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There was no enthusiasm that could match hers in intensity. A burning enthusiasm to successfully get her demand. Enthusiasm burning so much that even her father’s reservations about her strong demand did not make her give up. She had been to her father thrice about her demand, and was bent on pushing him to submission. Mr. Kevin Copperfield, burly and bald-headed, could not help but begin to yield under intense pressure of his daughter’s demand. He was right in his office, seated and going through documents, when Jane came in with John.

“Daddy,” said Jane. Her voice brought distraction to her father who looked up from his table at once. Jane then took a seat. She asked John to do the same by way of gesticulation, and John complied. “I’m listening,” was Kevin’s quick response.

Jane pointed at John. “This is the man,” she announced, as her enthusiasm beamed as clear as lightening. Kevin threw a glance at John and grinned. He withdrew his glance and directed it at Jane at once.

“Who?” He queried Jane, as he did not comprehend what she had said.

“Come on, Daddy, I sent you a demo yesterday,” Jane quipped.

“That is correct.”

“You were too busy to listen to it?”

A smile lit up Kevin’s face at once. “Oh . . . sorry, my darling, angel,” he said, and laughed briefly. He went on to confess that he played the tape and was thrilled by the huge potentials of the artiste. “Quite impressive,” he went ahead. “That is certainly an aspiring singer I would be pleased to introduce to music lovers.”

“This is the man,” Jane chipped in, pointed at John, with a smile. Kevin turned to John with an inviting smile.

“Really?” He said, while extending his right hand to John. “You’re welcome. I am Kevin Copperfield.”

John was by now full of smiles, as he received Kevin’s stares that were full of admiration. He extended his right hand too, and had a handshake with Kevin.

“My name is John.”

“What an excellent job your demo is.”

“Thanks a lot.”

John was thrilled beyond what words could define, as Jane’s backing he had all along enjoyed, prevailed.

“I have no doubt in my mind that we have to keep this one, Daddy,” Jane said. And if John’s confidence was a little above fifty percent before, it now leaped like a pole vault athlete to an all-time high of a hundred percent.

Kevin agreed completely with Jane. He went on to further admit that he felt the songs he had heard would go places. But he had another idea.

“John, don’t you think you will be better off singing in a band?” He asked.

“John is bigger than that, Daddy,” Jane cut in, at the breath-taking speed of a formula-one car. “This is a solo artiste set to explode upon the music world like a volcano.”

“Well, Jane, I trust your judgement,” Kevin submitted.

“Thanks, Daddy.”

“I see.” Kevin spoke in a tone very rich in conviction. “Your skills and penchant to discover the right talents for EMI has never been in doubt.”

“Thanks again, Daddy.”

“I think all your attempts to have this young man in our fold are justified.”

“Thanks. I love you, Daddy.”

“What then are we still waiting for? All arrangements must get in place to give John the right deal now. A deal that will see his career flourish as long as your present views about him remain unchanged.”

“That is great, Dad.”

Kevin congratulated John. Both men shook hands in an atmosphere that had turned out to be one of ecstatic joy, as far as John was concerned. He released himself towards Jane, who was smiling and nodding her head with a sense of mission accomplished. And what resulted was a big embrace.

Revealed at once was a change from Kevin’s office to that of Jane, in which John and Jane stood close to each other with smiling faces, as they relished the aftermath of John’s signing.

“What could I have done without Katy who initiated it all?” John said.

“She is nice,” Jane added.

“She is a sweet heart.”

Jane went closer to John. Her steps were conscious. They were gentle as well, but also well calculated like those of a cat closing in on its prey. And before John knew it, Jane’s hands had circled his waist, her fingers massaging it, Jane being very careful to be as gentle as she believed John would like, and find irresistible.

“Let’s talk,” Jane said. Her voice had become completely different from what it was in her father’s office. Firm. Persuasive. Direct and with a huge ‘I must accomplish’ tone. It was gentle now. So inviting, with a rare tinge of sexiness that would turn heads any day. Underneath these were the more compelling attributes of her tone now. Seductive, not so gentle or firm, with the ultimate arresting part of it that would get hold of any man, both young and old. Jane just had two voices in all. Her business voice and her haunting voice. The latter being very attractive in dealing with men. Very effective too.

