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Katy and John eventually got over their waist-holding bout. It was not until Katy finally succeeded in drumming it into John’s skull that she wanted him at EMI records for an attempt to turn his life around. Jokes then faded away for serious business. Their destination became Jane’s office. Jane was busy when a fat blonde lady secretary led Katy and John into her office. She only smiled, pointed at seats on which Katy and John were expected to sit, before she went on appending her signatures on documents on her table.

“Just give me a couple of minutes, Katy,” she said after a while. “I will soon attend to you.”

Jane soon finished with what she was doing and looked up at both Katy and John. Then her whole attention shifted to Katy. Her looks just said, ‘what can I do for you?’

Katy smiled and went on to introduce John. “This is the man I told you about. He is nice and has plenty of talent. The next Elton John by my reckoning.”

“Oh . . . .,” Jane responded at once, with her attention now turned to John. Jane’s glances then covered John from head to chest region. She thought John looked nice. She even wished she could get rid of John’s shirt on the spot and see if he had hairs on his chest. She just loved young men with hairy chests. Jane smiled and extended her right hand to John. A brief handshake took place. “You must be John,” Jane said. John nodded. His nod said nothing but yes. “You are most welcome to EMI records.”

“Thank you so much.”

“My boyfriend,” Katy added for Jane’s attention.

“Oh…really,” Jane responded with a smile, as her glances kept running all over John. She felt John looked so smart and neat in his clothes. So sleek and soft that he slid in and won Katy’s heart.

“I am sure Katy must have told you my name.”

“Yes, she did. It’s my pleasure meeting you.”

“Big pleasure of mine meeting you too.”

Jane went on to introduce herself as EMI’s director of talent acquisitions department. She also introduced her father as the chief executive officer and owner.

“That is interesting,” John responded and noticed for the first time that Jane’s office looked nice. It was well furnished. There was an area by the right reserved for showcasing pictures of talents EMI had signed since inception. And he wanted his picture to be there. John noticed pretty faces of different artistes, and of course, the ugly ones too. Some were those he knew, whose songs he had enjoyed. He could spot ten of them, out of the array of dazzling pictures that were there for all eyes. John then saw the artiste that first inspired him. She was known as CRACKING CHART by her teeming fans, including John. It was just so amazing how her debut single cracked other songs to the very top of the Billboard chart, and stayed that way for forty weeks. And John was so glad about his prospect of getting on the same label with her. He wasn’t just glad but thrilled as well. John just wanted to discover more from the pictures which told different stories with different kinds of words, traversing different eras, moments and emotions. It was as if the pictures had taken John prisoner. His whole attention could not leave the pictures that had already gotten him on a journey through varying memories, until Jane began to speak.

Jane had sniffed the air all of a sudden and slowly said she could feel it. She said it was in the air. She went ahead to mention that John had a musical aura that had suddenly encapsulated the whole atmosphere. She rolled out her tongue. Flashed it from left to right and withdrew it. She then smiled a little. Jane was becoming strange as far as Katy was concerned. Jane not only began to sound strange to John but exactly came across as a dancing queen. A night club stripper he had once watched, and whose X-rated movie sold out. Jane said she could feel it again. She said what she felt was like a sexual wave that suddenly hits a woman and gets her yearning and never having enough. John was mystified.

“What?” He said. Katy too got mystified. What she heard was not what she came to hear.

“What?” She uttered, and got to her feet. The four eyes that belonged to Katy and John were now on Jane, demanding she made herself clear for her success in turning an atmosphere that ought to be business-like into one in which confusion had begun to reign.

“That is my way of saying I think fortune has just brought a rare talent to EMI. I see hundreds of millions of Pound Sterling in record sales.” Katy agreed with Jane at once, about John.

“He needs this chance and I have no doubt that he will deliver,” she added, then pointed at John, and referred to him as the next Elton John, with all pride.

“John, you think you’re good enough?” Jane said.

“I know I am.”

“Right. What of your demo?”

“We’ve done one already and I know anyone that listens to it will be blown away by its huge potential for both artistic and commercial success,” Katy chipped in and laughed.

“Give her your demo, John,” she urged. John responded at once by picking out a tape from his pocket. He placed it right before Jane who picked it and took a look. What caught her attention immediately was the nice package that contained the tape. Jane was pleased with it. Her smile was just perfect, as it did the job of saying it all.

“Okay! Where did you do it?” Jane asked John as she rested her smiles.

“Best of Demos Studios.”

Jane laughed.

“Great!” She said. “We’ve had a lot of artistes that did their demos there. I think their jobs are fantastic.” Jane then turned to Katy with a smile. “Well, Katy, shouldn’t we have a toast?”

