The Road Never Ending

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When country boy, Zach Mayfield falls in love with his neighbors daughter, Lillian Marshal he doesn’t realize what he signed up for. She takes the small town country boy on a Journey he would never forget. Zach Mayfield is a school jock, who extremely shy but smart. He was only close with a few people but often felt detached from the world. Between social anxiety and feeling as if no one could ever love him he's left in a dark place. Well, that was before he got to know his neighbors daughter. "He was scared and reminded me of myself. I wanted to hold him for I knew he was the few people who would know heart break."- Lillian Marshal "She was so pail, and delicate, I thought she would break if I touched her. I was terrified that if I touched her she would vanish and I would be left in the dark again. I don't even remember when I started to depend on her, but I know that if she leaves I'll go back to being the same I was before. I don't want that because, I know she makes me a better person and I've come to love the person I've become. - Zach Mayfield

Fantasy / Romance
Victoria Cooke
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Chapter 1

A year ago

It was an ordinary day, the sun was shinning the birds singing there sweet song. I was plowing one of the small fields next to our house. That's when I saw her. She had long brown hair and green eyes. She carried a small basket in her thin arms, a big amile on her face as she handed it to my mother. She was no doubt the most beautiful woman i had ever seen.

My mom called me, waving me down to meet the new girl. I happily complied and turned off the tractor right in the middle of what I was doing.

"This is my son, Zach." My mother beamed. "And this is Lillian Marshal our new neighbor."

"Nice to meet you." I said shaking her small pail hand.

"Nice to meet you to." Lillian replied.

"Oh, you must stay for dinner, dear." My mom said leading her into the house.

"Yes, ma'am." Lillian said quietly.

"So Lillian, Rumor's say your a city girl, no?" My mother asked.

'Yes, ma'am I moved here from New York."

"New York, my that's far away from this small town. People down here usually try to claw there way up there not the other way around. What made your family decide to move down here." My nosy mom asked.

"We have family down here." She replied.

Who's your family, dear?"

"The Hoffners."

"Why Andrew Hoffner is Zach's best friend, right Zach." My mom said and I nodded in agreement. Zach and I had been friends since we were in diapers, he was practically my brother. "In fact he is suppose to be coming over any minute now, why don't you two take a seat at the table while we wait."

Not even a second after we sat down, Andrew burst threw the door.

"Zachy boy, I'm home!" He yelled as if he owned the place.

"Andrew don't yell in the house." My mother barked.

"Sorry, ma." he said walking threw the hall to the kitchen and gave my mom a kiss on the cheek.

"Sup, drew." he said plopping his big but in the chair next to mine.

"So, when you get here cus." he said to Lillian.

"A few minutes ago. They invited me to dinner." She said quietly.

"So, like you, ma. trying to feed the whole town." My mom playfully rolled her eyes.

"I bet Andrew hasn't said a word since you showed up. He's so shy I doubt it." Andrew said elbowing me in the ribs.

"Nots not true. I said, hi." I whispered.

"Oh how sweet."

"So, What's for dinner, Ma."

"Country fried chicken." She said.

"My favorite." Andrew said hungrily.

"Dear, I'm home." My father yelled from the door.

"James don't yell inside." My mother said.

"And you wonder were I get it from, ma." Andrew remarked.

" Hey, boys." My dad said when he walked in and kissed my mother on her cheek in greeting.

"Hey, dad." I said.

"Hey Mr. Mayfield." Andrew smirked.

"Hi." Lillian whispered.

"And who is this, young lady." My father smiled.

"Lillian Marshal, sir." She greeted.

"Pleasure to meet you."

After dinner Andrew decided to walk Lillian home and promised to be right back.

"So," My mom said smirking, "She's a keeper, I expect my future daughter in law to be as polite and well mannered as her, Zach. Plus, She brought us eggs."

I nodded and headed up to my room. I knew I would have to finish the field tomorrow morning.

A few moments later Andrew walked in.

"So, Cow Boy. Thoughts on my cousin." he asked.

"She's nice." I said quietly.

"Nice! That's all." He exclaimed.

"What do you want me to say, Andrew." I dead pained.

"I don't know, maybe, I was hoping that you liked her." He said seriously.

"I mean she is pretty, but I don't know. I guess I'm still not ready to date." I explained.

"This is are chance dude. You said when we were younger that you wished that there was some way we could really be related. Now's are chance, Zach, marry Lillian and then technically we will be related."

"Andrew, I do wish we could really be related, but i don't have it in me to date another girl for a while. Plus, using your cousin like that is wrong she deserves someone who will love her, not marry her because the wish to be related to one of her family members." I reply.

"Your right." he pouted. Then a few moments later he lit up with an idea. "How about you fall in love with her then you won't be lonely any more and we will technically be related."

"Yeah, no."

"Worth a shot." he snorted.

The next morning I slipped out of bed quietly, trying not to wake, Andrew who was snoring in the twin bed next to mine. He had slept over so much that my parents decided to buy him his own bed. I hopped on our little tractor and finished my chores before school. When I walked back in the house my mom was making dinner and asked me to wake a still sleeping Andrew, who upon waking up called me a, a-hole then proceeded to beat me with his pillow.

We got dressed and started to walk down the dirt road to Andrew's house so we can take his truck to school. Andrew insisted on picking up his cousin and taking her to school as well. Meaning my shy self didn't say anything for the whole car ride. I have always been this way super shy around strangers but my friends claim they can't get me to shut up.
When we arrived at the high school me and Andrew were swarmed by friend and friends of those friends per usual. I stayed quiet and felt kind of bad for Lillian who was left alone by her cousin in a new place, but I was to shy to go talk to the pretty girl alone.
"Zach, You should totally go to the party tonight. It's at the barn on Kayla's property." A girl with blond hair said. I smiled politely but shook my head no. I don't like parties though Andrew loves them, claims he loves the free beer. I use to go to parties threw a few as well but I eventually decided to straighten out and haven't went to party since.

"Sorry, sugar, Zach isn't the parting type but you can count on me to be there." Andrew chimed in making the the small blond blush heavily. Andrew was the school player, kind of a man whore, I can say that because he's my friend but if I ever caught someone else saying that about him, I know I would beat there face in.

"Are you guy's going to be playing baseball this year." Alex asked. he was one of the few people in this school who actually managed to befriend me and Andrew. He had dark curly hair and brown eyes. He was extremely tall like a human tree.

"Of course we are. What would the school do without there star players." Andrew said slinging his arm around my shoulder. I looked over my shoulder and saw Lillian talking to Elizabeth Carlson the schools queen bee and famous slut. I hope she doesn't become friends with her.

To be continued....

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