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Various hands held up glasses, which contained mainly beer and Champaign, in the air. Voices chocked the atmosphere, voices that were giving birth to cheers. Cheers that emanated from joy and bliss coming from within the deepest crevices of the hearts of all who worked there. Laughter was not in short supply too, as everyone was at the greatest liberty to open his or her mouth, even as wide as that of a hippopotamus, to laugh. The evening was splendid. There was no doubt the celebration was a lavish one. EMI Records was just agog with it. Cuisines and array of various kinds of drinks crowded tables, inviting acts of eating and drinking. Merry making was the order of the day. A voice suddenly surged through the myriad of other voices. It forced others to drop a little, as it did.

“We toast to more success for him in his career,” it announced.

“Yeah…,” all other voices chanted in swift response. It was easy to notice that alcohol levels in some drinkers had got so high, and had begun to swirl them around. It was now getting wild. Only a rock concert would be wilder than the EMI party.

“This has been awesome.” Voices roared amidst cheers and laughter. The toast proceeding, glasses clinking.

“Thanks to you all, for your collaborations that helped to make this happen.” More cheers erupted and gradually went down.

“Fans can’t get enough of your songs. You’re simply all over the place.”

“This is wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!”

“We toast to more success ahead for EMI.”

Thunderous cheers and laughter emerged again. With them were glasses in the air, for John had turned out to be a big signing for EMI, selling a million records in one week in the United Kingdom alone. Awesome! And there was no word that existed in the whole of planet earth that was good enough for an apt description of the exact extent of bliss he felt, as he kept taking encomiums from publicity glares that would not just leave him alone.

A new setting arrived. The switch was so swift that it struck off the scene of celebration in the twinkle of an eye. Voices that obviously signalled the absence of celebration began to come alive.

“Jane, is this a joke or what? You must be pulling my legs,” John’s voice came on, in the new setting that was now inside Jane’s office. He and Jane were all alone and seated.

“That is the whole biological truth,” Jane brought on her calm reply.

“No!” John screamed and got to his feet in a flash. “This is all a biological joke,” he further screamed.

“I’m serious.”

John then held his head in agony. And from his mouth came a wail at once.

“Why…? Why me…, Jane? Why are you setting my relationship with Katy on the path to destruction?”

“What we have in our hands is only going to bring you to where you actually belong. Can’t you see it, John?”

“That is a lie!” John’s thunderous counter went off. “I belong to Katy! That is the truth!”

“Or rather what you’ve been imagining to be the truth?” Jane smiled and went ahead in the absence of any quick reply from John, who now felt trapped. “Come on, John, you’re selling records.”

“So what? What if I’m selling millions of records?” John’s retort surged in. “What does it matter now? So what?”

“You should be savouring all the thrills of your growing stunning successful career.”

“Now that you’ve poisoned it?”

“Leave destiny to weave up your path and ties.”

“Now you want to hang it on destiny? It has been your plan from the start and you know it.”

“It wasn’t my plan.”

“It was! Oh…shut up! Tell me no more lies!”

“I was just having fun and it came up. It never was planned.”

“It was!”


“Now that I’m in your net, what’s next?”

“Don’t see it that way, John. It calls for big celebration.”

“I see. Celebration for destroying what Katy and I have long put together?”

“That is where I’m convinced you’re absolutely wrong. You must have been under a big illusion to have believed that.”

“You must be crazy! Katy and I were doing great until you plunged in uninvited.”

“No woman gets invited to plunge into what rightly belongs to her.”

“You’re wrong. Now see the mess! I warned you to stay off!”

“But you wouldn’t listen. Isn’t that what you were going to say, John?”

“Oh…sure. Yes. You snaked in and took me prisoner.”

“Stand up to this, John, and act like a real man should.”


“We belong together.”

Jane got up, went to John, who was now looking down, downcast, and deep in thought. She tapped John’s right shoulder, smiled and left. John’s thoughts kept on thriving in Jane’s absence. Thoughts of bitterness gradually started to wane in his mind. Incoming little thoughts that brought little smile on his face were responsible. John’s face began to broaden little by little, as wider smiles arrived on it. His thoughts were now completely different, all sadness and anger he earlier felt, now drifted away. A tinge of joy first entered his heart to replace all rooms abandoned by his earlier melancholy. It then stretched out. It enlarged without hindrance.

“Wait… a minute,” John soliloquised, as the realisation that he had had no bad news after all, got hold of him. He began to see clearly the potential for more bliss that lay ahead. The future of EMI records was coming to where he could reach and grab it. “Who will give up a cube of sugar thrown into his mouth by fate?” John began to think aloud. “Sugar is sweet, right? I have a cube in my mouth now, and I’m not about to spit it out. Not even if the moon falls from the sky.” John had never been happier.

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