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Kevin’s office now got revealed. He was on his feet, strewn with anger and displeasure, while Jane who was also shown, was seated and calm.

“I can’t believe this! Why? Now I see what exactly has been going on behind my back. You were mating with that dog while conducting business,” Kevin’s voice roared about.

“Oh . . . he’s now a dog?” Jane said. “When EMI is benefiting from his quality talent?”

“You know what I mean by a dog. Well, I’m not disputing that he’s good. No, as a matter of fact, his talent is amazing. But! But! But . . . you shouldn’t have let him do this to you.”

“No regrets, Dad.”

“Is this how you intend to go about running the affairs of this great profit-driven enterprise now?”

“Daddy, you know it. My ability to sign quality talents has never been in doubt.”

“Signing them and getting impregnated along the line? Nobody should know this better! This is a record label. We discover talents, develop them and sell records.”

“Oh, Daddy, I don’t really see your point. We’ve been churning out successful artistes. John is now riding high as a successful country music artiste. His songs are selling everywhere. What’s your point?”

“This is not a place where youngsters meet to take the lid off their libidos.”

Jane laughed in response, as Kevin continued. “I’m absolutely disappointed with the way you went on having sex.”

“John and I are taking it to the next level.”

“Oh! I see!”


“You both will start doing it in the streets and care nothing about who may be watching.”

“Dad, we’re not that crazy.”

“Is that it?”

“No, Dad.”

“Doing it like cocks and hens? Anywhere you find space?”

“Give me a break!” Jane had to shout to get her father to listen. Then she revealed with all delight that she had plans to get married to John.

“What?” Kevin, who was rattled to hear that, said. “, Jane,” he went ahead. “Don’t even go there at all.”

“Like how?”

“No! No, Jane, don’t go there. That has never been in the plan description.”

“What plan? Please, Dad, talk straight!”

“Fine. This is straight talk now. You cut me deep with that marriage plan of yours. I can’t stand it in fact.”

“Dad, talk!”

“I’ve been grooming you for a very fine husband right from the day you were born. You can even ask the stars of the sky if you suspect I’m lying in any way.”

“Oh yeah? I see.” Jane responded, nodded, and smiled a little, as Kevin went ahead.

“Your mother can even attest to this. You hurt me, my dear. This is crazy! How do I break this news of sour taste to the Mayor of London?”

Jane giggled.

“Now I really see what has been going on,” she hinted. “Dad, you’re still harbouring relics of age-long days in this century?” Jane got to her feet. “This is absolutely ridiculous to have come from a man of your calibre. No father arranges marriages these days.”

“The Mayor’s son is for you, my dear.”

“I don’t even know him.”

“Oh..... He’s so nice, gentle, splendid, caring and loves to kiss his woman a thousand times a day.”

“He must be a lazy man. Doing nothing else but kissing.”

“That’s love, my dear, Jane.”

“It’s nothing but absolute disaster. Such a man can’t be productive. Tell the Mayor and his kissing son that I’m so… so sorry from the bottom of my heart. They can search elsewhere.”

“Jane, you have to marry the kissing man. And I suggest you terminate that pregnancy. You can’t be pregnant for a-nobody.”

“John is not a-nobody! And you know it!”

“He has given you a bad gift. I will get a doctor. A specialist in getting rid of that bad gift you accepted from that nobody.”

“I can’t attempt that. Not with the man I so desire now in my world.”

“John can’t be the man!” Kevin yelled. And what followed his yell was Katy’s entry. Jane got a bit unsettled. She expected a swift and direct confrontation from Katy, which to her greatest surprise, did not come. And she relaxed a bit, her mind busy composing how best to make her move. Katy greeted Mr. Kevin with a smile, on entering, and the first response she got was a return smile. It was afternoon.

“Good afternoon,” said Kevin, after offering his inviting smile. “Oh. . . Katy, you need my attention?”

“Yes, Sir, but I would rather wait a while. I will return in the next five minutes.”

“Why? Let’s talk if we must.”

“I sense you and Jane are right now immersed in a family issue. It’s very private, I guess.” Kevin said nothing more.

Katy was already on her way out when Jane called her name. Jane’s call quickly arrested her steps, and got her to look back.

“I didn’t set off to hurt you,” Jane went ahead. “I just couldn’t say no to the lust that struck me apart.”

Kevin was lost, his glance now at Jane, curiosity tempting him to ask questions.

“What are you talking about?” He finally asked Jane, who now concentrated totally on Katy. Katy smiled before her verbal response to Jane came across.

“I’ve learnt to let bygones be bygones.” Her response was simple, straight and without a trace of bad feelings attached. She in fact, capped it with a warm smile that almost evolved into laughter, all to Jane’s surprise.

Kevin continued to feel alienated. And he did not waste further time before launching his complaint.

“Some ladies are just ruining my day here by flooding my ears with classified conversations.”

“I wish you and John the best of luck as a couple,” Katy said to Jane, who smiled a thank you smile, full of appreciation, and looked on.

“Wait a minute!” Kevin waded in. “You knew about it?” He asked Katy.

“John was on his way to getting married to me before the love we had reached a path impervious to its existence.”

Kevin’s glance landed at once on Katy’s left hand, and wondered from finger to finger, until it was able to find him his next comment.

“Now I see why that ring hasn’t been on your finger for days now.”

“Who am I to want to force them apart?” Katy began her response. “When they are meant for each other? I think the path of forgiveness heals and charts a future full of bliss.”

Kevin got thrilled.

“Well…. well, well, all in the spirit of forgiveness,” he began. “Katy, I must mention here, that your failed relationship with John is an absolute delight for other men.”

Kevin let off brief laughter before he went ahead. “More especially if they are divorced and very wealthy, if you won’t mind.”

“Daddy, where are you going?” Jane’s suspicious interruption came across. Kevin turned to Jane at once, a faint frown on his face, as he spoke back.

“You’re quite sure I wasn’t talking to you. I wouldn’t be talking about myself. Who wants to re-marry anyway?”

John entered Kevin’s office. His presence suddenly arrested the attentions of Katy, Jane and Kevin. Katy was the first to speak. She did that, smiling at John.

“Congratulations, John, for finding your own woman.” She went ahead to give John a hug as well. John got struck by surprise as a result of Katy’s unexpected calm mien. He just managed to allow a smile flicker across his face. He then went to where Jane was, and took her hands in his, Kevin’s rapt attention hovering around.

“Now that totally brings to light what existed under what I thought was all about talent recruitment and development at EMI,” Kevin remarked. “I had better hire a forensic team to dig deeper and spare me further surprises.” Kevin laughed, making the rest explode in laughter.

“I’m sorry for the way I treated you,” John spoke for the first time, and after the loud laughter had stopped. It was Katy he referred to. “We were moving ahead but got stuck in the reality that we were actually heading nowhere.”

Katy smiled. Her smile was without bitterness at all.

“Things wouldn’t have turned out the way they did if I’m really the woman for you.”

Jane and John walked to where Katy stood, and exchanged hugs with her, making an atmosphere in which one hundred percent reconciliation resided, to pervade, in which Kevin offered a big smile.

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