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It seemed her body was now lifeless until she moved her left leg a little. Her right leg also moved a little bit. These movements were so slight that it was only very observant eyes could have caught them. She then gently sat up, and looked around slowly, evincing a bewildered demeanour, as she wondered what she was doing on the floor. She then remembered John, but discovered to her utter pain, that John’s presence was no longer with her. She called on John, and looked around to no avail. John’s presence continued to elude her.

Intents to revenge struck Katy. It was so sudden. “No!” She screamed and sprang to her feet. “I must get back at them one way or another!” She screamed on. “Revenge will be as sweet as honey here!”

Katy began to charge around like a mad Spanish bull ready to gore the stomach of anyone on its path. Fury drove her on, filling her mind with loads of all sorts of despicable thoughts.

“No . . .! No . . .!” She went on screaming, charging around now like a rhinoceros. “They can’t inflict this harm on my heart and get away with it. What do I do now? No! You my conscience, just leave me alone! A broken heart must take revenge! Leave me alone! I’m not listening to you! Leave me alone....... Leave me! Leave me! Leave me alone........”

Katy suddenly stopped charging around, and grabbed her head with her two hands.

“No!” She screamed thrice with a shake of the rest of her body in a violent manner. She proceeded to breaking down in tears, as her knees gently dropped to the floor.

“But how can a broken heart so thirsty for revenge get healed without forgiveness?” She bellowed. “Now Rooney is a star always in the public eye with plenty of women around him. He will never have time for me again. Not after the way I told him off. Forgiveness is divine, they say, but this revenge will be sweet. I will get married to Jane’s father and bear him children. Let me see how Jane and John can have their hands on the whole of EMI fortune. This is just the beginning,” she concluded in a tone full of nothing else but malicious obsession. Katy went on to allow silence to reign, as her hands dropped from her head.

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