Unexpectedly Mine

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Liyer Thompson never really wanted a mate. He always wanted a free range of what or who he ended up with. With that being said hookups are his favorite pastime. Noah Jackson has always dreamed of having his mate. So much so that he never even thought of hooking up with anyone else. Cameron Razzi has never really thought about his mate. He doesn't care if they're male, female, or anything in between. He just wants to be able to bring them happiness with everything he does. When the alpha, beta, and gamma of the SilverStone pack end up mates my the moon goddess all of there worlds are turned upside down.

Fantasy / Romance
Necie rose
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Liyer POV.
Beep beep... Beep beep... Beep mother...fucking beep

‘Oh my god, why is the alarm so goddamn annoying’. Dragging my eyes open I sit up and look around the room, noticing the alarm clock that says 6:00 am. Flipping around I shove my face into my pillow and scream. Fuck school why do I have to study trigonometry to be the gamma of a pack.

Settling back down I start drifting off to sleep again. Before I can find slumber again, I’m startled awake by an annoyingly loud voice.

“Liyer, get up were going to be late again!” Noah’s annoying voice booms through my bedroom.

“I’m already up” I mumble into the pillow, although my eyes are still squeezed shut attempting to find sleep once more.

“It’s impossible to hear you when you’re talking into a pillow Liyer.” If he doesn’t hall ass out of my room in the next 2.5 seconds I’m going to fucking lose it.

“Up, up, up, you should be excited tomorrow is our birthday and we get to find our mates.” He says dreamily.

Rolling my eyes, I finally turn over to look at the aggravating man in my room. Let me introduce you to one of my troublesome best friends. Meet Noah Jackson, future alpha of the SilverStone pack. The guy has always been excited about finding his soulmate, while I on the other hand despise the very idea of soulmates.

“Noah please quietly leave my room and only return with coffee and donuts.” He knows I’m not a morning person yet he’s in my room every morning. Noah pouts dramatically but doesn’t leave my room, instead, he takes huge steps towards my bed and rips the blanket off.

“What the hell Noah, I could have been butt ass naked.” He shrugged walking to my closet.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before, besides I know you don’t sleep naked Cameron sleeps naked.”

Rolling my eyes I finally get out of bed and stomp to my ensuite bathroom. Stepping in the shower I bang my head against the wall which somehow has become part of my morning routine. Walking out of the bathroom after my shower I prepare myself for all of the bullshit my best friend puts me through today.

Noah POV.

Liyer walks out of the bathroom with a towel hanging dangerously low around his waist. Low enough for me to see his defined v-line and trail of dark black hairs leading to his dick. He may be the girly one in our group but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t work out.

I shake my head and go back to picking out his outfit. I’ve always felt this strange pull towards not only Liyer but my other best friend Cameron.

So as the hours by and we get closer and closer to our birthday, My wolf paces a little faster and the strange pull tugs a little harder. But it doesn’t matter because tomorrow we’ll all find our gorgeous mates. Mine will be a blond beauty with royal blue eyes, Liyer will find a man that's somehow more of a twink then him, and Cameron will find a beautiful brunette with hazel eyes. Our mates will be best friends just like we are.

Sighing, I throw his outfit in his lap as he sits on his bed in that loose white towel.

“Get ready quickly Liyer,” I say before closing his door and rushing towards my betas room to make sure he’s awake. And just like always he meets me at the door dressed and ready.

My beta Cameron is my other best friend. He has a very special situation because he has 2 moms. We don’t really know how he and his siblings came to be but were werewolves so it’s cool.

Seeing that both my friends are awake I head downstairs for breakfast. I find my older brother Ryder in the kitchen which wasn’t a surprise. He’s your average omega, short, fluffy and he never quite lost his baby face.

How the oldest turned out omega is still a mystery but my mother Hennessy is an omega, so not that strange.

“Hey little brother,” I said making him huff. Turning to me with his adorable angry face he speaks.

“J-just because I’m s-shorter and smaller than you does not make me younger” he yelled. Laughing loudly he huffed and got back to cooking.

“Just for that snide comment, you’re having stale cereal and chunky milk for breakfast.”

I’m sure fear filled my eyes because he laughs loudly before going back to work. I apologize profusely, knowing just how evil the tiny omega could be.

“So... what is for breakfast, today brother,” I ask quietly.

“For you stale cereal and chunky milk.” Whining loudly, my noise of defeat is interrupted by my laughing friends.

Cameron POV.

Making my way to the kitchen I see Ryder making breakfast as always but I hear Noah whining loudly. Liyer and I make our way over to him and each give him a light kiss on the cheek.

“See Noah what can’t you be like your friends and greet me like that?” Walking towards Noah, Liyer and I smack him in the back of the head.

“Ow. What was that for meanies.” He’s the future alpha but he whines like a little bitch.

“Stop being mean to your brother asshole.” He huffs then exits the kitchen on his way to the dining room. Where we have breakfast every day with all the children that go to school.

“What can I help you with this morning Ryder?” Liyer and I ask at the same time.

“If you could take that pan of eggs and Liyer takes that tray of meat I’ll be good” Nodding our heads we pick up the containers and take them to the dining room.

Pushing open the dining room doors I see the room filled with the kids from the pack. The Kids seem very excited for our birthdays tomorrow and I can already feel it today’s going to be a good day.

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