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This is nothing like your regular mythology about some goddess of death... "You ruined my life and brought me what?Your stupid consort? " I cried. "I pretty much made it better. I gave you a home. No. A huge castle. Would you rather keep begging on the streets like you were born to?" He said with a coy smile on his face. I clenched my fist tightly and hit him across the face and his face turned to the side. "You knew that before you took advantage of me!" I screamed. When he slowly turned to look at me,anger flashed in his steel blue eyes. "You will not treat your King that way!"he shouted at me with burning rage. I shook my head. " No. You are no King to me. You are a bastard."

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Part One-Persephone

All rights are reserved. No part of this book may be copied,reproduced, stored or transmitted in any means without prior permission from myself.

Any resemblance of any form in this book to a character whatsoever is a pure coincidence as this is merely written from my imagination. It is a fiction.

I will not promise to give fast updates but I will update when I get a chance to. Forgive me in advance if I get behind in my updates as I am still a student and I also have school work to attend to.

Thanks for adding Persephone to your library. I hope you enjoy it. Give your critics and votes as well. Thank you.

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