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Cascade of loud voices, urging, yelling and railing, followed with tinge of anger.

“I said it! Didn’t I?”

“We need the money! This opportunity is like sunshine in rain. It doesn’t come all the time. Let’s maximise it.”

“My instincts are perfect! This deal your friend has offered is deeper than you know it.”

“He only wants you to be on his staff. What’s wrong with that?”

“I think you’ve gone crazy. You see nothing wrong in selling your wife out?”

“Hey! Don’t blow this out of proportion. It’s not what you think. He just wants you to be part of the game, so that this family can build up enough wealth.”

“No way!”

“Plenty of money! You don’t want to be filthy rich? You don’t want to be able to stop money from messing with you, your plans, goals, tastes and desires? Please I do!”

“I don’t care!”

“This is fifty thousand pounds a week at stake here!”

“I won’t even care if he makes it a hundred thousand. You know what? I wouldn’t still be glad if it were a million. I’m not interested! Let him go to hell with his money!”

“What’s the matter with you? Don’t frustrate the arms of divine charity away from us!”

“I’m sorry you don’t know what charity really is. Tell your friend that I like to stay faithful to my man!”

“Now I know you’re really out of your mind!”

“You’re the one surely out of your mind! How come you’re this blind?”

“You’re the blind one here!”

“You’re so blind to see the danger ahead.”

“The danger lies in your inability to recognise total financial freedom knocking at your door.”

“Give me a break!”

Now revealed was Nancy, as she stormed away a bit from Dale, who stood with his hands strapped to his head, in utter disbelief he had come to know through Nancy’s reactions to his request. Nancy turned to look at Dale again.

“If your friend’s plan is the only way to financial freedom in this world, let me rot away in poverty!” She said.

Dale’s hands dropped from his head at once, in swift reaction driven by anger.

“We can’t afford to lose that job!” He yelled. He took a deep breath to ease his frustration, before Nancy’s yelled response arrived.

“Go and grab it,” she said. It was quiet now. Nancy, looking down and thinking, Dale, doing the same.

“I’m sorry I’ve been yelling at you.” Nancy looked at Dale, and said gently, after a while, her voice heavy with remorse. Dale raised his head and talked back soothingly.

“Sorry, Nancy, I shouldn’t have been yelling at you.”

“I’m sorry, Dale. These things do happen.”

“Yes things happen. I’m already in the game. Nancy, you’re what the game is now yearning for. You’re the last bit needed in place to solve the puzzle.”

Dale went to Nancy, quite careful to be gentle, and took hold of her arms. This made Nancy to further calm down, in spite of reservations which she was chocking with right now.

“It’s just that something does not feel right about the game you’re urging me to sign up for,” she said.

Dale could not have a better time than now to convince Nancy. He knew it at once, and wasted no time at all in speaking, before Nancy could say more.

“Everything about it is pleasant,” he began. “Fifty thousand pounds a week cannot be lost on a platter of gold,” he went ahead. “Does it not give you a good feeling that we are going to be earning like some footballers in the premier league without having to sweat it out chasing balls?”

“Is money everything?”

“Come on, Nancy,” Dale snapped a little. He smiled a little as well. “The offer right in your court is absolutely wonderful. You don’t want to lose it, do you?”

A faint smile had found its way on Nancy’s face now. But it was not going to stop her from voicing her concerns.

“Dale, you only see the carrot being dangled,” she uttered. “What of the stick in it that will get stuck in your throat once you take a bite, chew and swallow?”

Dale laughed before he could find words to make his reply.

“They say a woman’s intuitions are so powerful,” he began, and laughed a little more. “But nobody seems to want to observe how often they come across as flawed.” He cuddled Nancy in his arms and talked on. “Nobody is offering anybody any carrot with a stick in it, okay?”

“I love my current job.”

“No one resists a glamorous one.”


“Oh yes! One that brings more exposure to you.”

“Only exposure?”

“Come on, Nancy. I never told you I’m done.”

“What else?”

“One that will ensure we earn and live big.”

“Is that all?”

“More will come. Please, Nancy, get into the game.”

“I can’t, Dale.”

He stormed in rejoicing. He brought in distraction that suspended talks both Nancy and Dale had going on, and got them to stare at him, as he yelled out of joy, jumping up and down.

“Yes! Yes!” He yelled. “At long last!” He carried on. “It has come!” He hinted. “Yes! The whole world! Here I come!”

Nancy and Dale battled with keeping their curiosity in check. They succeeded until they got to a point they could succeed no more. The fellow that brought in distraction had gone beyond being merely joyful. He was now ecstatic. His excitement was something else out of planet earth. Rooney went on in jubilation.

“You got picked?” Nancy asked him.

“You got lucky?” Dale added.

“What do you think?” Rooney yelled in response. “Yeah! Yeah!” He yelled on. “A scout from ‘The Gunners’ thinks I’m good enough a talent,” he revealed. “Arsenal football club, here I come…,” he exclaimed.

Nancy screamed. Her scream was one of great joy that got her sprinting towards Rooney. There was no lengthy distance she had to cover to get to Rooney at all. Her arms were soon around Rooney in embrace and laughter, as Dale stood thinking, after he had given away a grin. Nancy’s congratulatory words came in torrents. There was absolutely no way she could contain her joy, even if she tried. She kept on unleashing it, as words which were encomiums kept pouring out, all for her son who brought in distraction, now a welcome one.

“Thanks goodness you didn’t give up!” She went on. “Thank God! Congratulations!”

“I’ve all along believed is going to be Manchester United. The all-conquering Red Devils,” Dale chipped in. “Arsenal is a good side as well. A club with great pedigree of excellent performances.” He then walked up to Rooney who had lost Nancy’s embrace by now, and gave him a ‘well-done’ pat on his back. “Congratulations, son,” he further said with a smile not so broad.

“Thank you, Dad.”

Nancy was not done yet. She urged Rooney to go and prove to the Arsenal Manager that he deserved a place in his first team. She and Dale congratulated their son again. It was simultaneous this time. And the more than excited Rooney ran off, leaving Dale and Nancy alone once more, in silence, staring at each other, as if success news they heard had now gotten them dumb. Nancy smiled after a while, and Dale responded with a smile too. But the prevailing silence persisted until Nancy expunged it with her gentle words.

“Nothing succeeds like success,” she hinted.

“Sure,” Dale talked back. “Including the success of staying in the game,” he went ahead.

“Leave that game.”

“You’re signing up today.” Nancy quickly got engrossed in thoughts. She could not just make up her mind, though she wanted to.

“Dale,” she began after emerging from her thoughts. “That game is tempting but… but…”

“But what again?”

Dale’s interruption howled as it arrived at jet speed. He would not find further excuses from Nancy palatable. And Nancy’s response was to storm off the scene because she got peeved.

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