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Ancestors is a story which takes place on a futuristic version of earth. Technology isn’t much different as it is now, but after several invasions and wars the world as we know it is no more. Countries have turned into a world order known as Atlas, lead by a counsel known as the pantheon. The story follows Eren a young and reckless child that hunts for revenge and is led by anger and love.

Fantasy / Drama
pheonix productions
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There are many questions within science that have gone unanswered. But there have always been three that stood out the most. Why are we here? How did we get here? Are we alone?

Yet for some reason, we often look up to the stars wondering if there was life up there. Hoping we weren't alone, or hoping we were. Turns out we were looking at the wrong direction.

When one of the three question was answered alien life didn't come from the stars, but from our own planet. It appeared out of thin air, with no tacing back from where they came from.The first kind made land in new york.

Giant leathered like monsters, ranging up to 50 meters max. They destroyed the buildings, teared down bridges, burned forests, and crumbled skyscrapers. We named them, Baldurs. Named after the son of Odin from norse mythology. They were given that name for sharing the same ability as him, not feeling any pain. These monsters were all different, some would be bulky and heavy other would be skinny. Some could fly, some stood on 4 leggs instead of two, some could even spew fire or acid.

Mankind tried fighting back, using missiles, nukes, tanks and jets. A new alliance was formed, the American resistance, it existed out of canada, mexico, USA and all of south-america. By the time they started pushing them back. Hundreds of thousands of lifes were lost, dozens of cities destroyed. Than when the military seemed to retake controle, pushed them back, deep into the seas. just two months after the initial invasion. They pushed back. The Baldurs destroyed the entire continent before NATO could even mobilise their troops. With a continent in ruins, all they could do was burn it down to the ground. On november 22 2026 NATO with support from Russia and Syriä initiated project shooting star. They bombed the continents with nuclear warheads destroying all life within it, including surviving civilians and the Baldurs. What was once known as North- and South-America was now named the radiation zone.

We memorialised the invasion, mourned our dead and moved on. But just 1 hear later The second kind made land in France. Millions of black creatures with tentacle like features and sharp ends with metal like skin, invaded the country. They were named the Mimirs, named after the smartest man from norse mythology. He knew everything, just like the Mimirs. You see the Mimirs had a hive mind, that way they knew every corner of france in a matter of days. But it was not only their minds that granted them their name, but also their head. In the beginning of the war soldiers could barely describe them, all they could describe was their head. Just like Mimir, for Mimir was punished by Odin. He would be one with a tree and all ge could do was move his head for it was the only thing sticking out.

In a matter days the country was taken by overwhelming force. As they tried to push through europe, halfway through Belgium mankind stood their ground. The belgian military together with the german, italian, switsern, and other north-east European countries mad a long border creating an Iron wall through Brussel and all that layed above and underneath it. Mankind once more stood their ground, fighting back against the invaders.

And than the next kind arrived, high-tech white armoured machines. Made their way through china with their massive flying ships, fast fighter jets, massive four legged tank like cannons and mechanised ships and soldiers. An all powerful AI army fought their way through Asia, we named it Odin. Odin was the all-father of norse mythology, he was unstoppable, wise, powerfall and knew all just thile the AI. North-, South- Korea, japan, china and India held of the invading forces. But Odin prevailed and continued their invasion.

Than, just two week later, the next kind arrived we named the Valkyries. They were a large tribe of warriors who appeared in Russia. They were with many and even overwhelmed the Russian military with their superior numbers. Luckily for Russia they were savages had no order or ranks. They ran and fought through the country uncontrollably with middieval like weapons. The Russians held them of.

But than the next kind arrived and the next and the next and then we learned, this was not going to stop. It was only the beginning, alliances were made between countries. But old rivalries prevented full world coöperation, humanity's doom came near.

But than When all hope seemed to be lost and the end came near. A new light glimmered within the darkness. Somehow, because of the aliens their invasion powers were granted to some people. Militaries took in as many as they could, trained them, weaponised them, they became our new weapon. The Titans were born.

There were setbacks at first, some couldn't fully controle their powers. Or they turned into massive creatures they themselves could not controle. Their powers couldn't be passed down to others too. Apparently the powers were infested within the DNA of humans. So facilities were made and sectors, countries were divided in provinces or states named pandoras they would be surrounded by massive 30m high and 5 meter thick walls, coastal borders would have a larger 50m high and 20m thick wall named Cronos to keep the people safe while the Titans learned their abilities, those who could controle their powers would teach others. Then the titans that knew how to controle themselves would be send into battle, miraculously we started winning.

Invasions were being stopped left and right, the invaders pushed back to where they came from. Earth, returned to it's rightful owner. Countries were reastablished, walls and new weapons were made to prevent any invasion. And for some reason the titans just, dissapeared. The same can be said for the invadors. But governments were terrified for another invasion and founded a new world order named Atlas. Country borders didn't exist. Previous leaders would form a counsil named the Pantheon. The millitaries would be merged into one and lead by a groupd of generals named Ares.

Decades went on in peace, no invasions, no wars between countries, nothing. Than, than it all changed...

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