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John and Katy were revealed in Katy’s residence, standing face to face and holding hands. Their mood was that of romance, as they spoke in their own world.

“I’m shrouded by the reality of this love we have, John. It’s so intense.”

“I feel its huge presence.”

“I feel it too.”

“And I know this can only lead me to one thing.”

“Say no more, Katy. Let me help you. This love is pulling us to find a ring for your finger. Is that not where you were going?”

“You read me absolutely well,” Katy, who got glad, said with a little smile.

“Our engagement. And what do you have to say?”

“Oh…John, my finger can’t wait for that ring any longer. You ought to have known that.”

Words then seized to come from Katy and John for a while. They went on to embrace each other in the prevailing silence, after which they sat down gently, still holding hands and peering into each other’s eyes. Eyes that first said quite a large chunk of contents of their minds. The atmosphere was now so charged with romance that one could feel it drop like rain. Both love-birds were so much in tune with each other that what they didn’t need, even a bit of it, was distraction. John broke the silence when he decided to stop talking with his eyes.

“Have you felt love before?” Katy’s response came after she had giggled.

“Sure! A silly one though.”

“Such as?” Katy laughed before she replied.

“It can’t be real,” she uttered, and followed it with a smile. “It was just silly.”

“May I know it please? I’m dying to know.”

Dale was very much interested in knowing what Katy appeared to be reluctant to say. His interest in it got growing, mounting in intensity by the minute. It was like the smell of food which had wetted his appetite, and which he must have.

“You don’t need it, John.”

“I need to know about it.”

“No you don’t.”

“Fine. If you insist,” Katy responded, her reluctance to tell her story, getting less as time passed by. Her reluctance collapsed completely in no much time. “It was a kind of love that rarely survives beyond the fairy tale world.” Her story began.

“Your tale so far still drifts me away from what I really want to understand. My confusion is now so huge. I know you can do better.”

“Alright, John, let me come straight at you. It began with a kind of funny crush I had on a baby I used to be his Nanny. That crush kept drifting in and out of me as I watched him grow.”

“What is his name?” John asked.


“I think I like his name.”

“My imaginations sometimes portray him as a handsome fully-grown and famous young man.”

“I see.”

“Holding my hands always, and ever ready to shower me with love unknown before on planet earth.”

“Um . . . that’s interesting. And where is that crush today?”

“Stop being silly,” Katy said after she had laughed.

“I just asked a very simple question.”

“You wouldn’t imagine I can be trapped in that crush. Do you? Come on, John, get serious. Rooney is just a boy.”

“But a boy who doesn’t die young will surely become a man.”

“Stop suggesting I could condescend to being Rooney’s lover.”

“I know things happen.”

Katy was unimpressed with John’s response. She frowned at once and released a gentle punch that landed on John’s chest.

“What are you talking about? She said and smiled.

“You heard me. I’m sure you did,” John replied. His reply was quick, after which he laughed.

“Stop pulling my legs,” Katy protested. And it was this that caused John’s laughter to seize at once. Then Katy’s tone when she further spoke, changed quickly from one a bit bellicose to one so warm, inviting and a bit firm. “Do not drag me to the past anymore,” she said. “Now let’s return to us.”

“That would be fine.”

“I was all alone deep inside until you showed up. Can I be with you, John, till death separates us?”

“That is the picture in my heart. Love everlasting with you.”

Both love-birds then got drawn by love to get on their feet once again. A tight embrace ensued, one which they were not in a hurry to break, one which made their faces so rich in nothing else but smiles.

“Am I all you dreamed your perfect woman would be?” Katy spoke at last, after it seemed very correct to conclude that a tight embrace has a mysterious way of making lovers dumb.

“Sure,” John’s slow reply came.

“That which satisfies your deep yearnings for love?”


“Moulded, packaged in heaven and delivered for you alone?”

“You are just the woman for me. Oh.... Katy, I love you the way you are.”

“Oh... my heart just skipped a beat as you said that. Thanks.”

“You are always as fresh as dew and the bloom of your beauty is evergreen,” John chipped in and landed a slight kiss on Katy’s lips. Receipt of that kiss brought gladness to Katy. A very special kiss. Well planted kiss that knew just the right time to arrive. Though it never lasted beyond three seconds, it just made Katy feel sixteen, and as if she just had her first kiss. A kiss which sent shivers down her entire body. Not even her spine was left out.

“A real man can’t deny a woman’s worth,” Katy uttered gently. Her tone betrayed the excessive delight in her. “A woman knows a real man when he comes around,” she went on.

“Mistakes had no place at all when I met you, John.”

“Who can treat you like sand, Katy, when a diamond is what you are?”

“Who can treat you like rusted iron, John, when gold is what you are?”

“I want to do all the things another man can’t do for you.”

John disengaged from Katy. This was slow. He went on his knees first, and then lay down on his back. Katy did the same. She lay close to John, with her left arm hanging across John’s chest, and very busy playing with all the hairs there. The love-birds were now lying on an endless stretch of greenery that seemed to connect the earth to the clouds.

“Your touch, your kiss and embrace make me whole,” Katy went ahead to say.

“It feels great to have you this close where I can feel your heart-beat. I always desire to see your face.”

“And your smiles complete my existence.”

“Always save a place for me in your heart, Katy.”

“You have won the whole of it.”

“Make one wish, Katy. Something you wish you could be now.”

“I wish my heart could become your guitar. So that you can hold it in your hands and play me songs all night long.”

“That is ridiculous.”

“I am saying my heart belongs to you.”

“I know that.”

And when Katy remembered to ask John how he fared at EMI, John shrugged his shoulders in a manner that indicated that all went well. He economised words in his reply. First a word, and then a phrase. “Splendid. Progress in sight,” he said.”

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