I need to look into something but if this girl is who I think she is being close to her could put you in a danger that nothing has prepared you for. I love you boys, goodbye.” Mother hung up before I could ask her who she believes this girl to be. Things could get tricky. The guys already seem to be interested in her. What is worse though, revealing who is helping them hide or risking getting close to danger. I honestly have no idea.

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