“What toast?”

“To your man’s success.”

“Now? Come on, Jane, stop kidding.”

“What is wrong with my idea, Katy?”

Jane went on to ask John if he had a problem with her idea too.

“Don’t you think it’s too early for that?” John responded. “I think it is,” he concluded.

“Let’s delay the party,” said Katy. She was about leaving now to attend to her own work. But not before she bent down a little and kissed John’s left cheek. “Relax, honey, you’re in good hands,” she said to John, on her way out.

“Of course he is,” Jane chipped in. Who can doubt that? Not even the heavens.”

Only brief silence reigned between the time Katy left and when John spoke again. He had kept his eyes on Jane who sustained a ravishing smile on her face. John found the smile interesting, much far away from being repulsive in the least. It was inviting. This he appreciated in full. But his mind was right there choking with a question itching to be asked. John began calmly.

“You can’t be more than twenty three. And I see you must be in possession of a splendid precocious talent to be running this department successfully.”

“That is very correct. Thanks. I am twenty two. And you?”

“Twenty eight.”

“Oh! The same as Katy.” Jane smiled. “I see…” She gently left her seat, still smiling, and began to cat-walk round John.

Her walk was gentle. Fully seductive, was the apt phrase for it. If she is this nice and sexy in her cat-walks, why then did she not become the Naomi Campbells and Tyra Banks of the fashion world? This was the question that occupied John’s mind before Jane’s sweet attractive voice came up. “A young woman of twenty two cannot be committing any crime for expressing herself.” It was entirely different from the voice with which she spoke with John in Katy’s presence. It was full of intents to arrest and control.

Jane gently stroked John’s head after uttering her first set of words. John cringed at the touch and relaxed again when Jane gently withdrew her fingers and went on to talk.

“It is no crime at all for her to do what she has to do. It is not a crime to answer the call of her courage, telling her to go ahead and express herself. No one can blame her but her courage. When honey flies to a bear’s abode, can the bee blame the bear for having a lick? You see, John, my life has not all been about having the eye for talent.”

“What else?” John asked as he put up a curious disposition. Jane stroked his chin gently, continued her cat-walk, after leering at him a bit. She then went on to respond.

“It might interest you to know that I’ve made my mark in acting as well. I can go back anytime circumstances or occasions demand so much that I do. Like now, John.”

“What do you mean by acting? What kind of movies?”

“Action.” Jane smiled after she had answered John. She gave his chin another gentle stroke as she cat-walked. John got thrilled, so thrilled that he laughed.

“You’re a nice blend of beauty, brain and strength then.”

Jane stopped her walks around John and placed her right leg on top of the table in such a way that one of her assets was revealed for John’s viewing pleasure. A delicate asset. Her right thigh to be precise. John would have been very sound and strong enough, as far as steadying himself was concerned, if not that he was mesmerised in the brief silence that pervaded, in which he savoured the succulence of the flesh before him. Jane’s voice had to bring John back into the real world, for he got lost completely. His mouth was agape, like that of an excited imbecile.

“So, John, what were we talking about?”

“What you were saying,” John replied in a tone that was very far from steady. A tone which faltered because he found it a hard task to take his eyes off Jane’s sumptuous advertisement of her luscious thigh.

“Oh . . . I now remember,” said Jane as she stroked John’s chin again. “Action. I played roles in my action films that left me sticky, sweating, panting and yearning for more pummelling from men with strong hands and thighs to pull me apart. You know where I’m going, John?” John was further mesmerised as he heard his name. He smiled, with his eyes still on Jane’s thigh.

“You are talking sensuous things here,” he said. “Stuff well displayed in x-rated materials.”

“Have you kissed a woman that is twenty two before?”

“I must confess that I have never had that experience. Is it something else?”

Jane took her leg away from the table-top. She chuckled before replying.

“It is a rare journey into a world full of sensuous self-discovery,” she said.

“In what way?”

“It’s an absolute thrill, John.”


Jane knew by now that she had got John thinking what she wanted. She continued with a sense of victory. “Very few men have been there. And real men know when such rare chances show up, and they strike without looking back.”

Jane then turned her back at John. She pulled out her necklace from within her satin dress.

“I guess you are about to set the stage for…,” John could not finish, because Jane’s words arrived fast enough and halted his.

“Could you please help me take off my necklace? I’ve been trying it all day without success.”

“That’s easy.”

John stood up. He was by now on the verge of panting like a hunter’s dog that ran a very lengthy distance. He did remove Jane’s necklace. Then he did more than that.

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