My love, My Life, My World, My Mate!

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Rose parents kicked her out when she was 16 years old and now she all alone in the forest running in anger from the house that was once called home and then she comes across one of the greatest pack in the world territory with out realizing it she keep running deeper into the Moon Stone territory. Within seconds she felt like she is going to pass out but then her wolf screamed out mate but everything went black.

Fantasy / Romance
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Before we begin

I would like to say that there is mature sexual, violence, and some harming in this book. If you do not like those kind of stuff then I suggest that you shouldn't be reading this book.

I also like to say that this book had been written by me only, I have been coming up these ideas from my head and my dreams for this book and if I find any books that is copied I would report you.

Enjoy the book (right now still working in proof though!)

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