The Dark Angel

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Jaxon is sent out to kill Paris, the descendant of the mortal enemy Quinn, for him to be recognized as worthy to be in Heaven. Instead he is turned against all of his colleagues and is faced with the biggest decision that can affect everything and everyone. As they fight to be together without any hassle, everyone is against it. Their love is built off of lies and deceit, both sides holding secrets, will true love prevail overall? 

Fantasy / Romance
Kelly Peterson
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There has been rain, and dark skies for what has seemed like an eternity. Ever since she came into my life I haven't been able to get over it. She has changed me. Just the thought of her… No, I must vow never to fall in love with her. At least not when she is this much in danger, and I’m so bad for her. I must take heed in my own duties and try to regain my wings back. But if that means doing her harm then I don’t know if I can complete this task.

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