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Katy was revealed at home, standing, and with a letter in her hands, which she was reading in silence. Her brow creased a little, as she finished reading the letter. And she began to saunter, thinking as well. Anger soon got the better of her, and drove her to action. She squeezed the letter, tossed it away, and gravity as usual, ensured the letter went nowhere other than fall on the ground. Katy sat down. She continued to think, but this time, in some sort of confused manner, until her lips parted for words to emerge.

“But you’re just eighteen,” she gently began, almost sounding like a child about to cry. “Is this love I feel in my heart for you?” She continued. “No . . .,” she yelled. Then she giggled after a brief thought, thought as brief as a shiver. “This is crazy!” She further yelled.

Katy went on to plead with the author of the love letter she had read, to stop complicating her life with such letters. She got up, threw steps towards the rumpled letter that lay on the ground, got to it and picked it up. She began to read the contents of the letter again, as soon as she got it neatly stretched out. And what she did after reading the letter was to slowly look around, after taking a deep breath to calm her heart that seemed to have skipped a beat or two. Then she spoke again.

“Oh, Rooney I can’t help it. It has to be John. Stop being a stubborn magnet pulling me apart,” her voice yielding varying cadence that was love-struck.

Katy, very gently, folded the letter, and placed it in her pocket. She sat down again, thinking further, until John entered. He was all smiles now, looking very excited. John went straight to Katy and gave her a peck.

“Hello, Katy,” he said.

“Hello . . . I missed you. How are you?” Katy replied after offering a smile. John’s entry had relieved her of myriads of thoughts that earlier engaged her. John raised his hands and turned around for Katy’s View, amidst smiles that flourished on his face. It was his way of telling Katy he was fine, after which he went to sit close to her. Katy understood that, though she could not retrain herself from making a comment.

“If your type were the only available pool of talents, then male modelling would have long died.”

“Come on, Katy. Tell me my little display was scintillating.”

“Very far from that.”

“Harsh criticisms won’t take you anywhere.”

“You can’t make a good male model. That is it!”

“Is that the truth?”

“What else is?”

“Okay! But something else is going for me.”

“Yes. I forgot! I hope your work with Jane is progressing.”

“Everything has got on well so far. Oh . . . Katy, I’m excited about the album deal I got.”

“That is great.”

“Recording commences next week.”

“Oh . . . I’m really happy for you,” Katy responded out of joy that led her to give John a quick brief hug.

“Thanks a million for the hug. I must let you know that your friend Jane was so helpful in facilitating the deal.”

“It’s not a surprise. I know her so well. Jane stops at nothing to accomplish anything her mind is set on.”

“O yes. I agree with you, Katy. I can’t help but agree completely. She has this amazing energy. Stunning energy she invests in her crafts.”

Katy laughed. Her laughter was a bit loud. And there was information it put across, nothing else, but that she was proud to have someone like Jane as a friend.

“That is my Jane,” she said, and got on her feet. “This is good news!” She later announced in a loud tone. “And I think it calls for some wild celebration.”

“That’s right.”

“John, that means some wine will have to flow . . . .”

John grabbed Katy’s left hand, as she made a move to go for some wine, compelling her to turn and stare at him.

“Katy, I’ve been thinking about you,” said John. His tone was gentle, and the instant response he got from Katy was laughter. “I’ve been thinking hard and seriously about what to do with you.” Amazed and curious, Katy creased her brow.

“What the hell is that?” She said.

John got to his feet, moved much closer to Katy, with his right hand in his pocket. And he spoke.

“I’ve been thinking if you would really allow me do this to you.” His voice was gentle. He then went on his knees. Katy did not just get it.

“John, what the hell are you talking about?”

“I’ve been thinking about the kind of response you would give if I asked you a silly question.”

“John . . .,” Katy said, now mystified.

“Yes, Katy,” John gave a gentle answer, and pulled out a little box from his pocket.

“What is that?”

“Will you marry me?”

Katy was jolted. She went numb for five seconds, as if time had stood still. What she heard had come much sooner than she ever expected.

“Oh . . .,” she managed a slight exclamation after placing her left palm on her chest, her mouth wide open, almost as wide as that of a yawning monkey. “That is what you call a silly question?” She went on to say. “Oh . . . I’ve been waiting for that silly question all along, John.”

Katy was now full of joy and doing nothing else, other than stare at John, as she smiled and giggled in turns.

“Will you?” John asked.

The smiles on Katy’s face widened. And a very cheerful young woman emerged. She momentarily drifted into a world in which pain never existed. No sorrows, no worries. A world dripping with only a hundred percent pure marital bliss, for her and John. A world that existed for not more than ten seconds.

“Oh my God,” Katy yelled on returning from her ephemeral world. “O . . . yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, John, I will marry you . . . .”

John was full of smiles, as he opened the box he held, with care. He brought out a ring it contained and gently slipped it onto the already waiting third finger of Katy’s left hand. Then he looked up at Katy who was all filled with excitement. And it seemed to John that her beauty was just beginning to bloom like that of a pretty girl in her very early teens.

“I love you,” John said, fully enthused. Katy, now admiring the ring on her finger said in return, “I love you too. It’s beautiful.” She went on to kiss John’s lips briefly. John reached for Katy, lifted her up. Then she ended up in his arms. Oh how comfortable Katy felt to be carried in John’s arms. She could not help but laugh. In that laughter was a whole world of optimism and expectations of a soon to come happily- ever- after.

“You kissed me, Katy.”

“Come on, John. Who else should I? Or is that your way of calling for more of that?”

“I guess that kiss calls for double celebration. Any objection, my love, on why all the wine in here should not start flowing now?”

“Just one. John, it’s because I’ve been thinking hard and seriously about what to do with you.”

“What the hell is that?”

“I’ve been thinking if you would really allow me do something to you.”

“And that would be...?”

“I’ve been thinking about the response I would get if I asked you a juicy question.”

“Hmn… what is juicy?”



“Have I been all you ever dreamed of your woman in bed?”

John smiled.

“That you call juicy? I’ve been waiting to answer that question. Yes, Katy.”

“Will you make love to me now?”

John’s response was a bit delayed because he took little time off to kiss Katy’s lips. A brief kiss though, a gentle prelude to what was to come.

“Can I say no?” He later answered.

Katy was so thrilled that she shut her eyes. It was a moment she believed she would savour for the rest of her life. And out of the thrills that had engulfed her came few words she barely managed to utter.

“Take me, John. I’m ready…. I love you to your bones.”

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