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Katy’s voice wafted out. She did scream and spring up from the seat she was sitting on, not impressed a bit with Rooney. “Shut up, Rooney,” she had said. Her residence was revealed to show Rooney on his feet too, both now facing each other. Rooney had let Katy in on what his mind had for her.

“What do you think you’re talking about?” Katy went on to ask. “You must be really out of your mind. Tell me you’re.”

“I’m not,” Rooney’s retort came on. “And I guess it’s not a crime for me to let you know my true feelings.”

Katy saved her response for a while. This then gave room to silence, which pervaded and took over, as she carefully observed Rooney who was now looking away, looking decided about his intents. The silence was not to last for long because Katy’s response eventually came in and struck it off.

“Maybe your mother hasn’t told you yet,” she said. Her tone was calm this time.

“I know where you are going,” Rooney replied fast.

“Great! It’s so good you know.”

“Does it matter?”

“Of course.”

“I don’t think it does.”

“I changed your diapers and bathed you for God’s sake.” Rooney’s next response did not come until a smile had flickered off his face. A smile as fast and brief as lightening, carrying with it a flash of his enormous disagreement with the reason which Katy had adduced.

“Nothing can be new under the sun,” was his reply. Katy’s yelling tone then followed.

“Come on, Rooney, stop fooling yourself.”

“I’m not,” Rooney retorted and now faced Katy again.

“Now what do you want me to do since you insist on sounding ridiculous?”

“I know you already do.”


“You love me.” Katy smiled.

“Of course I do,” she responded, and also went ahead to tell Rooney she carried him in her arms when he was so tender, and played her part to ensure he grew up healthy and strong. “It would be inhuman to hate you,” she concluded.

“Thanks,” Rooney began his response. “I must let you know I appreciate every bit of it.”

“That is wonderful.”

“But my heart keeps yearning for more.”

“It had better stop!”

“It can’t just stop!”

“What you’re asking for is impossible, Rooney. It can’t just be. Can’t you get it?”

“Get what?”

“Come on... Don’t make it seem as if it will take you a century to do. We are different.”

“So you think? I don’t think so.”

“Rooney, you’re eighteen if I’m not making a mistake. You’re eighteen, right?”


“And I’m twenty eight. Mathematics tells us correctly that if eighteen is taken away from twenty eight, ten remains.”

“This is not a math class.”

“Ten years, Rooney. I’m ten years older.”

“Ten is just a number.”

“No. Can’t you see it?”

“I see no obstacle at all. Love creates a will that simply does not recognise obstacles.”

Katy had to resort to silence. She began to saunter from one end of the room to another, obviously impressed by fine display of guts from the eighteen year old before her. He certainly knows how to stand his ground so well, Katy thought. She nodded as she sauntered. Her nods said nothing but ‘bravo to Rooney’, whom she finally walked up to and gave his right shoulder a gentle tap that said, ‘I admire your courage’.

“I can see strong intent,” Katy broke the silence. “I can see sparks of determination. You can channel that into your ambitions and make the most of life. Won’t you?”

“You are one of my ambitions,” Rooney sounded firm, in such a way that Katy got startled.

“Please go away,” she begged. But Rooney had now become a rock that would never budge.

“Seeing you become my wife with time will complete the great success I will become.”

“Please go away,” Katy said again. “Stop daydreaming,” she further uttered after she had smiled.

“You can even call it wishful thinking but I can’t stop loving you, Katy.”

Katy threw a glance at Rooney, and went to sit down at once. She then held her head in her hands. She was in deep thought, as Rooney’s last words had struck her, leaving her grappling with a struggle deep down. “Stop tearing me apart!” Katy yelled all of a sudden.

“I’m not,” Rooney said, and went towards Katy, his intent being to hold her hands. He did not get to do that, as Katy’s next yell got him startled. He had to hold back his steps as a result. “I’ve not come to hurt you,” he managed to say.

“Stay away! Just stay away! Stay away from me! Rooney, don’t you have ears?”

“I can’t!”

“This won’t just work, okay? That is it! It won’t just work! Can I have a quiet time?”

“What are you saying?”


“You’re walking me out?”

“Please leave!”

“Okay. Have a nice day.”

All that Katy did when Rooney had gone was to think. She went on thinking that it got to a time smiles began to find their way to her face. Smiles which were obvious outputs of various thoughts that mingled in her mind. “No…” she soon began to say to herself, shaking her head from side to side. She was now on her feet, and sauntering. There were no more smiles on her face now. And slowly, she spoke again in a tone that did not just come out clear, on if she was angry or on the verge of sinking into jubilation. “What is that boy doing to me? I can’t believe this. But I’m in love with John. No….. No….No……”

Very amorphous, indistinct tone, which woefully failed to betray anger, joy or tears. “What is that boy doing to me? I can’t believe this. But I’m in love with John. No….. No….No…,” she spoke again, but louder this time.

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