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“The man I met and fell in love with should look nice,” Katy the tall blonde, and now a young working-class London woman, said to John, her tall red-head boyfriend.

She had just returned home with some suits and other male clothing of Calvin Klein designs. John did not notice her entry right away for all his attention was held by a script in his left hand. His right hand held a pen. He was seated and clad in mere rag clothing, and busy composing a song. Katy who was wearing a neat black jean and a brand new blue T-shirt, smiled. But she did not get John’s attention.

“Hello,” she said again and threw the clothes at John, who then got distracted. John looked at Katy in amazement, and got to his feet.

“What are these?” He asked. Katy did not reply at once. She first walked up to John and gave him a peck on the tip of his nose.

“What do they look like?” She responded with a warm smile. John took another look at the clothes and became pleased, so pleased that he smiled and gave Katy a tight hug.

“Wow! You are so nice,” he said before he withdrew and kept admiring the clothes.

“Dress up, John.”

“So soon? Where are we going?”

“You need to meet with a friend of mine. I’ve convinced her to speak to her father about you.”

“What exactly do you mean?”

“Your life should be having a direction and purpose.”

’That is right.”

“Look at me, John.”

“I see you clearly.”

Katy had by now begun to turn around gently, showing off her looks, as if John had suddenly become a celebrity photographer she hired for shooting sessions.

“Are you sure you’ve seen me well?” Said Katy, when she finished turning.


“As the publicist for EMI records, I am fulfilled career wise.”

“I’ve known that since we met.”

“Now that I’ve found love that sweeps me off my feet.”

“Yes, what next?”

“Don’t you think that person who brings love my way deserves the best of opportunities?”

Katy, who spoke in an inviting sexy tone, kissed John’s lips gently as if nothing else in the world mattered. The tender kiss was up to four minutes long, which John welcomed as soon as it came. Two tongues jamming and crashing into each other, exploring keenly in wetness provided by copious saliva. Shivers and fires of passion were kindled, extinguished and rekindled around their pubic regions. They would have become victims of passion who could not help but play into the hands of a huge urge to have sex that they both ignited, if not that John withdrew at a point.

“Dress up, John. We must see Jane.”

John cringed as if the name Jane had dealt him a crushing blow.

“Jane? Is that your friend’s name?”


“I’m scared. Jane?” Katy got curious.

“You have a problem with that?”

“Not at all,” John said with a brief smile that hid the earlier facial expressions that showed the concerns he nursed. “It’s just that I feel girls who go by the name Jane have a way of making a man lose direction.” Katy exploded in laughter.

“Come on, John. I’m not in the mood to be filled up with statements without direction.”

“Well, I understand. A young successful working-class London girl cannot have all day to spend just talking.”

John grabbed Katy’s waist, as he finished speaking. “Right,” he said again and laughed. “You are a graceful Amazon.”

Katy tried to free herself fast, but could not achieve that for John’s hands held on tight. She then gave up her attempts completely and resorted to allowing ample smiles to come on her face, which slowly gave way for her verbal response. This came in a tone that was calm, and betrayed the fact that she enjoyed what John was doing after all.

“Come on, John, dress up. We ought to have been out of here by now.”

“I’m doing that. Can’t you see?”

“Certainly not by holding my waist as if it’s running away. It’s always there for you like my love.”

John then left Katy’s waist and said Katy had reminded him of the story of an ex-Nigerian state governor who visited the city of Los Angeles and saw the level of cleanliness, which he could not implement in his state.

“I know where you are going,” Katy said with a smile.

“Really?” John responded and grabbed Katy’s waist again. This time, tighter. Katy laughed and struggled to free herself once more.

“Leave me alone, John. I know your story so well. The governor implemented one thing.”

“And what was that?”

“That is cleanliness.”

“You are wrong. He didn’t make his state cleaner than Los Angeles.”

“Yes, I know that but he cleaned his state’s treasury. Didn’t he? Like you want to clean my clothes off my waist. Leave me alone.”

“I won’t!”

“You will pay for this.”

“If doing this is a crime, then let me be guilty of it a million times.”

“Oh yeah?”

“I don’t mind being guilty of it a billion times.”

“You are stubborn, John! So stubborn!”

“Tell me you don’t like what I’m doing to you and I will never do it again.” John was all ears to hear a response, but Katy couldn’t just talk, as if she suddenly became dumb. Her struggle still went on anyway.

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