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What was on its way evolving was first unclear. Then what first soon became clear, was a home evolving, which finally closed up on a room. What looked like male and female bodies first appeared indistinctly. It soon became clear that the room contained two half naked bodies, tilting pointed teats and a bare hairy chest. Both bodies were standing upright, with a lot of intense caressing proceeding well, amidst grunts of pleasure not very different from that of boars. And amidst all the lust and passion, came voices as well.

“What are we doing?”

“We are kissing.”

Session of kissing and caressing ensued, with hugging and embrace coming as extras. Voices came filtering out again.

“How fun is it to have found the right mix of business and pleasure with me?”


“Who can be right to say business and pleasure can’t go hand in hand?”

“Nobody. I like your style.”

“Now you’re talking.”

There was a giggle, then sudden silence, brief like voice of instinct, and came voices, which haste had invaded in a flash.

“What is it? What? What? Why are you looking around? What? Let’s go on.”

“Footsteps! I hear incoming footsteps! That of a man!” Another sudden silence.

“Damn! We’re busted! I thought you said you had the doors properly locked! Those footsteps are of a lady!”

“No! That of a man!”

“That is a lady’s footsteps approaching!”

“No . . . Oh . . . no . . . we can’t afford to be caught right here!”

“Now what next?”


“The bed! Do I hide under it?”

Jane’s room was now fully revealed. John ducked at once, and made to go under the bed there, but Jane’s hands grabbed his waist and stopped him.

“No,” Jane said.

“What is no?” John retorted and stood erect fast. Jane grabbed a blanket on her bed.

“I have a better idea,” she told John. “Squat like a dog. Come on! Quickly!”

“But I’ve never been a dog.”

John obviously got resigned to confusion. He kept hesitating, and that was what Jane could not put up with. Whoever was the one approaching was now close. Jane had to pounce on John. She then depressed John’s height, got him squatted like a dog, and covered him with the blanket, just before the approaching footsteps yielded Katy’s presence in the room.

Katy did not take any interest in Jane’s dangling breasts, for she was no lesbian. And she felt it would be most ridiculous to ask Jane why she was half naked in her room. Jane had every right to be the way she desired in her room. Even to a large extent in full glare of the public, she thought. Katy came with her worries, which were not Jane at all. Something had got her rattled. Jane noticed that, as she stared at Katy, before she smiled, took three steps away from the ‘squatting dog’, and sat on her bed.

“Your father said John could be here,” Katy said, with her worried face turned to Jane, her voice betraying the sombre mood she was in.

“Now you see how wrong he is.”

“Have you seen John?”

“I should be the one to ask you that. I usually have no business with your lover beyond the walls of my office. Where is he?”

“He hasn’t been home for three days now.”

“Katy, stop worrying as if he is your lost two years old son. He is about to be a Star.”

“So what? Stars don’t go back home?”

“Don’t you get it? That alone is enough to change his life style.”

“I can’t get it.”

“I’m sure he’s hanging out with the producer he’s been working with.”

“For three nights without coming back home?” Katy wailed, before her attention got taken to the blanket. Curiosity drove her to point at it. “What is that?” She asked.

Jane first pretended as if she did not know what Katy had asked about. It took a repetition of that question for her to give an answer. And it was when it became clear she could do nothing to evade answering, for growing curiosity in Katy was not going to let her stop asking.

“That’s my dog,” Jane said.

“You just bought one?”

“Yes. Just today.” Jane grinned widely, in response as well.

“Oh . . . what a rare breed of dog not afraid of suffocating.”

“No it won’t,” Jane cut in with a smile, a smile to further embellish her swift string of lies. “It’s catching cold and badly needs the blanket,” she went on to say.

“Jane, this is summer.”

“One point of difference between us humans and dogs. They do catch cold sometimes during summer.”

“Can I take a look at it?”

“I’m sorry, it’s allergic to strangers.”

The ‘squatting dog’ barked three times in a row. “You see?” Jane continued. “It’s simply saying, don’t come any closer. I will bite at the slightest touch.”

The ‘squatting dog’ began to bark again. Jane commanded it to stop, but the barking continued. The ‘dog’ would not comply at all.

“Male or female?” Katy asked.


“’s going to fill your room with puppies very soon.”

“Wow... That would be nice, isn’t it?”

“I don’t think so. What is its name?”


“What a Johnny dog.”

“Johnny! Okay! Okay! Johnny! Stop Johnny! Keep quiet!” The ‘dog’ continued to bark.

“Why is it disobeying you?”

“Johnny is insisting you leave now, Katy.”

“I guess so. Even dogs’ wishes are to be respected.”

Katy began to leave, but not before asking Jane to let John know she was worried that he had not shown up for days.

“Tell him I miss him,” she concluded.

“I will not hesitate to do that for you once I see him,” Jane quickly responded, as she watched Katy leave.

John stopped barking as soon as he was quite sure Katy’s presence was no longer in the room. Jane got him to know that by giving his head a gentle tap. He got on his feet, and emerged from the blanket, after tossing it on the floor. Jane smiled at him. But the mood, he was in, would not let him smile back. It was not a mood that had any inherent way to yield a smile at all. On John’s face, it brought an expression of discomfort on the verge of deepening. John backed Jane.

“Jane, please,” he began to plead at once. “Let’s stop all these . . . I’ve told you times without number that I’m engaged to Katy.”

Jane did not say a word. Her face got stretched by a slight inviting smile that appeared on it. She got up. This she did gently, very gently from her bed, her smile widening, getting more inviting. It became ravishing as she moved closer to John, with a smile now saying, forget about all that. Jane grabbed John’s waist from the rear, and rested her head on his back. John found it all soothing. And he could not deny the fact that Jane was so good at doing so well, all things she set her mind on. Why then should he raise his voice in protest again, with how relaxed he now was? He thought Katy had no cause to exist in his mind now. He closed his eyes, and made it his job to savour the softness of Jane’s adept touch exploring his whole body parts now.

“John,” Jane’s gentle voice came alive.

“Please don’t tell me you’re about to stop, Jane.”

“I’m here for you.”


“I’m sure your mother never warned you of the tremendous powers at women’s disposal especially when they are yet to turn twenty five.”

“My heart is saying no, but my body just keeps yearning for your special feminine touch. I guess I’m in trouble.”

“In trouble from a special feminine touch that leaves you fresh and satisfied. How long are you willing to go?”

“Until you say you want no more.”

Jane disentangled herself from John’s back, and went to face him. Activities that held sway before, which Katy’s approaching presence distracted, resumed in full swing. It did not take a long time before grunts of pleasure seeking to take Jane and John to its height, rented the atmosphere once again.

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