“I’m grateful to you too, Jane,” John replied. “It’s just amazing how you can make things happen.”

“I will do anything for you,” said Jane, as she rested her entire body on John, kissing him twice on his forehead. John cringed as Jane spoke on. “Anything for you. What else can I do to prove I need your love?”

“Katy is my girlfriend and you know that.”

John wanted to go on with his protest, but could not, for Jane silenced him with a tender kiss at the back of his neck. A kiss so gentle, but very effective in the sense that John stood mesmerised. Jane offered him a smile.

“I’m not giving up,” she uttered. “Winners never quit.”

“At your best you are mainly sex. I think so.”

“That’s interesting,” Jane responded. She chuckled as her gentle strokes ran from John’s neck region to his waist. “Oh…, John,” she went ahead. “I can feel how much fire of undying passion is surging all over your body. You must be all turgid now, down to your navel. And we know we have no other choice now than to drift to the cover of our usual rendezvous. Don’t tell me you did not enjoy that hotel the last time.”

Jane was for John’s eyes only, at the hotel. She wore a sweet-scented perfume whose smell John could not resist. Jane’s gown was just a sinful one that showed off her pouting nipples, and her bare buttocks that did a good job as tools to ensnare and enchant. Jane was very daring as lunch went on in the hotel suite. She served John his meal. And that was a chance she took to thrust her nipples at John’s back. She was soon massaging John’s shoulder blades with her nipples now pressed at his back. John was thrilled so much that he could wait no more. His eyes had first seen so much that he was salivating and ready to seek and devour. But not before the necessary initial actions that demanded patience and perseverance. Not fire brigade in approach. A prelude to the act that kept Jane moaning, groaning, peaking and begging for more. Much more than sex. And nothing else but foreplay.

“You are eating me up,” John’s response came in a faltering tone.

“No, John, you ate me up as your skills and work-rate gradually took me to that giddy height of pleasure so new to me.”

“I see . . . .”

“Now tell me why my heart will ever stop skipping a beat with any thought of losing you.”

“Wait a second! You now have me?”

“There is no contest. Which man on earth would want to escape from my luscious trap?”

“Jane, I think you ought to be a virgin at twenty two.”

“Virgins?” Jane asked as if she had never heard that word before. She rested her lips on those of John. Then she lifted them, but not without giving John wet kisses. “Virgins?” Jane continued. “Those endangered species? No way.” She smiled.

Katy was now revealed in Kevin’s office, and seated. Kevin was seated there too.

“I’ve waited for quite a long time for you to come over and give me your response to what we discussed. You have not been forth-coming, and I’m afraid I have no other choice now than to interfere with your work this morning.” No immediate reply came from Katy.

“Come on, you can’t tell me you’ve forgotten,” Kevin continued.

“I did not, sir. It can’t just be possible.”

“Hey! What are you talking about? My divorce proceedings have been taken care of. I’m free......We can get it on.”

“Sir, it can’t work out between us.”

“Why? Is it Jane? Is because I’m her father? Every perceived obstacle can be taken care of by some descent arrangements. Jane is an adult that has her own life to live.”

“It can’t just work.”

“Wait a minute, young lady. Is it Jane? Her goal can never be to stand on the way of any woman interested in coming into my life.”

“I have a man.”

“Come on, Katy. You know it. It’s not possible for your heart to be elsewhere. I have always known you’re the right woman to mend my broken heart since my emergence from that painful divorce. You need a man, Katy.”

“I have one that loves and cares for me.”

“I mean a real man, not boys. A real man to be there for you. Make me your man, Katy. Let’s get married.”

“The earth teems with a lot of women like an ocean teems with a lot fish. Why not look elsewhere, sir? Perhaps . . . you . . .”

“I’m a very patient man, Katy. And I understand so much that persistence pays. I will be waiting for you to come around and tell me what I want to hear. You may believe you’re hooked. But I know you’re free, Katy. So free as air to get on board with me.”

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