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Hope shifts to this small beautiful town Valie in Yakena, surrounded by forests and mountains. This story tells about her experiences and adventures there, finding stuff which is totally different from the world we exist in. Ian, has some secrets which he can't reveal and Hope has actually find him curious enough to know about him more, it's actually the aura he surrounds with, it's allure anyone into the mysteries he carries.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1


I wake up with my alarm and I look over to my phone, it is 6 a.m.

It is monday, finally my new life will start today; new school, new friends, new faces.

It's been a month and I had shifted to this beautiful small town Valie in Yakena with my family. It's really quite and people are so happy and beautiful here so different from the city life bustling with traffic and all.This place seems really nice as now I've settled down here properly.

I freshened up and had shower before going downstairs and greeted my mom,

"Good morning Mom".

She replied to me, "morning sweetheart, eat your breakfast and after that we are going to drop you at your new school".

*At School*

I entered the English lecture hall and everyone seems to look like they know each other but that's so obvious as I joined in the mid semester after vacations. Everyone seems happy to be back with their friends.

I went to the 4th seat which was on the left side near a window.

After a few seconds, a boy having brown hair: touching his shoulders; little bit curly, his eyes ,it's green Oh! no wait it's blue no actually it's kinda both shades,they are so different ,lean body but you can tell he works out, a lot! his arms popping out of his t-shirt sleeves, bag hung on his left shoulder entered the room and soon I realized that I m staring at him but not only me, in fact, every other girl in the class was doing the same.

Someone shouted, "Hey Ian"; oh so his name is Ian, nice one and suddenly his eyes met mine, his footsteps were approaching towards me, leaving me awestruck as his direction didn't change a bit and I just looked outside the window and then he came near my seat, "Hey, I don't know who you are but you are sitting on the wrong seat here, sweetheart, would you mind if you shift to the other seat" he said and everyone started laughing, I don't know why were they laughing but it was rude and I was like "What? Why? I am not going anywhere, you find yourself a seat as I came before you and I m sitting here so I can't help it."

Then suddenly one girl came to me and grabbed my arm and started pulling it and muttered "Not a chance with him".

Ian then suddenly stopped her and said to me, "You can sit here if you like this seat that much but I warn you next time choose another seat for yourself" and went off and the girl next to me was left dumb and moved on.

After two lectures I realized we have another class in common and this time he was already sitting in the class and on the exact same seat I was sitting in other class I mean it's little strange but why do I care ? leave it and then sat on the the front seat in the first row and mid way through lecture I got bored of the teacher and I couldn't stop thinking about Ian.

I don't know why but I wanted to talk to him once I mean properly not like the interaction we had in the morning but I just can't go to him and talk it will be awkward and as all the girls were drooling over him and one more boy seems like his friend but I saw he didn't really care about that and was reading his book which was looking old, like decades older, maybe an original edition and an aura of mysteriousness surrounded the place and I was just glaring at him without blinking my eyes for no reason. Then, suddenly, his eyes caught mine and I started looking anywhere but him.

Later, I found a girl, sitting alone in the cafeteria and I went to her to found out about her .

She is with me in English, Physics and Math class. Her name is Lily and we kind of hit it as we found each other very familiar and alike in terms of lifestyle and choices. We actually became friends quickly. There was a point where I found myself lost somewhere and everything around was just audible but not understandable. Suddenly I was left dumbstruck when Lily asked me a question related to whatever she was saying, but it was our lecture time then and the talks came to a halt.

After that she even dropped me home.

And I had no interaction with that arrogant yet strange boy, strange because firstly he was telling me to leave the seat and in seconds he was okay with it and even Lily told me that nobody sits at his place because he likes that seat very much maybe because of the view outside it, the mesmerizing mountains and all.

There was something about that boy I don't know but I want to know more about him.

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